In a game where you can light dogs on fire, a flag is deemed “too offensive”

An interesting silent update change was found by the Grand Theft Auto V community recently; all instances of the Confederate Flag have been removed from the game, replaced by your standard American Flag and an alternate livery for the game’s Dodge Charger knockoff.

11828603_945040502229456_4911021784120365176_nThe significance of the Confederate Flag has been the subject of debate after mentally ill gunman Dylann Roof opened fire on a bible study class in Charleston, South Carolina, taking the lives of nine innocent victims. Prior to the shooting, Roof, 20, had been addicted to Suboxone, spent long hours in his room alone to the dismay of his friends & family members, and ran a small website aligning himself with the white supremacist movement. Roof often posed with the Confederate Flag, though I personally found his Gold’s Gym T-Shirt and Late 90’s Bowl Cut more offensive.

American Media, known for knee-jerk reaction after knee-jerk reaction, have disregarded the history and cultural significance of the Confederate flag and instead linked it exclusively with the actions of a mentally deranged mass shooter. As a result, the flag has been phased out of practically everywhere; even NASCAR has made an effort to remove what was one an iconic symbol of the south eastern United States from their national events.

It is understandable for stores like Wal-Mart to remove scale Confederate Flags from their shelves for a period of time, but the subject matter of Grand Theft Auto V makes it hard to understand why this was such a big issue.

This is a game where you can light dogs on fire…

Re-enact the worst terrorist attack on American Soil…

…and watch one of the main characters take a shit.

None of these are deemed offensive in any way, shape, or form, but a fucking flag needs to be removed ASAP?


5 thoughts on “In a game where you can light dogs on fire, a flag is deemed “too offensive”

  1. Symbols are re-appropriated by groups and therefor deemed offensive by other groups pretty regularly throughout history.

    Like it or not, there’s a very, very strong connection between southern white supremacists and the confederate flag.

    I know, I’m here and I see it and sometimes have to hear their ‘explanations’ for being cunts. I’m white but not snowblind.

    “though I personally found his Gold’s Gym T-Shirt and Late 90’s Bowl Cut more offensive”

    haha yeah that’s true


  2. The owner of the current General Lee car has said that he will paint over the flag on the LEE 1. Also, WB stopped licensing General Lee toys due to the Confederate flag issue.


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