Shannon Whitmore’s Job is Up for Grabs on


As the summer of 2015 came to a close, we here at published a lengthy controversial article documenting the antics of several high profile virtual racing stewards over on the official servers. Titled “The Good Ol’ Boys Club“, the article glanced over the history of the iRacing organization itself, as well as how staff members such as Nim Cross Jr. and Shannon Whitmore were recruited before recalling the trials and tribulations of Texas Super Late Model Driver Ryan Luza. An extremely talented shot track racer with a long list of credentials away from the confines of a desktop computer, Luza’s impressive results in a relatively short period of time prompted iRacing officials to label him a cheater and actively push him away from the racing simulator that proudly claims it’s a training tool commonly used by professional race car drivers.

The fallout from the Luza drama, as well as a string of incidents involving myself, Sev, K&N Series driver Brodie Kostecki, and others who’s details I’m a bit shaky on, gave credibility to the theory that maybe the guys calling the shots at iRacing HQ were indeed little more than random sim racers from the NASCAR Racing 2003 Season Online community, lacking the experience to represent a company on a professional level and instead protecting an elite group of internet friends.

Today, something has finally been done about this. Whitmore’s job, the Director of Competition and Community Manager at, has been advertised as available, and anyone can apply.

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As is the norm when it comes to publishing iRacing-related stories on, a legion of iRacing fanboys feel the need to constantly come to the game’s defense for a variety of reasons, and act as if we’re pulling stories out of our ass in an effort to damage the reputation of the biggest online racing sim on the market today. The article over the summer on the childish and immature antics used by top iRacing officials was received in the same manner, as people were quick to dismiss this very real story as “a kid sitting in the back of the class eating glue” and “fabricating negative things about iRacing.”


Yet, a few avid readers of were quick to note they’d indeed experienced some interesting confrontations with the aforementioned staff members, adding an extra layer of credibility to an issue iRacing fanboys refused to address. In one comment from a user by the name of “Mike”, they cite an instance where an email from iRacing Director of Competition Shannon Whitmore was “full of spelling and grammatical errors”, claiming the contents of the message were “practically unreadable.”


A few months later, we received a highly sought-after private document outlining a set of proposed changes the field of the 2016 iRacing NASCAR Peak Anti-Freeze Series sought from and the staff members in charge of officiating the series. The biggest conclusion we’d drawn from the entire document, confirmed by individuals who wish to stay anonymous, is that the best drivers on iRacing did not trust Whitmore’s inconsistent officiating decisions, and needed a way to overrule them to ensure the integrity of the competitive environment. With a $10,000 prize on the line, it’s important to get as many calls as you can, right.

The biggest instance of this problematic officiating occurred during the final week of the 2015 season at Homestead. An incident during the previous event at Chicagoland resulted in one driver receiving a suspension via unanimous decision – a penalty he is not allowed to appeal as stated in the rule book. However, Whitmore forgot the set of rules he was obligated to enforce, let the nameless driver appeal the suspension, and allowed the driver to participate in the final event on the 2015 Peak Anti-Freeze Series schedule.

So with a well-documented trail of officiating mishaps and poor customer support despite the claims of the iRacing fanboys that we’re making it all up, we come to a post made on the Facebook page earlier today, advertising a job opening for the same position named on Shannon Whitmore’s LinkedIn profile.


Of course, more info on this subject will undoubtedly come out over the following days, and you can be sure bits and pieces will be leaked by people in the know on a variety of different message boards, but what we can say with absolute certainty, is that iRacing are actively searching for a new head official in time for the 2016 NASCAR Peak Anti-Freeze Series season, and it’s no surprise that iRacing is asking someone else to take Whitmore’s place.


61 thoughts on “Shannon Whitmore’s Job is Up for Grabs on

    1. Shannon Whitmore and Nim Cross are ruining iRacing. I was suspended for what others drivers are doing the same things. They have ruined friendships amongst other drivers. They are the most vengeful and unforgiving persons on the planet Earth. They need to be terminated by iRacing so that we can all. Have fun again.


    2. They should both be fired for the betterment of the simulator. Sim racing would be better without all of the trolls in the chat rooms. As if they have never heard a cuss word before. They don’t believe in God either. They are so far left.


    3. Shannon Whitmore and Nim Cross should accept the same penalties that they dish out. That is such a childish way to treat someone. Does it make Shannon and Nim a better person. Those guys should step down and make the Sim so much better. Go to Rfactor 2. It is really a cool simulator. Leave iRacing as a mass exodus and head on over to Rfactor 2.


  1. I’m surprised PRC hasn’t reported on the continuing fiasco that is happening over at iRacing regarding their latest build. There are a ton of people (including myself) who are now unable to play – oops I mean RACE – because of issues with stuttering and sometimes even complete freezes. I’m too scared to enter an official race due to twice now having my computer completely freeze mid corner. Everything else about this simulation is still running – you can hear the cars, and the resulting impact with the wall and the ensuing chaos that occurs when your screen freezes mid corner at Indianapolis.

