Your GT3 Preseason Baseline Setup for Game Stock Car Extreme is Here!

Despite an off-season that saw the European Endurance Center throw a hissy fit and cancel their comprehensive GT3 mod for Game Stock Car Extreme, 4Chan of all people have gone right ahead with their plans for a second GT3 season within the highly acclaimed Brazilian racing simulator, releasing an updated version of their league-prepared GT3 mod they gained notoriety for earlier this summer, and opening the server for preseason testing. We’ve already made ourselves a nice baseline setup; hopefully this will give those struggling or unsure of what to tweak next a place to start. GT3 SetupThe setup above is exactly what I used to take the top spot on the preseason leaderboard at Interlagos with the BMW Alpina B6 GT3. For those not participating but are curious as to what a properly fast setup feels like, go download the mod and try it out for yourself. You might learn something!

The B6 GT3 marked Alpina’s official return to racing in 2011 following a 20-year hiatus and competed in the FIA European GT3 championship, where the company fielded two factory entries against models from Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and Porsche. The model you see above was ripped from Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed by the European Endurance Center. With nearly 50 drivers posting a time, the top fifteen entries are as follows: top 15


20 thoughts on “Your GT3 Preseason Baseline Setup for Game Stock Car Extreme is Here!

    1. League edition means people will supply their own liveries to the administrators and a skinpack will be released shortly before the first round of the season.


      1. why do you have an equal front and rear ride height? just asking because i thought having the rear slightly higher would be better, and im pretty new to this pixel racecar shit.


      2. Generally, a raked setup on a car like that is preferred. Perhaps it’s just not something that works well on that track/car combination.


    2. Just go download the hundreds already made for 95% of the models for the game they came from and the last three mods they were in.


    1. Eh, I wouldn’t worry about that too much. Looks like you guys have your hands full dealing with James now anyways, that’s a pretty large gap at the top…


      1. “Dealing with James”. Yeah, the only way we need to deal with him someone constantly having to keep an eye on him so he doesn’t constantly diss the track limits like the faggot that he is.
        I remember watching a replay of COTA and every time I saw that piss shitter, he cut the track like the magnificent racer he is.
        He is a sham and all of you faggots sucking his dick need to die.
        Leave /ovg/, leave sim racing, delete your blog and kill yourself, you inconsistent dumbass shitter.
        BecauseRacecar has better race craft than you.


      2. You sound mad and things haven’t even kicked off…

        I watched the RD league videos, I didn’t see much in the way of opposing wheels over white lines.


    2. yeah, wouldn’t want people that don’t need 3 attempts at starting a race, or anyone that could actually make a lap without half the field wrecking under a yellow flag


    1. Good on you, I heard some leagues actually give you weight breaks based on how many illegal mods you’ve avoided downloading during your time playing racing sims.

      Oh wait no they don’t.


  1. James, you are such a fucking poser faggot. Why the hell did you insist on being first before posting the times? You’re a cutting shitter who uses SecretLine(TM) technology and you are violating copyrights. So please, end yourself.


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