Need for Speed’s Online-Only Format Causes Predictable Problems

As much as I support EA’s decision to make the newest Need for Speed title an online-only affair due to how well the game can potentially work when firing on all cylinders, the mammoth company has obviously not learned from the Sim City debacle of 2013. Reddit users on the official Need for Speed subreddit are reporting widespread server errors preventing them from playing the game at all, and this is obviously pissing some people off.

NFSTo make matters worse, gaming media giant Kotaku has reported that the game’s framerate is wildly inconsistent, writing an entire piece on the shoddy performance Ghost Games have shipped the latest iteration of Need for Speed with – what may very well be the final game in a series that has survived for almost two straight decades.

messCritical reception to the title has not been pleasant, scoring a lowly 64 on Metacritic, and receiving an abysmal 40 from Giant Bomb’s founder Jeff Gerstmann.

jeffgAfter an extra year spent in development, this is not a mistake Electronic Arts could afford to make. With sales figures dwindling and forgetable recent entries, the last ditch effort to save the historic franchise – the ying to Gran Turismo’s yang will now most certainly be talked about in past tense.


4 thoughts on “Need for Speed’s Online-Only Format Causes Predictable Problems

  1. Alex from Failrace posted a great video about the game, hopefully I can post the link. Goes through most of the issues I thought it would have. Major disappointment :/

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  2. It’s abundantly clear that EA has taken this series in a completely wrong direction. Not that this comes as a surprise but it is a shame to see such a long-lived and formerly enjoyable series end up such a mess.


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