iRacing has a vendetta against me, and they don’t even know who I am!

You may be asking yourself “Why is Sev writing an article saying bad things about iRacing? Is that not reserved for James?” And that would be a very good question to ask! James has been on iRacing since 2011, whereas I have never had an account. I am still pretty new to racing simulators, so my time has been spent on Game Stock Car Extreme and rFactor, with a bit of Assetto Corsa mixed in at the very start.

Two weeks before James wrote the very controversial article on the Camaro in iRacing, he offered me the chance to test out iRacing under his secondary account. I had no desire to enter a public session, I just wanted to see what it was like to drive in an offline test by myself. At the time iRacing had a very poor reputation, and I had heard numerous bad things about the tire model, so I wanted to try the game without investing my time into creating a full account.

With the alternate account login details, I installed only the Mazda Miata and Lime Rock Park. I chose the Test Offline option, and spent five minutes configuring my graphics. I drove maybe ten or fifteen laps before uninstalling the game. The car felt fine as long I was under the limit of what the tires would allow, but when I began to push for faster lap times, the car felt floaty and not really connected to the road. I was very unimpressed. I do not say this as an armchair race car driver who thinks he understands everything about physics, but as someone who has driven a dozen different cars, fifty laps of the Nordschleife, and competed in a partial Formula Renault 2.0 season.

Champion-Driving-School-Mazda-image1-495x230But the strange thing about racing simulations, is that they can change every month. Unlike The Witcher series, which has been vastly superior to The Elder Scrolls for many years, Assetto Corsa may be the hot new simulator everyone is interested in, only for Stock Car Extreme to get a must-have super high quality mod. Sim racers may wait months for a good version of the Lotus 49 in iRacing, but suddenly rFactor 2 updates their Brabham BT24, and everyone recommends to buy rFactor 2. As someone who is still a bit new to this genre of games, it is difficult to keep up with, but I’m learning.

Even though I do not agree with how iRacing has treated James for posting critical reviews of iRacing in the past, I had heard good things about the recent surface model update from people I trust. I had heard the cars were producing lap times that were much faster than the real cars, but the feel of driving was said to be improved from when I tried it in May.

I used the promotional code, PR-RINGEXPO2015, to register myself an account on After I had completed the purchase, the website would not let me access the member site to begin racing, and the information box said Error 403 – Your Account Has Been Suspended.

I was unsure why the website would give me this error. I had never received any notifications from iRacing in the past, as I was not a member. I emailed to see if this was an error.

It was not.

1446026061419One of the stewards of, Nim Cross Jr., had told me that because I tried iRacing on somebody’s account who was now banned from the game, I was guilty by association. I was told both my PC, as well as my location, are permanently banned from because James has apparently raced from my location. This is obviously impossible. I like James, but he has never been to my house, and when I was on his account, I drove laps in an offline test session by myself. The only thing they know about me for sure is that I am a friend of James, and that was enough for them to blacklist me.

I had never even gotten a chance to drive in an online race .I was very excited to try iRacing and see how much the game had improved from when I had tried it briefly four months ago. I am instead sitting in front of my computer monitor in disbelief. It is funny to see the stories James posts about iRacing, and the comments section afterwards, but I did not think I would become the next story.

Auf Wiedersehen.

iRacingSim64 2013-03-09 03-50-20-85Additional Information by James

I guess I probably have to comment on this in the original article, because I’m sure anything I post in the comments section below will get buried by iRacing apologists and shills. I’ve come to expect this from the sim racing community, and apparently so have others. So let’s get started.

First, no, we here at don’t have a vendetta against iRacing. I know some people like to call me the Derek Smart of racing games, but there is a difference between truth and sensationalism. The reason we get labelled as sensationalist click-bait is because sometimes reality is more bizarre than any fabricated story you could dream up. Hence why I’ve stopped watching reality shows.

Given that people don’t want to lead my lengthy article breaking down common criticisms that arise whenever we pick apart iRacing, I’ll spoon feed it to the readers right now. Open wide and pretend it’s an airplane coming in for landing.

