Reader Submission #63 – Black Friday Warrants a Killer Deal for R3E

Black Friday isn’t all that chaotic up here in Canada – our traditional massive savings day is instead reserved for December 26th – but a large majority of the retail world partakes in the festivities today, and the landscape of Sim Racing is obviously a part of that. While most hardcore racing sims on Steam are available at heavily discounted prices for the next few hours, today’s Reader Submission from Eugen S. points out the biggest discount of them all, but it’s with a catch.


Hey James.

I’ve been meaning to write to you guys for some time, but never had any clear topic. So here goes… I’m a Sim Racer on a tight budget and found the pricing model for R3E OK for me, because I can purchase the game in small packages instead of just throwing 40+ bucks on it. While this does not work for a lot of people, it works for me. So while I really like the game (although I do agree it has its flaws) I’m not shilling for it.

However, there is something I haven’t seen covered on your site: the Black Friday offer. Today you might be able to get the WHOLE game for 49,99 EUR (only 500 such codes available) and also all content (but not the packs) will be available at a 30% discount. The offer starts at 10 AM CET, that is about 30 minutes after this e-mail was sent in.

So if any of the people reading PRC are interested, go grab them, guys!

And while we’re at it, thanks for the setups and the work you’re doing here. And keep recommending games, I didn’t even know about ARCA Sim Racing or Dirt to Daytona before stumbling upon your website. I only race a few hours a week, so I might as well jump into a quality sim each time I do it instead of wasting precious time pulling my hair out.

RRRE 2015-02-20 23-20-26-79

This needs to be more than just a Black Friday deal, and other articles here on PRC have already gone over why I feel that way. We’ve dealt with widespread micro-transactions since 2005 when the Xbox 360 took off like a rocket; ten years later, most of us are well aware that the transactions aren’t so micro when there’s ten, twelve, fifteen, or twenty of them required for the same amount of content in a traditional boxed game. We are no longer children with mommy’s credit card, but contributing members of society with our own financial constraints. We’re now old enough to know bullshit when we see it. The micro-transactions in R3E are bullshit, so it’s good they’ve at least given a temporary option to skip the headaches of the vRP system altogether.

But there’s an opportunity for Sector 3 to expand on this.

The logical step Sector 3 should take after the Black Friday sale is all said and done, is to bump up the price of the complete R3E package (with all future content included to save the headaches), and sell it under a clever name to give a bit of marketing appeal.

Here, I’ll write their announcement FOR them:

“We here at Sector 3 have listened to your concerns over the previous months, and today we’re very happy to announce the RaceRoom Racing Experience Master Key. For a single transaction of $139.99, you’ll receive 87 car models spread among 24 different historic and modern auto racing series, including multiple officially licensed ADAC GT Masters and DTM seasons. Over 500 individual cars will be at your disposal to race across nearly 30 locations, and as an added bonus, you will also receive all upcoming R3E content free of charge!”

Yeah, it would be a steep price compared to other racing sims of a similar nature, and I would probably write an article bitching that we shouldn’t be paying $140 for a single video game, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. From a customer’s standpoint, it’s much more comforting to just drop a wad of cash in a single transaction and get to racing right away, than get taken for a ride by a Free-To-Play model that needs multiple forum posts to be explained to the average user.

The natural defense for the steep price?

Well, idiots are already paying $110 for Star Wars Battlefront!



8 thoughts on “Reader Submission #63 – Black Friday Warrants a Killer Deal for R3E

  1. Project Cars is a feature complete simulator with night racing and rain, best graphics, great car and track list etc. And it can be bought for less than 25€ on numerous cd key stores. That’s why it’s the most popular racing simulator on Steam.


  2. It’s actually ridicilous that price of 50 euros is considered cheap when it should be the standard price for this game.


  3. The Guild for Impoverished Sim Racers is pleased with this. However we still believe the price of sim racing is still way too high. Among our many demands IRacing must immediately charge its subscribers a $20 per year levy to subsidise GISR members.

    On the plus side GISR is having a cheapskates Friday sale of its own. Membership is just $1000. It is usually $500!


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