New Surface Model woes continue for iRacing

Less than ten minutes ago,’s NASCAR Peak Anti-Freeze Series concluded Week 14 of their schedule at Darlington Raceway, with Landon Harrison taking home the victory. The relatively clean race was decided in the closing laps, with Harrison absolutely decimating then-race leaders Chris Overland and Ray Alfalla with a car that caused a few users in the chatbox to question the legitimacy of the race winning pass – not accusing Harrison of cheating, but drawing attention to issues within the iRacing software itself.

NSM BugGlacierRacing driver Jere Seppala (not to be confused with the finnish hockey player of the same name) began discussing an issue where one driver in a hosted session was suddenly subjected to what appeared to be wildly different track conditions, and blew away the field in a way that did not indicate his driving skill alone allowed him to open up such a gap on the rest of his competitors. This would indicate a problem with the newly released New Surface Model in a manner similar to the dynamic weather problems iRacing had been dealing with earlier this year, and gives a bit more credibility to the rumor that iRacing have been purposely withholding information about the New Surface Model so users cannot discover its flaws.

As we’re able to see the actual laptime charts, both Harrison and Overland took four fresh tires during their pit stop on the same lap. Ray Alfalla was on a newer set of tires, which are obviously faster. Despite this, Harrison was three to four tenths quicker and easily distanced himself from the former race leaders despite a less than stellar start to the race.

TimesAs you can see above, those spectating became curious as to what would cause this huge discrepancy between the three lead cars. Could this be an issue with the New Surface Model? Possibly, although complaints about the NSM are not just reserved for performance oddities. Drivers such as Dillon Raffurty have already begun making videos displaying them running flat out at mile and a half tracks like Chicagoland.


54 thoughts on “New Surface Model woes continue for iRacing

  1. Do these ‘headliner’ series have replays viewable by everyone? Would be worth checking out their lines, if he was running far enough different to cool the tires or something. First couple of weeks of a new feature, not every ‘discrepancy’ is an exploit, just someone finding the fast line that nobody expected.


  2. I don’t have time to watch the entire race but I did watch the last segment when Harrison took the lead.

    Based on the commentators, they said the leaders had 10 lap older tires than Harrison. With this New Tire Model, tire drop off is much stronger than it was before and, to be honest, I don’t see anything wrong with what happened. Looked pretty legit to me, that’s what fresh tires does.

    Anyways, as for the YouTube comments, you can see guys do a 29.6 or something ridiculous in qualifying because not everyone has the same weather. So while race pace is a 30.4, they lucked out with cloudy qualifying.

    Let’s not bash iRacing on assumptions that the NSM doesn’t work. Let’s instead question iRacing logic, which seems to be missing more often than not. Example, Bristol a couple weeks ago. “A open” was at night, “A fixed” was during the day. And of course, the single file restarts and no wave around nonsense in the Open NiS back in Daytona.


    1. I don’t know why you’re putting your faith in iRacing commentators, they literally just make shit up to make it sound like they know what they’re talking about.

      Harrison pitted lap 142, Alfala pitted lap 144. Exact same number of green flag laps.


      1. Was just going to write this I we have the lap charts we know when they pitted as much as people like to say we just make shit up as we go, we have the stats to back it up. Landon randomly picked up 1/2 a second 5 laps into the run which just contradicts JoeNathans own theory to begin with, he was also faster then any of his previous runs if you compare the same laps. Obv this could just be good changes on pit road, but he still should gain time 5 laps into a run or magically lose that 1/2 second a lap 5 laps later


  3. Honestly if this was an arcade game, that didnt require us to be always online. Then I wouldn’t be too upset.
    When you boast your product as the ” the Definitive Racing Simulation!”
    Published on Feb 12, 2015

    Then prepare for actual drivers to criticize it, it’s content.
    Prepare for everyone to put its features under criticism.
    If you have the balls to claim outright it’s the best racing sim out there, and it actually has flaws.
    Then it’s kinda false advertisement. As we saw with this update about a track changing with the race, the rubber put down, the sun, etc.