Austin OgonoskiI was suspended for two months in 2013 for an inappropriate paint scheme, the one pictured above. iRacing cannot actually suspend you for an inappropriate car livery, as a third party program not affiliated with iRacing is what people use to display custom car skins. When I pointed this out, iRacing hid behind their line in the Terms of Service that says “we’re iRacing and we can do what we want.” Some people on Reddit found this absolutely absurd.

reddit searchDuring this time, I had been writing reviews for RaceDepartment, and eventually evaluated iRacing in its current state, scoring the game at a very nice 7 out of 10. iRacing president Tony Gardner believed that this positive review, describing iRacing as “photorealistic” and “the closest you can get to NASCAR from the comfort of your own home” was somehow myself a personal vendetta, and fired an email off to site owner Bram Hengeveld, calling for my dismissal otherwise they would pull support from an upcoming online league.

It didn’t work. I continued to write for the site until late 2013.


Like Sev had been told a few short days ago by Nim Cross Jr., iRacing tried to pull the “guilty by associating with a guy we don’t like” card almost two years ago.

In 2015, a few months after establishing, I wrote another detailed review of iRacing, focusing on the experience newcomers are dealt with when first subscribing to the title with the help of a group of friends. Within 24 hours of the review going live, my computer had been blocked from accessing Four months later, upon emailing like Severin did, I was told I would have nothing to show for the money I’d spent on the game, and iRacing’s Terms of Service allow them to remove you “for any or no reason.”


As predicted, the article blew up, and most people pointed out that what iRacing did was actually illegal. In short, they cannot construct a Terms of Service that is extremely one-sided; a contract that forces iRacers to become viral marketers and only say positive things about the product, or risk being permanently banned from the service without explanation or fair reason. The iRacing Terms of Service violates both Canadian and American unconsciousnability laws. No individuals have chosen to pursue this yet.

As mentioned earlier, fanboys still claim I’m some crazed hater with an irrational vendetta. You know, for an alleged crazed hater, I sure have a lot of evidence that backs up my side of the story, something your average crazed hater doesn’t have.

Instead, they resort to really comical stuff, like this:

three wideAccording to this guy,  joking around in the chat, knowing common NASCAR rules which allow drivers to pass on the outside at the start/restart of a race, and winning races, is worthy of a permanent ban. No fun or skill is allowed on the iRacing servers, but I guess I didn’t get that memo, being banned and all.

Of course, others just go for character attacks. Those are fun, too:

snaaaaaakeAnyways, let’s get on with the hypocrisy of iRacing.

In 2013, I drove my ass to fellow contributor Maple’s place in British Columbia to hang out for a week or so. I signed onto my account on his PC, and won a few races. If Sev signing onto my account from his PC to run ten minutes worth of practice laps warrants a permanent ban, why wasn’t Maple banned for signing onto my account from his PC? It was literally the same thing. Of course, we’d be able to take an extremely homosexual bathroom selfie to prove that we were just chilling for the weekend, but iRacing never sent me an email saying “bro, you live in Edmonton, and a computer from Penticton, fourteen hours away, has accessed your account. Are you aware of this activity?”

Maple is still on iRacing.

iRacingSim64 2014-01-27 23-04-35-37In 2014, iRacing released the Super Late Model for short track aficionados. I’m not poor, but a bunch of my bros on Teamspeak didn’t want to give iRacing any money given the lackluster state of the sim at the time, so I changed my password temporarily to “chrisd”, and at one point there were no less than five of us running the Super Late Model in simultaneous practice sessions at New Smyrna with other drivers, all under my account. I never received an email from iRacing notifying me that I had reproduced clones of myself and was not only playing iRacing from Edmonton, but New York, New Jersey, and Dallas as well.

All three of those guys are still on iRacing, even though iRacing clearly has the data that we were doing some shady shit that night.

In 2015, I indeed gave the login info to Severin for my evaluation account. I think it was a week or two before the Street Stock article. He drove what must have been ten minutes of the Mazda MX5 at Lime Rock Park in a private offline test before saying “this is shit” and uninstalling the game. I mean, as much as I can try to pretty it up for the sake of an article, at the end of the day we’re dudes on a Teamspeak server and Sev spoke his mind on what he thought about the game.

Again, no Email from iRacing saying “bro, someone from Germany, you know, the other side of the planet was on your account in a private offline test session for ten minutes. What’s up?” And no Email from iRacing saying “bro, your account was accessed for 30 minutes by another iRacing member in Edmonton who lives approximately 10 minutes away from you. Were you at his place to run laps in his rig, or is there someone trying to hack into your details and commit identity theft?”

