Here’s why people doubt Mak-Corp’s ability to finish the controversial V8 Supercars mod…

GSC 2015-09-13 15-44-28-93Had it not been for avid sim racer Bjorn G, we simply wouldn’t have been able to make this post on While I’ve been around these games for an ungodly amount of time, I usually don’t do a very good job of keeping up on the modding aspect of the most prominent racing sims, instead opting to download first and ask questions later.

Our site was the first to break the news of the sudden change of direction made by a crowdfunded V8 Supercars mod, one which saw modding team Mak-Corp take over all operations after users pitched in nearly $1,800 to help bring Australia’s most popular racing series to Game Stock Car Extreme. The change in the driving force behind the mod meant that final product would not be released for the original game it was intended for, nor would Rezia Studios have any involvement with the project. To summarize how goofy the entire ordeal was, the Stock Car Extreme community essentially crowdfunded a mod for two completely different games.

But those who hadn’t jumped ship were told “fear not”, as Mak-Corp had been given the reigns of the project. Those watching the drama unfold, allowing Reddit and VirtualR comments to become almost a spectator sport of sorts, began laughing at the sheer announcement of Mak-Corp being brought in to save the day.


Mak-Corp has finished one mod since 2007, while announcing over ten others that never saw the light of day.

mmg04Better known as MMG F1 2007, the comprehensive Formula One mod for ISI’s rFactor was regarded as one of the best mods ever released for the game. Unfortunately, the current selection of mods on Mak-Corp’s homepage is anything but comprehensive.

Mak CorpOf the five mods currently available on their downloads section for rFactor 2, all five of them are in an early beta state. Their lone Assetto Corsa mod is also in beta. And of the three Race 07 mods up for download, two of them are simple conversions from IDT Simulations, a completely different mod team who was initially under contract to build a stand alone ChampCar sim akin to what we see today with Game Stock Car Extreme. The final mod is a conversion of their own F1 2007 mod built specifically for league play.

So they basically have nothing worth downloading at the moment for Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2 aside from early betas that probably shouldn’t have been released to the public to begin with.

But the debacle gets even more spectacular once you begin venturing into VirtualR’s archives. Mak-Corp have announced over ten different mods that have never seen the light of day.

MKCompilationIf you can’t bother viewing the full picture, the complete list of mods that Mak-Corp  have announced and showed previews of, but never released to the general public, is quite startling:

What has Mak-Corp produced?

First, there’s a Formula E mod simulator at the actual race track as part of their fan experience

…however, those who have tried the simulator say it’s little more than an rFactor mod, and even retains the default user interface:

Untitled-2Mak-Corp have also been credited with work on Slightly Mad Studio’s Project CARS, although we have no idea what exact content they contributed to the title.


But given the entirety of what we’ve displayed above, the modern V8 Supercars mod people donated over $1,800 to help bring to life most likely WON’T see the light of day.


34 thoughts on “Here’s why people doubt Mak-Corp’s ability to finish the controversial V8 Supercars mod…

  1. Hi Bjorn

    Nice stolen Reiza assets in that new BTCC mod of yours. I thought you were against that kind of theft? Nice hypocrisy, top notch stuff indeed-o, boy-o.

    That sure does look like the Copa Mitsubishi, doesn’t it?

    Discredit and shit on every other modding team and then go as low as to steal from Reiza, the guys who have brought so much joy and excitement to all of us sim racers. You should be shamed.


    1. It’s not hypocrisy if he never complained about MAK Corp using stolen assets you fucking retard.

      I liked the part where you immediately resorted to shit flinging to try to discredit the messenger rather than addressing anything about the message though.


      1. The thing is, he usually whines about stolen assets, and tries to discredit other modders who have achieved more than he has. So yeah, hypocrisy is the word.

        People are jealous, I get it. MAK-Corp make a living because real life racing teams actually acknowledge how talented those guys are. Small time modders get jealous and try to discredit and sling mud and whatnot. It makes sense, but that’s not to say it isn’t completely pathetic.

