Late Models, Historic Daytona Beach coming to Project CARS 2

Some interesting developments are brewing in the Project CARS 2 WMD Forums, showing off future plans for Oval Racing content in the sequel to a game that came out three months ago. Slightly Mad Studios plan to expand upon the oval racing content pulled at the last minute from the original game, not only offering the 1990 Chevrolet Lumina Winston Cup Stock Car on the roster, but also want to include a Sportsman Late Model as well – a popular class for amateur oval racers all over North America.

1990's LuminaAlso to be included in Project CARS 2 is the inclusion of the Historic Daytona Beach layout NASCAR ran during its infancy in the 1950’s.

DB1As the track is still heavily WIP, the geometry is the main focus of development right now, with millions of objects to be added later.DB2It will be interesting to see how this track fits into the full list of content that will eventually make up Project CARS 2. The Daytona Beach track was notorious for cars getting stuck in gigantic ruts at both ends of the track, and the modern car lineup that we can expect from the sequel may not really display how treacherous this track was when the event was ran as a points race in the 1950’s.


3 thoughts on “Late Models, Historic Daytona Beach coming to Project CARS 2

  1. James, check out the steam discussion and project cars forums about patch 3.0. It’s interesting. Also seems the steam discussion isn’t moderated very closely on weekends.


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