Yet for some reason, Severin is the only guy explicitly blacklisted.

iRacingSim64 2013-04-15 22-24-19-02We’ve done our best to obfuscate the names of anyone who contributes or has an indirect hand in what gets posted on, because developers like iRacing indeed have a tendency to get salty as fuck and take drastic measures. We’ve never revealed the last names of Chris, Mike, Sal, Vince, “Maple”, or Greg in any articles here on

We uh, may have forgotten to do so with one guy…

my bad lol


104 thoughts on “iRacing has a vendetta against me, and they don’t even know who I am!

  1. .iRenting .The open wheel n oval series is great but when u need some close n aggression racing like v8sc or btcc kind of race then things get all broken.


  2. Using someone else’s account is against the terms of service.

    As far as iRacing knows, your location is a residence of Austin/James/Whatever his name is, who has been banned. In order to keep him from returning to the service under a pseudonym or using another account, your location has been blacklisted.

    Seems fair enough since you illegally accessed the sim from your location using someone else’s account.

    p.s. Only read the original article, couldn’t be arsed to read another Austin diatribe


      1. Why is it someone gets banned for writing a negative review in the first place, it all started back on racedepartment with Bram having to defend a 7/10 review from threats by Tony Gardner being told if they didn’t remove the review there would be consequences and that “James” only had a vendetta cause he was banned and so his review should be removed because he clearly is biased against iracing when only giving a 7/10 I’m sure james still has emails from BRAM about Tony threatening him somewhere

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      2. I’d say it’s triggered by attempting to create a new account from already blacklisted location/equipment. The system saw it as an attempt to circumvent and autobanned the account.


  3. I have to say that rFactor has vastly superior tyre model and physics compared iRacing. Most of the F1 teams with budgets ranging up to 450 million per year decide to use rFactor Pro as base for their simulators, because it’s simply the best driving simulating software in the world.

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    1. haha..rfpro have this so call Lidar track info of Nords n Le Mans n yet for their rf2 fanbois they gave historic n fantasy wonder they ripped Kunos,Forza,Codemasters tracks..bunch of panzies..


      1. To be fair, just because they have those data, doesn’t mean they have to release them.

        It’s not like they woke up one day and decided to laser scan the Nordschleife and Le Mans for their rFPro variant of rF1. While to most of us, rF1 and 2 are just games, to real life teams rFPro is a simulator used in professional racing.

        They have way more laser scanned tracks that we know about (For example Baku, GT3 cars race there in the Blancpain Sprint Series and a couple of team have the track recreated in rFPro for their testing), but they’re all commercial projects. It’s stuff they cannot release to the general public (=Us peasants rF1 and 2 owners) because professional teams who commissioned and bought those tracks have the exclusive to use them.


  4. iRacing tire model is broken mess that they haven’t been able to fix in 6 years instead they have gone from bad to worse. Let’s see in 5 years and 5 new tire model revisions.

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  5. The only professional, not only the “medium” race driver (forgive me my words, who are) can judge tyre models. For example it was a good article from engineer about AC tyres last time.
    Realize that this is the science – you make research, you make decisions, sometimes they wrong. When they update tmodel its not mean equally they everytime wrong with them.

    So lucky enough to say that trading paints used for topsplit online streams – that means it going under iracing rules, because showed officially, which means its not a shocking that Austin was banned. The shocking one that when you are unrealistic genius in computer driving, or have passion in how you defend your opinions – stuff can judge that you are aggressive hater. Why they can do this, if they even dont know you? You know, the amateur people look for what or how they declare them to public. If you say on livery of ur car “mutherf*cker” i dont see any reason to no to say that you are mad, just because there is 40000+ people that can be protested. Thats how it looks from aside. Also its a publicity work – 10 protests? Yes people dont like to see something like this on racing cars, or listen to trolling, etc. I has a situation, for example, there was one man who cross 3 corners to kill me on track just because i have pass him 3 times and everytime he tried to punch me he loose control. When i protested him – stuff have answered me and make something for him, BUT, funny was that race was recorded by someone, who has recorded all the “soft” words i gave to guy who broke my 1st place race. That guy, who recorded audio of my conversation about bad day in this guy life, protested me, and i got warning about it same day as my protested was solved positively.

    The truth is out there.