        Point of the matter is, Bjorn is guilty of the same thing he has slammed others of being guilty of too. Jealously is what made him make those anti MAK-Corp lists the other day and he has helped this whole “thing” blow way out of proportion, adding to the nastiness that plagues this community today. So yeah… pretty pathetic indeed.


      2. “Anonymous
        OCTOBER 9, 2015 AT 4:23 AM
        The thing is, he usually whines about stolen assets, and tries to discredit other modders who have achieved more than he has.”

        So, where do I whine about stolen assets? Where? Where and when am I doing that?
        Point to me where that has happened, Anonymous, Petros, Whatever.


    2. Ok so I think I need to weigh in here because people need to get their
      facts straight before they start getting on the bash wagon. A lot of
      what is being thrown around here is unfounded.

      I first heard of the OZV8 campaign only very recently through contact
      made to me by Phil and Darren.

      I’ve heard what has happened directly from them, and I understand the
      original artist hired to develop the vehicles did not do such a great
      job and left the team high and dry when it came to fixes. Further, I
      understand it has come to light that the models being developed were
      also sold on to another party.

      The OZV8 mod team contacted us for the continued repair work and
      development of their V8 Supercar models. In discussing this and
      having seen the issue’s the models have we advised the models
      needed major rework to the point where we would preference scrapping
      them and starting from scratch.

      This process was discussed at length and Phill and Darren are covering any
      expenses required to undertake the model development out of their own
      pocket considering their pledge money had been used up on the other
      3D artist.

      As a commercial studio we accept jobs from any client that is willing to

      I did notice today that there was information going viral around the
      web in regards to the pledge information they announced recently and
      the change of platforms which has caused the issue – understandably.

      Phill and Darren under reconsideration and following a discussion with
      myself, and given Reiza studio’s recent kind offer on Race
      Department to still allow the OZV8 mod team to still use the Reiza
      Studio’s developed ‘Super V8’ assets have now decided to still
      deliver the mod on the SCE platform as was originally promised. GREAT

      Mak-Corp will assist Phill and Darren to make this delivery in full and
      100% unchanged from as committed via their crowd funding program. All
      pledge perks will be honoured and unchanged.

      As I do not want MAK-Corp to be part of this controversy; that doesn’t
      involve us to begin with, I have instructed Phill and Darren to
      communicate with their pledgers regarding refunds and to smooth out
      any bug bears between them behind closed doors not airing laundry on
      the forums and or news sites of the sim racing world, Instead to do
      it one on one in email communications. This said, It is hoped in good
      faith now that the SCE platform is back on the agenda and is going to
      be delivered that the pledgers who were seeking refunds still get
      behind this project.

      Phil hand Darren have agreed in our meetings with them these terms
      outlined above and they will issue an updated statement to their
      crowd fund pledge members in the next 48 hours moving forwards.

      It has been agreed in our assisting and as already mentioned yesterday
      that the mod will still also now be delivered on rFactor 2 and
      Assetto Corsa for free to all meaning it’s a win win for all sim
      racers alike.

      OZV8 – SCE. rFactor2. Assetto Corsa.

      In my discussions with Phill and Darren it has become very apparent to
      me that both of these gentlemen have always been acting in the best
      interests of the project. They have taken on a huge undertaking and
      implementing a method that has never been done before – crowd
      funding / contracting.

      In reaching out to Mak Corp for assistance they were seeking a way to
      ensure they could still deliver the project given the meagre funds
      raised have been used. They admit they were perhaps over ambitious,
      and somewhat naive.

      They are very apologetic for the trouble they have caused over the last
      few days and accept the responsibility for the mistakes they have

      As for MAK-Corp. We do a lot of commercial client work for many clients
      around the world. modding for us these days is an afterthought, it’s
      a hobby we now do in our spare time which is rare given our
      commercial commitments with our clients.

