World Racing Series is another unfinished racing sim to get excited about, I guess?

For those who genuinely miss the Early Access portion of Assetto Corsa, an environment where developers constantly kept in touch with the community to gather feedback, make improvements, and add new content every other month, PiBoSo has released a new version of his independent simulation dubbed World Racing Series. The game attempts to build on the same foundation as GP Bikes, MX Bikes, and Kart Racing Pro, three completely separate titles of his that are also in an Early Access-like format. Why he didn’t combine all four titles into one mammoth game, I have no idea, as all four run on the exact same physics engine.

The most recent update to World Racing Series brings the Ford Fiesta and 410 Winged Sprint Car to the small lineup of vehicles, along with Knoxville and Holjes to give each of the cars an appropriate track to make laps with them at.

One aspect of World Racing Series that excites me on a personal level is the dynamic terrain deformation feature, which no game has currently modeled and therefore WRS could provide a completely legitimate platform for all future online dirt oval racing. rFactor is beginning to show it’s age when it comes to Sprint Cars and Dirt Late Models, as the modding community cannot agree whether to create noob-friendly mod physics akin to the glory days of Dirt Track Racing 2, or to pursue accuracy and alienate some of the casual online racers. Despite WRS being developed by a guy from Europe for Rallycross and Circuit Racing, PiBoSo may have given the American guys something to get hyped for.



4 thoughts on “World Racing Series is another unfinished racing sim to get excited about, I guess?

  1. Dirt Oval racing is not just a american thing, the rest of the world is fine with oval racing as long as its on dirt,my old man raced motorcycle speedway in UK and here in NZ (oz too) dirt oval racing is big, its just tarmac ovals the yanks can keep to themselves.

    Anyone actually played the GP bike game?, actually looks awesome, was big fan of SBK 2001 and not found a modern title that comes close to that, but overall that engine looks very good.


    1. Nobody except Americunts is interested in oval racing.
      How dumb can one be to be interested in driving in an oval anyway?


  2. That physics engine actually looks pretty good. Would love to see it properly developed by a full team. But impressive work for a single guy nonetheless.


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