Reader Submission #70 – Another iRacing Cheating Scandal on the Horizon?


It’s only been a few short months since iRacing claimed they’d managed to rectify the atmospheric glitch within the software, an exploit so easy to reproduce it could be recreated by practically anyone. Allowing users to join any session and receive night time atmospheric conditions during daytime events, sim racers would receive a significantly cooler air temperature simply by joining the session two minutes prior to the race’s scheduled start time. Now, as iRacing enters their first of four 2016 seasons, we’ve received a Reader Submission from a user by the initials of J.G. warning of us a much bigger shitstorm on the horizon.

Setup theft.


Hey James. Thanks for the great site.

I’m not sure if anyone has pointed this out to you guys yet, but there is an exploit in iRacing allowing people to join as someone’s Crew Chief or Spotter without needing their password, even if one is required. Also, people are able to join as a Crew Chief or Spotter, even if the user has the option disabled completely! Individual drivers, and to a larger extent teams, are stealing setups from each other! I’m sure there’s a lot more info out there, but that’s all I have.


iRacingSim 2012-08-30 16-04-09-21

All I’m allowed to say, is that it’s legit, and it’s causing problems.

For those unfamiliar with the iRacing software as a whole, like Flight Simulator X’s Air Traffic Controller component, the game allows sim racers to assume non-driving roles during any official or private session, such as the spotter or crew chief. Joining the event as a spotter for your driver of choice syncs the game to your driver’s live feed, ensuring you can make calls with the utmost accuracy. As a virtual crew chief, you can make adjustments to your driver’s setup, and configure your driver’s pit strategy during the middle of a race. These command center options are only used by high level drivers in series with monetary payouts, but they are integral to succeeding on that level of competition.

With the way things currently are, you can essentially join a rival team’s private command center, and straight up jack their setup. As all cars are identical to one another, a good setup is the difference between victory, and finishing in the middle of the pack. Teams spend days working on a setup for the big race each week, and especially among the NASCAR guys, with the tracks being so simple, a mere tenth of a second advantage over the field is massive.

Now? iRacing basically screwed everybody over on a level not seen since two-time iRacing champion Richard Towler shared his collection of setups from the Car of Tomorrow era.



10 thoughts on “Reader Submission #70 – Another iRacing Cheating Scandal on the Horizon?

      1. I partially agree with guy who said shit article. tho our reasons may be different. I am not fond of this article because of how short it is. If this was my article I would include a demonstration video. I would investigate it myself. I would contact iRacing for the take on it and post their comments. there is a tonne of stuff to make this blog a little more interesting. So by partially agreeing, I mean the entry is quite un-informative and un-interesting. Sure the topic is interesting, but the post is lacking.


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