      It amuses me still that to this day that people still harp on about the
      past and it’s always the same guys. I can’t make this clear enough,
      our commercial obligations with our clientele will always come first
      and as such it always out-weigh’s any free mods we deliver the

      I hope this will put the matter to rest.


  2. It’s so funny with the duplicate accounts 😀 Petros Mak aka. John Petrol, aka. anonymous!
    I never even adressed the origin of MMG car models…
    All I pointed out was the fact that at least 15 mods/projects has been announced throughout the years, one death being faked, and one alleged held-by-gun-point courier van. Oh and ONE complete mod released, made from scratch. Great hit rate.
    Luckily the point was picked up by the majority of people, including

    I don’t even have anything to do with those 3Dmodels in that BTCC mod, so nice try, they do drive nicely though…

    Point being: MMG (Most Megalomanic Group) = all show & next to no go. Has nothing to do with origin of models or whatsoever.

    Great day, luff’!


    1. Hi Bjorn, thank you for accusing me of being the person responding to your site but I the REAL Petros Mak (yes you can check the IP address compared to the other posts made here), have never posted on this site before. Now I am not sure who this Anonymous guy is and I am not sure why you keep thinking I have nothing better to do than to waste my time arguing with you on here but I’d like to say that you have absolutely no clue about me or who I am. If you want to have a clue about me, then come find out for yourself and get to know me for yourself. Please refrain from accusing me of using multiple accounts as I have not. Or is it you and your friends doing it to try and make it seem it’s me? I’d be interested to know the IP of this anonymous fellow to see who it is and what country they are from. Next time, have the decency and common sense to come directly to me and ask me what’s going on rather than jump to fantastical conclusions without any real knowledge.


  3. Bjorn has had no impact on the 3d models of the BTCC cars. He was given credit because Bjorn has helped me with the physics on the BMW, he’s pointed out what’s good and bad.

    If you want to have a go at someone it should be me, Petre & WSVR. Bjorn has not touched or seen the BTCC cars so the only reason I gave home credits is because of testing and feedback.

    Also I’m not a company or business, so like many other thousands of people I have converted from another game – that’s a unquie first, right? Like no one took content from forza or codemasters and put them into rFactor?? Like Gpfan (Simtek mod) has NEVER taken everything from Forza and used it rights??? Get your head together, people take everything from every game these days. It’s fine to not want to use them but don’t complain as it’s what made rFactor/gtr2 successful.

    If mak Corp is a business, they have been terrible. They’ve made one mod and in today’s light it’s not that good anymore. The only reason they took this project is because they got no idea how to make physics for the next generation games, there Beta f3 is terrible and have just given up after the community told them it wasn’t that great. A real business/modding team would stay and develop. And the fact remains that mak Corp are stealing reiza work, as I believe reiza have done most of the work and all the money went to someone who stole content from another game to make the models.

    This whole thing is messed up, and Mak Corp will bring nothing to any game, and them being part of this new mod is disgusting. People backed what they believed to be a game but in truth it’s all ripping off content from another game to never see the light on official gsc. At least my work is free and is actually GOOD. I’ve released more in my short time then Mak Corp has done in years. Kinda set the scene really….


      1. Yeah, that does seem to be the gist of it.

        It’s really sad when small time modders get all megalomaniacal like that. Green in the face of jealously.. But you know what? Maybe if he works really really really hard, and stops stealing other people’s assets, maybe one day he can be part of a huge ambitious project like that. You never know.


      2. No, I am not jealous that Reiza haven’t hired me because this is a hobby, not a career path. As for reiza, they are super talented and I support them and GSC, they have made great stuff and I’m disappointed the way the V8 guys and Mak Corp have treated them. It’s a complete joke, and I won’t support them because they didn’t inform Reiza of what was actually happening. Thank God Reiza are smarter though. And if you are implying I’m jealous that I’m not on the V8 mod/Mak Corp thingy, then no again. Mak Corp aren’t a business as they say, and no one knows what they do really. Plus V8’s aren’t my thing, I like them but not my main area of motorsport.