    Look at these claims.

    Hah. Hah.


  4. The other major problem we had, is every real life race ever, the track tightens up with more rubber. In iRacing this didn’t happen the track got looser, and looser, to the point that even with max adjustments our cars became undrivable loose. Even if the track increased 20+ degrees, which it didnt, the car should never become undrivable. iRacing already updated the sim today to fix some of these issues so back to square one.


    1. I swear it’s like iRacing has no one to beta test these features. No actual Professional Drivers anyway. If they did, this wouldn’t be an issue now. I wonder if the previews were simulated races from AI Testing,


    2. Not true. I participated in a Southern 500 in which I finished second. The car continued to get tighter and tighter especially mid corner. On the longer runs it started getting loose off two but that was because I had over adjusted.

      It worked very well


      1. Ya Joe I guess I have know idea what I’m talking about, I don’t race 3 rd split like you I build NPAS sets and know exactly first hand what a set does with the best racers on the sim. Get a fucking grip

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      2. I was comparing the exact setup (that was top 5 DWC) before NSM to after NSM and that was the result a car that got progressively looser throughout the run til it became almost undrivable and luckily in NPAS we had a lot of short runs at the end to get us up front. Landon has been a non factor all season and even Kevin King commented on how Landon was the new Sandeep (a driver that won a race in 2010 after smoking the wall and picking up 2 seconds a lap) You have no idea what you are even talking about or who you are talking to.

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      3. Actually I know I’m talking to an arrogant person. But that’s okay, bud. You can act cool if you wish. I never said I was 3rd split, but thanks.

        Anyways, just so you know, in the race I was in, with my setup, it got tighter as the race progressed. Now, the only way you can say that’s wrong is either a) I don’t know what loose/tight means (but I do, loose is oversteer, tight is understeer) or b) I’m lying and I never competed in the Pacific Majors Southern 500.

        Neither are true, I’m aware of the terminology and I finished 2nd in the race that was broadcasted on YouTube.

        So thanks for your concern and your ego. I didn’t realize you were a setup God.


      4. yes your random league race is better then comparing the exact setup across 2 builds in NPAS, just cause you ran a random set that got tighter doesnt mean that the build made it get tighter. You’ve been on iRacing 5 months but you are claiming I’m arrogant while you pretend you know more then multiple NPAS drivers and setup builders……………..k

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  5. I don’t see your issue. You guys really will reach for anything to take a jab at I racing huh?
    Nonsense. Looks like both drivers got closer to his time once they bit his line.
    Both in 27’s after he passed. Inconsistent before.
    Landon’s just fast and consistent. Sometimes that matters in racing. Looks like it just got even more real.
    But I know your not having any of that here. Carry on bashing the best sim we have……..the most
    Your grudge is palpable

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    1. >new surface model
      >its completely impossible for someone to be faster than they used to be when the racing is not static anymore

      PRC logic. Go play GSC, if anyone else actually is.


  6. I got that backwards ish. But you can see they found something after he passed, but couldn’t quite make it stick. Seems like nascar back in the day before restrictors. Or when somebody gets it right and manages a slingshot, then shakes the drivers behind now. Because they are just better.


    1. Speaking of reaching.

      He is generally a 15th to 25th place driver in that series and ran there until about lap 110, however you look at it something is a little wonky about him suddenly jumping up and killing the leaders when everyone is on fairly new tires.


      1. Haha. Are you saying no real life NASCAR racers linger in the middle of pack just to hang around, take care of car, and race hard at the END? Cause I’m pretty sure that’s standard operating procedure for most real pro NASCAR drivers. If not all. In fact, racing hard early pisses some vets off.
        Just cherry picking the lap data. And I still don’t see anything wonky. Just exactly what you would expect from a consistent driver. And two trying to chase his line without his setup. God forbid the game has multiple grooves that work. Looks like two and three didn’t get in line either to chase. Some rather inconsistent laps from them after he cleared them and they lost his line.