    Yes rfactor good. No reason to equalize them, iracing about online intensive simsport community, not only about physics. There is NO perfect physics on market. Think about it.


    1. Except in regards iRacing public streams of races, you literally have a commitee you have to send schemes to, to get approved. Trading paints itself has an option that you can check to allow NSFW schemes if you want to for your own personal usage, but nothing gets on stream without approval by iRacing officals your whole point is completely invalid and flawed to how the iracing system works. If some random decides to download a “Bad” scheme and then broadcasts that scheme it is on them not the creator of the scheme that they allowed on to their stream.

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      1. yes, that how the system works, then conversation flew to another side, when people dont realize what the point of another point view is 😀 its nice to hear that they check all the paints, which u havent proof, but the only one point which needed to be discussed without updating the “most rated topic where people hate iracing” with devs is a terms of use. And there is needed global petition to change the “ban without reason” rule. Because, i dont know, have you really read terms of use for many online services – they have the same position, which is usefull in terms off time saving when stuff work on reports or make a decision to block someone on any website. Thats why iracing use it, not because they are Evil like google or samsung. Just because its everywhere. “Stuff hold right to not to explain why they block/kick/ban someone/something” is just a basics. The another side – that people dont realise that they put money without reading and understanding a few rules in terms of use of the mediaproduct. All of this can open to you one thing – if you don’t like the rules, you cant change it easy.
        The insulting paint schemes for example do not allowed by tpaints itself, dont mess it, they dont allow you to “Adult or sensitive paint schemes should be avoided. If you feel the content of your paint scheme is questionable, please consider editing your paint scheme or marking it as a non-family friendly design.”
        so if no examples of what is non-family friendly explainded, the end-party user can decide that white on black “motherfucker” word must be hided. So when you look at the original situation – Austin used paint, people have protested it 10 times, if source didnt lie. 10 protests is much more then wreckdriver can receive for his behaviour. You can say that adults have right to say bad words. Really? I think the “pictures of guns” or non registered using of sponsors (which is everywhere on tpaints) must be questionable, but not this. Will you say to your father – motherfucker?) Thats what is must be hidden so no reason to not to judge 10 protests. You haven’t read all also 😉


  6. Your PC (they doesn’t store your IP only, but your HID as well) has been used to access to iRacing using his account (the account, nor that he has to be physically there), and this is against the TOS. Hence you have been banned. There’s no mistake, the ban is legit, and this article/post has no much sense (you can repeat you never tried to use his account from your PC, but you are only lying to yourself, with IP, HID, and other identifiers it’s pretty easy to log who’s doing what).


    1. So why am I the only one out of 6 people who have accessed that account who have been banned?

      >you can repeat you never tried to use his account from your PC, but you are only lying to yourself
      Did you even read the fucking article you colossal retard?

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      1. Did any of the other do it this recently? I kinda skipped the last part as that was more like a copy paste of something thats been posted again and again.


      2. Why in the world some idiots are punished while others are not, beside the fact that they are all idiots? Welcome to the reality.


      3. Makes no sense, you’re allowed to have multiple accounts as long as you’re not ban evading. I haven’t been banned since probably 2011 so as far as I know I did nothing wrong using a trial account to see if iRacing was worth re-subbing for back in he spring.

        And I did, it’s worth it now.

        Hell there are Dwc and former pro drivers using alternate accounts all the time in fixed races so their accounts used for making pro are left at high iratings (to make DWC)


  7. I have already proofed many times that rFactor 2 has the most realistic physics and tire model in any commercially available racing simulator. I see a lot of people spreading major disinformation claiming otherwise without any kind of proof. My agenda is to stop simracing disinformation.

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    1. there is still no ideal physics on market, as it programmed by people who scientists, engineers, programmers. the reality will be much more complicated still long time, thats what i want to people understand. I dont see that proof you talk about also. why you dont force link to it, when you talk from guy to guy about it?


      1. I think he meant computer scientists, not just scientist, because is vague as it can be from any area.

        “A computer scientist is a scientist who has acquired knowledge of computer science, the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and their application.