        My anger comes into people picking on my friends for no reason, posting the same crap on every site Bjorn has posted on…you following him around, so I guess you got a little crush on ma friend? You want me to tell him. 😉 But don’t be a twat who (and I’m being very general here because you posted Anonymous I have no idea who is who, so you could be the guy that’s following Bjorn but I got no idea) just lives their life to pick on people, I mean is that all they think about? How to mess with someone else’s life, to pick on them? Just following them around…really sad since this is only a game too. More important things in life.

        So please aim it at me, because I know I have a HUGE amount of support for these BTCC cars I’m creating. So sure, be anger at me for stealing *grr bad me* because, like I said before I AM TOTALLY the first person to take content from another game.

        In no way am I qualified to work for any gaming company and in no way do I believe I ever will work for a gaming company – at least in terms of modelling and physics gaming. Sure I can work with models and do some physics but I can’t create my own models. I never admitted to being able to do that. If I could make my own model from scratch, and I was doing gaming modelling/computing as a career path and was doing extremely well/looking for a job then maybe I would be jealous, but then Reiza have dropped these guys…so I’m jealous that Reiza lost an illegal mod..and that Mak Corp have released illegal mods when they are a business/company as they so often say…? Na, makes no logical sense, since I’m already making stuff I’m not doing any worse than the V8 guys, and the fact is I’m not working for anyone but the community. I’ve also only been doing this for the past five months, compared to Mak Corp 10 years now? So maybe in time I might make a scratch model, but I have no idea where my life is heading so who knows what I’m doing in the future. But my mind isn’t thinking “gaming company” as a goal, I’m actually going on a different career path to gaming, so this is for fun. Not to get work experience, but fun because I wanted more BTCC cars in rF2 because I love the sport and game. Just like many more modders out there who do it for fun with a sport they love.

        The community like my work so far, so I’ll keep trying my best to help them out. Petra, WSVR, GpFan (SimTek Mods), RFT F1 2013 *PS the RFT rF2 mod is actually got bits from CodeMasters F1 – should we get the pitch forks out?* whom have all taken work from other guys or games, SimTek Mods has become massive with his work but it’s all from Forza really. Yet he isn’t told he’s jealous or a hypocrite because he hasn’t been hired?

        I only posted to tell the truth and don’t agree with people trying to bully friends or people I know for no good reason other than because it satisfies their sad life. It seemed the troll wanted people Bjorn to be in a bad light which wouldn’t be corrected as for the reasons I have previously mentioned.


  4. Ha Ha Ha Ha Jealous !!!! Mak Corp are supposed to be a Pro modding business outfit. Andy, Bjorn…whoever are amateur modders and have given more to the community in a short space of time than Mak Corp have in 8 years!!


      1. Except that WSVR now has a BTCC league for rF2 and without the help of them they would be lost? Sure, StrawmanAndy has done nothing for the league/community(!)


      2. Except for the fact that they just released a big ass update to the fantastic group C mod.

        Also, they’ve done plenty of work for tons of motherfucking real life race teams, bitch.

        Do your research before talking out yo ass. Peace.


      3. If you google Mak Corp Racing Team, nothing comes up. So give me a source, and stop swearing. Makes you look like more of a fool each time.


      1. What? After three years of development they released a piece of shit with broken physics. Panicking after seeing this article and releasing an unfinished, forgotten mod is too good to be true.


  5. I advised you from the start the real reason of why they used Indiegogo and not Kickstarter… to scam you. And now you got scammed. You learned the lesson. 😉


      1. Yeah I’m a bit concerned that he’s going to scam these OZv8 guys, sounds like they have been scammed by a ‘modeler’ already.

        Reiza was like nah fuck this model hahahaha


  6. EEC are a joke
    Go to their site they have pCARS stuff ripped, Grid Stuff ripped, almost everything there is ripped from somewhere else…and claim for their own.

    Apparently Codemaster have been made aware that this mob took the Ford Falcon from the Race Driver game and converted it to GSCE.



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