    I’m not the only one either. There are many people who have reported these issues, and apart from the standard suggestions from developers (update drivers, reset graphics options etc. etc.) the iRacing staff have been all too characteristically quiet on the whole issue.

    This is also on top of their constant website problems they are still having. I wouldn’t mind so much if they weren’t charging a monthly sub as well as exorbitant prices per track/car.


    1. Ill tell you why its not reported on. None of the members of PRC have the problem to give hands on view of it.

      I do know first hand that there site is running slow as fck…. Its like its on dial up most of the time for me.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Not trolling, but when has the need for firsthand experience silenced James?

        On a side note, I’d love to find out Loren Doolittle’s one of his sources (unlikely though, given Doolittle’s utter lack of pace).

        Liked by 1 person

      1. How will DX11 improve the game?

        Better graphics, sound etc.?
        More than 5 car models in a session?
        More calculations available?


    2. That’s happened to me a few times as well, but is thankfully rare enough that I’m not constantly worried about it. I thought it was my GPU, but maybe it’s the new build?

      BTW, James, the (screenshot) Reddit posts don’t seem like fanboy responses, but rather well reasoned arguments. You rarely, if ever, even acknowledge opposing arguments, let alone discuss them, and too frequently substitute rampant speculation for evidence.

      That said, you do write very well, and are obviously capable of critically examining your own hunches.


      1. That’s the least of your problems if you try to post even something remotely criticizing iracing on their forums. You wouldn’t believe the kind of morons lurking there. It’s all ok as long as you don’t post negative stuff you can be as stupid as you wish.


      2. It’s easily possible to have a fucked up shader or some other crazy shit going on in the rendering pipeline that takes an otherwise stable GPU to the edge of stability.

        Increase voltage slightly and/or decrease clocks a bit and see if that takes care of it in the meantime. Apart from a driver-specific iracing bug, this will be something that iracing has to patch.


  2. I could never figure out what his role in the company was. Unless you were in a pro series you’d be hard pressed to know he even existed, he seemed a tosser if you did happen to cross paths. Expanding the role to a community manager is something they needed to do badly, isn’t that what Wheatley used to do there? Hopefully they get someone with the temperament of David Tucker, one of the few staff members willing to engage and not sulk off in the corner when there is a bit of negative feedback.


  3. I don’t know anything about iRacing or it’s internal intrigues, but if some of your strongest evidence of mismanagment is an anonymous post on the internet from someone claiming to have an email full of spelling and grammatical errors, you really don’t come from a credible place yourself. It’s like saying I heard from my cousin’s, friend’s, brother’s girfriend etc.

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    1. This is the same Mike. I would copy the email here, but, since it is unique and not a form email, I fear retribution from Shannon Whitless or Nim Chimp.


  4. I’m disappointed now, I thought Shannon Whitmore was that hispanic looking girl with the big boobies who co-presented the sim racing show on YouTube. I’ve got a job for her….

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Those names are non-gender specific everywhere, and Marley is, at least in the U.S., an uncommon first name for either sex.

        I do, however, know an Aussie iRacer named Marley, so maybe the name is more common elsewhere.


      2. Sasha is a diminutive form of Alexander/Alexandra and does not really indicate gender (while the full form does).
        The same goes for Jenya (Eugeniy/Eugeniya) and some others I won’t bore you with.


  5. Theory?

    Nim Cross has been around for fucking ever. NROS/Hawaii status. He was on Team LightSpeed!, the premier team at the time, and was a Papyrus beta-tester. Brian Simpson, iRacing’s template guy, was also on TLS and the testing team, and provided the primary community templates since N4.

    This doesn’t make you wrong, Austin. In fact, it just proves how right you are. But you never seem to go deep enough in your research, and it’s just a little irritating when your writing is the blogger’s equivalent of swinging your dick around.

    P.S. You should apply for the position and see what happens.


    1. TBH since hiring involves actual lawyers (rather than just loud-mouth public spokespersons) he would probably get back a bland “thanks for your interest, but we aren’t sponsoring visas for this position”


  6. As someone who casually enjoys iRacing, (casually and iRacing in the same sentence, Jebus help me) I only see this as a good thing.





      There is way too much of that nonsense in the forums, and after incidents, but thankfully less prevalent on the road racing side.


  7. No wonder the iRacing fanboys have been so uptight lately…

    This is a good move for iRacing… But it makes one wonder how many people have had biased decisions levied against them over the years… And for the money you have to throw at it you’d want every decision to be unbiased and fair…

    However they are only a minority, 60,000 members or something small like that… So I normally don’t notice them in my travels…


  8. Its not shannons job. Competition and community manager is not the same thing as director of competition. This person will likely be working under shannon and will be more community facing. Handling forum announcements, working on season schedules with each series community, helping with protests, ect.

    Its cute you think that the “New Position” phrase means “This Position exists and its Shannons Job that were giving away”


  9. He should accept the same penalties that he dishes out. They put those out there for such petty things. It is like you are in the First Grade all over again.


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