    2. They didn’t ‘find something’, they just had a bad lap 161 (maybe this is when they got passed & they were off-line) and then went back to the usual pace. 0.6 of a second among hypothetically equal cars is a huge gap on an oval. Lap 157 there was .014 seconds between the 3 of them which is a lot more typical.


  7. This totally fits with nascar races and how they end most of the time. Or at least how they would end if not for the guaranteed yellows and green white checkers. Haha b Landon had the better pit strategys, and skill most likely. Always just a few who have made right calls all night on strategy and are just that much faster/consistent. Kevin harvick as closer reminds me of how Landon must race.


    1. We’re not “fanboys” lol. We’re defending a very good sim that has implemented a successful start to the dynamic tracks which will continue to improve and get more realistic.


      1. Let me translate

        good = fucked
        successful = predictably fucked
        improve = maybe get fixed next year
        get more realistic = arbitrarily change

        But hey another broken GT3 car with F3 cornering speeds, touring car straight line speeds and infinite understeer, ayyyyy


  8. How about quotes from drivers in the actual race:

    “First thing’s first, props to iRacing for this amazing dynamic track model. Once the preferred groove rubbered in we were able to move around the track and that’s where I found speed.”

    ” I really enjoyed the NSM and how all of that played out. I’m looking forward to Chicago and future races. ”

    “It was definitely quicker to run the bottom on exit of 3-4 once the high line got rubbered in.”

    That race was some of the most fun I’ve had on ovals since the “cliff” build at Dover last year. The dynamic track model while not perfect is much better than what we had before”

    “Build is awesome”

    Yep, their woes continue alright….


    1. Half of them are shills because of the income they’re getting from pro series, the other half are just thanking baby Jesus they could actually pass someone without knocking them out of the way for once in five years.


      1. Implying they’re shilling is a little over the top.

        From the presented evidence, so is assuming Harrison was blessed with extra grip.

        I doubt very much the NSM has been implemented perfectly, but I imagine it will be improved upon over time.

        Unattached qualifying sessions with different weather is, however, a legitimate problem that iRacing refuses to acknowledge, and might be worthy of a post.

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      2. They pretty fucking clearly care what is written on their forums if it is both credible and inflammatory enough.

        I’m sure some dude qualifying on pole for a GT3 race 1.8s faster than someone he was 0.5s/lap slower than in the race is just a coincidence as well.


      3. Qualifying needs to be static or attached to the race.Posting videos of cars going with open with optimal track grip and cool temperatures proves absolutely nothing.

        “Half of them are shills because of the income they’re getting from pro series, the other half are just thanking baby Jesus they could actually pass someone without knocking them out of the way for once in five years.”

        QFT. Most of these cucks will speak out from time to time if they feel they are getting the dick too hard from the game.


  9. Congratulations Youtube video guy, you smashed the real-life NASCAR record by 5 MPH. Considering how realistic iRacing is, Cup teams should be knocking on your door any minute now.


  10. So now looking at an event result for a race with an attached qualifying session where a guy was on pole by 0.8s and was 1.7s per lap slower than the winner in the race, even though the weather and track conditions should be continuous.


    1. Oh boy and now one where a mid-iRating guy qualified +0.2s and ran the better part of two seconds a lap faster than anyone else and a second faster than anyone qualified in the race smashing the season lap record by 0.6s.


    2. That would be the skybox issue, I’m not sure if it’s part of the NSM but in qualifying the different sky boxes, graphics of clouds, are actually giving different temps that can be up to a second in Q even with the exact same weather


      1. It’s an example of someone in the same race even getting completely different track conditions in an extremely obvious and less “hurr NASCAR drivers always go from 20th to 1st with 50 laps to go” excuses way. Unless there’s money on the line or you are THERE FOR SAFETY RATING nobody should be racing in that fucking game right now, it’s pointless.

        Maybe in theory the Monday update could fix it if it’s just skyboxes being outright random on a player by player basis (of course this brings up the issue that track temperature is being set entirely at the machine rather than server level with no checking which is basically retarded) but at that point who the fuck knows for sure.


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