        Computer scientists typically work on the theoretical side of computer systems, as opposed to the hardware side that computer engineers mainly focus on (although there is overlap). Although computer scientists can also focus their work and research on specific areas (such as algorithm and data structure development and design, software engineering, information theory, database theory, computational complexity theory, numerical analysis, programming language theory, computer graphics, and computer vision), their foundation is the theoretical study of computing from which these other fields derive.[1]

        A primary goal of computer scientists is the development (and validation) of models—often mathematical in nature—for estimating the properties of computer-based systems (processors, programs, computers interaction with people, computers interacting with other computers, etc.) with an overarching objective of discovering designs that admit for improved performance (faster, better, cheaper, etc.).”


  8. I don´t support the ongoing negative articles here and all the fuzz about the smallest things. But at all, I also don´t support that a developer tries to supsend journalism and threatening magazines/ hosts for negative articles and also ban these people. That´s just poor and SMS-way of dealing with problems.


    1. what the fuck …. when did SMS threaten any journalists? Never! Not even these PRC douchebags were threaten by anyone. They were banned in forum. And not because of writing PRC, but because being dumbfucks. Hell, SMS must have hurt your butt a lot.


      1. I didn´t say that SMS threatened journalists, dumbass. I said SMS-way because of the dirty way of dealing with negative critics. Did you motherfucker even notice how much customers SMS banned from the forum by posting negative critics about the bugged and unfinished game?


  9. It’s been confirmed by many real life racing drivers that are not paid to shill iRacing that it’s true tire model in iRacing is incredibly flawed and unnatural.


  10. vice versa have been confirmed also. But what kind of confirmation do you use ? Do you really think that product, which dont able to be modded will be chosen by F1 teams to learn/training? =)) Of course not.


    1. It wouldn’t even be remotely possible for F1 teams to use iRacing physics engine as it’s so flawed mainly on the aero and tire modeling. With rFactor they can insert real world data and get results that correspond with real life which is so important for F1 team with current testing rules. rFactor Pro licensing is big revenue source for ISI and F1 teams wouldn’t pay money for second grade software.

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  11. iRacing has many fundamental problems with their engine which are now becoming a severe limitation on the sim. Seems like the whole engine was copied from NASCAR 2003 and they are severely limited by the amount of detail the engine can produce.


  12. Sev, im trying to talk less, deliver more. I mean that you cant program physics of tyre behavior on the edge when you dont understand it not in what you see happened, but WHY it happened. When you will try to simulate this, and thats how rfactor and iracing as i want to think, of course, you will recieve engine, which will work in ways you don’t program it, or even understand it before. Do you realize the majority of core laws? That what is science is. What a humor that i need to explain it to guy who judge physics. And Sev, why there is no button to reply to you? “Why you block me you!” 🙂


    1. If there’s no more reply button, it means you need to use the reply button right above, so that your post goes below the latest post from that thread.


    2. The reply button only works twice, then you have to use the one you used last so your post will just appear below mine.

      >I mean that you cant program physics of tyre behavior on the edge when you dont understand it not in what you see happened, but WHY it happened
      What is that even supposed to mean? You are only allowed to do it when you are both a professional racing driver and a studies engineer?


  13. I can confirm this ban is all about iRacing being butthurt with James. I also used others´ accounts too (several in fact) before creating my own. I am not banned, I didn´t receive a warning. They didn´t even contact me. Nothing.

    I´ll keep playing iRacing until someone else copies its online structure. Then fuck them. Hopefully it happens soon.

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    1. By some reasons, it cannot be without subscription and big money for develop strong unbreakable system. But yeah, rfactor2 with strong online community with rating/matchmaking system will be good.


      1. Of course it can be. Just grab a game with a healthy, big player base. Create similar to iRacing “ranked” events where players are locked in classes and compete in series. Then have “free” games where even muppets can drive the fastest cars (and league racers can do their stuff without restrictions).

        Anyway, I´m fairly sure this is sort of what GT Sport will be. Let´s just hope they step up their physics towards sim standards, because if they do it´ll be a nice experience.


  14. But then, noone will listen to it, of course

    But here is the situation:
    There are guys, who still showing us evidences of their ban, not the evidence of the motivation – why it happens. As someone said before – its quite logical. As i say before – its logical by terms of use, etc.


