Reader Submission #48 – Landon won Darlington by Cheating

Last week, we reported on the NASCAR Peak Anti-Freeze series race at Darlington, and made a note of how race winner Landon Harrison seemed to have the car completely dialed in during the final stages of the race, blowing by leaders Chris Overland and Ray Alfalla as if they were standing still. Several viewers watching commented that the sudden increase in pace seemed impossible, and a week later, their observations were indeed correct. This was simply not a matter of having a killer late race run.

A Reader Submission that wishes to stay anonymous (although we obviously know the real identities and can confirm they’re not bullshitting us) have sent us in the exact way race winner Landon Harrison was able to bring his virtual Chevrolet SS to victory lane on September 15th.

Hey James, I saw the article you posted about Landon. Please keep us anonymous, but there’s a massive exploit with the new surface model. Do as much as you can to change the names on the Facebook picture.

ahmrfOn the forums your average iRacing member can see, iRacing is taking away forum posting privileges for talking about anything related to having different weather in the same session. On the private forum for Peak Anti-Freeze Series drivers, iRacing is denying these bugs even exist. I’m fucking tired of this authoritarian bullshit.

There’s also currently a bug on pit stops where the sim doesn’t give you a new right rear tire. It’s been there for a while, and even Michael Conti after the race addressed it in his post race interview, but that’s because he’s cool and doesn’t give a fuck. Check the PSRTV broadcast, they might have deleted it, might not.

Click play and it’ll jump to the 2 Hour 10 Minute mark for Conti’s interview, he indeed mentions it! – James

Keep up the good work, I might come around here more often.

iRacingSim64 2013-05-25 15-41-58-63I’d really like to reveal your names to give some legitimacy to the claims, but as we’ve covered ourselves, iRacing’s Terms of Service allow staff members to hand out bans and suspensions for pretty much anything, and as much as some people like to pretend these are just tin foil hat conspiracy theories, there’s a reason it’s more than just us operating with the ban hammer in mind.

I don’t really know what to add, other than you should go tell the guys at Reddit your findings. I’m sure they’ll be very receptive to someone who knows what they’re talking about presenting this information.

Or not.

It sucks this stuff is occurring during the middle of a championship for $10,000. iRacing’s first priority should be to even the playing field, and downplaying serious exploits is the absolute wrong thing to do.


22 thoughts on “Reader Submission #48 – Landon won Darlington by Cheating

  1. Hm, I guess that adds up. I remember people were wondering if it was from dc’ing and rejoining and someone said they stayed in the session, but they probably joined at the end of the 2m “join time” practice that road races with attached qualifying get.


  2. When you contrast this article against the article about the kid with no name that Iracing banned. You have to laugh. Like really hard.
    Had this never occurred to you when you posted them both up within 24 hrs of each other?
    Two anon randoms on Facebook say he’s cheating. PRC is sold.
    Iracing bans a cheat and takes bad pub for it. But that guy wasn’t cheating according to PRC
    Just quit it with this Iracing nonsense. It makes you guys seem foolish.
    And your spot on about the lame state of the sim market otherwise.
    Let it go.


      1. Don’t wanna dox some fool, ya bub?

        Considering this blog is フライデー (hint: it’s a Japanese gossip magazine) of simracing, and the antics that フライデー do…


      2. Do you honestly think anyone buys your integrity, or you have earned are respect when it comes to reporting news? I want to believe you, just can’t. They are two unidentified randoms, that you, a known hater and shit poster for Iracing are vouching for? Meh. Wait til you got something believe able.
        This isn’t jack. Also, the interview you left with the cool guy never mentioned bug, just applauded the new tire model your hating on.
        I just don’t get your beef with this game. The best sim on the market. By far. I’m sorry you have been marked as a hater in that community. But stop making it front page news here. Everyday. It degrades any integrity you might be striving for. Has Landon even been addressed by Iracing. Is anyone else tripping on cheating. Or just three of you?


    1. Im pretty sure James would post who said this. Other then the fact he dose not want them to be banned from a game that they like to have fun with. James is not here trying to make people not have fun with his articles. Hes here trying to say Look THESE GAMES HAVE PROBLEMS and they need to get fixed.

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    2. It took you this long to realize his “submissions” are a fantasy in his mind?

      This is really happening but he isn’t privy to some sort of inside info, it’s posted in the main forums in a thread. iRacing isn’t suppressing anything or denying. They didn’t know until Landon ran his mouth off to others. Now they are working on it.


      1. Nah now who’s making things up.

        Need me to screencap the posts of the guy who bugged iRacing about it with numerous blatant examples for a week and isn’t allowed to say anything more than “iRacing finally fucking gave me a reply after the last pro race?”

        Worthless shitposter.

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  3. So Sad that there has to be whistle blower protection for a piece of shit video game.

    But we got to protect the integrity of the game. I would have more sympathy if they didnt act like they dont make mistakes but again just the same as Ian Taco Bell.

    Why does my butt hurt where is my o-ring?


  4. Also. If there’s a known bug exploit and cheating, isn’t it about to run its course anyway? Your just ahead of the curve? They banned the last cheat didn’t they? The one you stuck up for the other day?
    Seriously. Too much hate, your blind.


  5. If your game relies on a legion of shills and tyrant-like censorship to keep its face clean, it means you know yourself the product is utter shit.


  6. Reasonably, given how easy this particular bug is to repeat I think I can sort of see from a game integrity standpoint trying to shut down talking about it, because if people are trying to work out what’s wrong themselves they will figure out how to trigger it and it’s pretty repeatable without any special or particularly illegal efforts. Ignorance is the difference between this mostly resulting in poor 1500 irating SoBs qualifying on pole for races they should be 20th and praying to not get wrecked and 5 Brazilians running two seconds a lap faster than the field every race.

    On the other hand a lot of circumstantial evidence suggests they were aware that this would, or that something like it could happen and figured that nobody would figure it out and crapped out the new build without fixing it because they figured the negative PR of delaying the feature would be smaller than the negative PR of TOTALLY FUCKING BREAKING THE GAME if they just kept it quiet, so they deserve to have hell raised about it and their shitty development and quality control practices.

    It’s too bad too because after three fucking years I finally found something I like that drives decent if you pretend the team was too retarded to bring the right tire compound for hot tracks.


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