    Why are they still trying to make a river of words? You guys have a donate button. The only thing you need to do is a start a global online petition with strong evidence of how you have been punished and that you still cant reach money you put in, etc.
    So you must find a lawyer, which will work for whole community trying to change the core rules of iracing, isnt it?
    So there are people, who like race weeks – just because its usefull for many, you can plan and be excited more times then in league racing in rfactor – thats why not everytime thing about, or even read terms.
    The Service is a real company with real stuff, they can be judged by the Law. Just because you still provoke, still making articles, really good articles as i see, where you put evidence which proof their work against you (for example emails), they will not listen. There is no buttheart i think, its a business in a traditional international way – defend your business, kill them. Because you have law to it.

    The only one thing as i wish people to focus on – is to solve core problems because it will change everything.
    Funny to read this topics, yes.
    But can you make a permanent source of evidences for example, which will be accessible on the top menu of site, for example.
    Something like “petition against iracing general laws”. Im using simple words because of my english…

    You have power to change them, not to shit in front of their entrance when they don’t see you. Cheers.


  15. So lemme get this straight.

    James is suspended from iRacing for two months for a car livery people weren’t even obligated to download.

    Then, iRacing try to get him kicked off an editing team.

    Then, they permanently ban him when he starts his own website and writes a review. And they keep his money.

    Oh, then they ban his friend, four months before he signs up for an account.

    What has James done wrong, according to the iRacing subreddit? “Pass us three wide” and “win all the races.” Yep, definitely deserves a permanent ban.

    You can’t be serious. Everywhere I go, I read “Austin Ogonoski is a nutcase.” They go through his post history and say he deserves to be banished from sim racing forums worldwide.

    Then I come here expecting to read the ramblings of a madman. Instead, I get rather compelling evidence that an entire company is butthurt they were outsmarted by some random guy they tried to fuck over.

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    1. It’s cute, isn’t it?

      There’s a good reason people think he’s a nutcase, of course. It’s because he writes confrontational articles that are, essentially, a masterclass in clickbait journalism. He really writes some of the best clickbait out there.

      But there’s a big difference between “clickbait” and “wrong” and James manages to stay on the right side of that line 90+% of the time. In fact, the greatest real criticism is that his articles are too damn long, generally because he shows in several different ways how his confrontational claims are completely valid.

      Comparing to other major simracing outlets, it’s a laugh. VirtualR is more like a content aggregator, just putting out prepared press statements from modding groups and companies, and posting videos from the maybe 4 most popular simracing YouTubers. RaceDepartment covers a more complete view of racing in general, which allows them to actually do some real writing, but nothing of particular interest. has articles I don’t read, sometimes. I don’t care about Mad Max reviews, for example.

      But 4 of 5 articles that are published on this site are interesting, if perhaps needlessly confrontational, and that’s better than dull and lifeless.

      (Too bad the comments section sucks, only 2 replies deep are possible)

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      1. That’s false, in several occasion has been proven that the post made here are built upon bullshit (called “personal opinions” to give em some emphasis) or complete lies, to not talk about the misleading titles, written only in the desperate try to collect more click.
        I dunno how this strategy could be a success, if he managed to be banned on every website out there, and without back-linking it’s the usual ones here (including me) jerking off together.. or do you think that 500,000 visitors is a real number? People nowadays doesn’t even know how to read a damn website statistic!
        Do you think I could publish a scoop titling it: “Donkeys can fly!” … and then call it: “…but that’s my opinion” …wtf.. then I can say anything i dream and call it “personal opinion”.


      2. Where is your evidence about the so called bullshit then? Everything we write here unless it is titled an opinion piece is based upon real, actual evidence. And not feelings like your opinion.


      3. there was lot of bullshit on this page … and any evidence was simply dismissed as shilling …. just admit it and everyone will be better.


      1. Actually they aren’t, The stuff you said in that comment section ARE outright false though, When are people going to start realising thier opinion is not FACT the facts is AC ai are broken they can’t even stay on the track through turn 1 you can’t just deny it cause you are so fucking blinded by fanboyism


      2. When caught lying he used to say: “…but that was my personal opinion..”, like calling a lie “opinion”, gives you the right to say anything you dreamed last night.
        So I say: “monkey can talk” … people will laugh at me, calling me a liar, but then I justify everything with a: “Hey.. but that was a personal opinion!”.
        So everything the guy says reflects the above.. that’s why he has been banned everywhere, people aren’t afraid of him saying the “truth”, but of him lying like a kid.
        In general almost everything written on this blog is like that, including this “article”, words like “vendetta” has been used, when the ban has been placed for a specific reason rather than a “personal vendetta”. This kids didn’t realized that the devs have something more important to do (develop a game?) rather than lose their time with a bunch of trolls, that’s why they uses the ban: because silent a troll is tons faster than invest time to try to teach him how the world works.
        Good luck. 🙂


      3. When has James ever lied? You have yet to present any evidence. Forum mods banning him isn’t evidence, it actually means he was right and they were afraid to argue with him. Also, you still haven’t explained why I am the only one out of 5 other people than James that have used his account to be banned. Shouldn’t they be banned too, if it was actually the case as iRacing is telling it?


      1. Who got banned? As far as I’m aware, there was a forum ‘holiday’ for someone who, rather than reporting the possible exploit directly to iRacing support, wrote a forum post which was taken by iRacing as a ‘how to’ to utilise the exploit.


    1. Too bad AC feels like shit in the relevant cars (GT/Open wheelers) now after their recent tire model update. Finally got around to trying it out and I wish I never had. I had such fond memories of AC, and now they are tainted with this casual console-tier tire model

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      1. Just what I was afraid of, Kunos need to make substantial physics tweaks what they call “upgrades” to appeal to casual console gamers.


      2. Sorry Sev, but exactly why do they feel like shit, In my ,all be it minimal time on race track but over a year instructing on a rally course, the new tire model feels fine. Almost dare i say it very realistic, a caveat, I have not drove a non tm5 enabled car though


        1. I can’t exactly put it in words. Before TM5 you could actually feel the tires load and unload in the corners through your wheel, and it really influenced how you drove the car. Now it feels like many other sim where you turn in, instant maximum grip until you oversteer.
          I was of course exaggerating when I said it feels like shit, but it just doesn’t feel right anymore.


      3. Anon: This may come as a surprise, but I would imagine that someone who can throw a FR2.0 around Nords fast enough to impress a team boss and get a team invite based on a damn track day probably knows some very basic things about dealing with race cars. A Miata shouldn’t give too much trouble–there’s a reason that they chose it as the starting car. It’s because it’s a fairly easy car to drive, while still teaching valuable lessons about car handling.


      4. Hey Sev thanks for the reply, In my subjective(as it is soley my own) oppinion, i feel almost the opposite, I have to on a 97% track have to wait for the tyres to get heat, I have to drive smoothly over at least 2-3 laps depending on the car/tyre combo. I dont know what set up rig wise you have, but changing to the T500 just before 1.3 landed changed the way i felt the car too.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. “Stefano pls pull your dick out of your ass”

        “Did you even read the fucking article you colossal retard”

        “NO ICERACING FANBOY POSTING BELOW THIS POST” (plus several other variations of this any time there is an iRacing article)

        My absolute favorite

        “There is absolutely zero chance he would lose with this case. If you think anything else will be the case I’d advice getting your brain checked, there’s probably something wrong with it”

        Truly the words of a well rounded adult.


      2. >what is shitposting
        wow you must be fun at parties. also James wouldn’t lose his case against iRacing, if he’d take them to a small claims court iRacing would get btfo instantly


  16. I’m plenty fun at parties, I tell everyone about what is wrong about racing sims and they all flock around me hanging off my every word.


    1. One time I was at my buddy’s house stoned as fuck, and his roommate had a shit day at work so she went hard on the liquor. Anyways, she invited me up to her room, and jumped onto me when I got inside. Anyways, I really didn’t want to fuck my buddy’s roommate since that’s typically a bad move, so I pointed at the DS version of Need for Speed Undercover on her shelf, called her a casual, and went back downstairs to see my bros.

      There’s no point to this tale. I just wanted to reward the people who have gotten this far in the comments section with a funny story.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. LOL, James you can be proud of one thing: The guys at iracing are clearly reading articles as they apparently spent their time tracking down Sev’s name and putting a preemptive ban on his name!
    that’s the best sort of recognition you can get! directly from the source!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that’s done to avoid spam.. in example this blog address is “censored” on most websites because the owner of this blog were used to spam the address every two words to forward the traffic, so they had to place a censor on it (try to link it on most of the simmers forums and see what happens.. eheh).


    1. Tell that James 😉 I know this, but in the end it’ll probably be more than the $800 iRacing owes James so it’s not exactly worth it, sadly.


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