The Cult Behind Project CARS


Those who have hung around for the long haul know a large portion of our Project CARS articles are composed by merely venturing to the game’s official forums, and taking a screenshot of somebody reporting a laughable bug that destroys a crucial element of the overall racing experience. Our consistent stream of articles chronicling the abysmal post-release state of Slightly Mad Studios’ multi-platform racing sim have been an ugly sight to behold; a melting pot of every bad decision a game developer can possibly make, paired with a community every bit as delusional about the product as the people who worked tirelessly to bring it to life.

In the past, I’ve focused primarily on the antics of studio head Ian Bell – a figure known to throw virtual tantrums and personally hand out bans to anyone who dares to question the quality of Project CARS while on their official stomping grounds. When we first began reporting on these strange outbursts, many Project CARS fans claimed we had an irrational vendetta against Slightly Mad Studios, and questioned our motives behind numerous articles slamming the game itself, as well as Ian Bell as an individual. In short, a lot of people thought we were legitimately crazy for publishing the articles we did regarding Project CARS. Yet with 2015 now firmly behind us, other sim racing websites have slowly aligned themselves with our controversial viewpoints, as not one but two major publications are listing the Project CARS disaster as one of 2015’s major stories. With access to the admin control panel here on WordPress, I can safely say that covering Project CARS in the manner we chose to is the sole reason became successful among sim racers.


But for today’s Project CARS article, I feel it’s necessary to move in a different direction. We’ve talked about the WMD process that silenced criticism, we’ve shown you the abundance of glitch videos sending prototypes to Jesus, and we’ve picked apart Ian Bell’s tirades against random forum users, but we’ve never dove into a crucial element that causes so many sim racers to actively speak out against Project CARS: the community.

Some days when browsing any Project CARS-related message boards, whether it’s on Reddit or the official forums, I feel as if somebody forgot to pour me a glass of the poison Kool-Aid. Look, I was a WMD member at one point, I’ve torrented the game a couple different times after launch, and this Ruben guy writes us huge Reader Submissions once a month to tell us how fucked up whatever latest patch made things on his end. Objectively, Project CARS is easily the worst racing sim ever released, and we’ll still be talking about this cataclysmic failure into the 2020’s.

Yet, I go onto these forums where Project CARS is actively discussed, and it’s like I’ve stepped into a dimension previously accessible via the use of hallucinogenic drugs. These people can’t possibly be discussing the same Project CARS as the one myself and other reputable sim racers have shit-canned, right? The delusions, mental gymnastics, and outright denial exhibited by these waves of apologists make me question if there’s some secret version of Project CARS we’re all unaware of, or if a large portion of the community’s contributions were spent on viral marketers paid to praise the game on the official forums. It’s as if I’ve joined a cult, and during the introductory rituals somebody forgot to serve me the poison Kool-Aid.

I feel left out, but I’m unsure exactly what I’ve been left out from.


It’s Your Fault DRS Made the Car Explode!

About a week prior to Christmas, Slightly Mad Studios released the Formula Renault 3.5 Open Wheel racer in a pretty big Renault-themed DLC pack. Within mere hours of the premium DLC bundle going live, sim racers discovered a fatal flaw with the car’s drag reduction system. Basically, if you went around a gentle corner with the DRS system activated, your car would sink into the ground, flip, and explode. This isn’t how aerodynamics work. Hell, this isn’t anything close to what a single car spin should look like. This is obviously a bug. You can show this clip to people who don’t watch auto racing, and they’ll be like “what the fuck, is that a bug?”

user error

When the issue was brought up on the official Project CARS message board, one user suggested to document all instances of this issue for the developers as if the customer was willing to sit down and act as a beta tester, while another claimed it was “user error.” That’s right, a glitch in a video game where the player’s car spontaneously flips and explodes for no justifiable reason is apparently the player’s fault.


Car Vaulting is Your Fault!

A genuine bug dating back to WMD beta builds of Project CARS is the ability to use your car as a ramp and launch opponents into the stratosphere. Slightly Mad Studios listed this as a genuine bug prior to release, and made a tangible effort to fix it as many Prototype and Ford GT40 races were ruined by AI cars doing this to each other.

In the video kicking off the thread, a player blows his braking point for a hairpin at Rouen and flies into the back of an Aston Martin GTE entry. The Aston Martin ramps off the player’s McLaren 12c like a toy and promptly retires from the race. Again, Slightly Mad Studios allegedly made every effort to fix this.


Yet, the OP who reported this issue is instead told to stop crashing into AI cars by several users. Obvious problems with the collision detection system are blamed on the player, when the player had done nothing out of the ordinary to warrant such bizarre crash physics. Contrary to the beliefs of the Project CARS apologists, drivers indeed do fuck up their braking points once in a while. It’s not an unrealistic expectation to wish for semi-realistic behavior in the event of heavy contact. Again, this is a genuine bug that has been around since beta builds of the game, a bug which Slightly Mad Studios promised to fix. Now that it hasn’t been fixed, rabid fanboys are placing the blame on the player.



It’s Your Fault the Wet Tire Compound is Faster in Dry Conditions!

We now dive into some of the more technical aspects regarding Project Cars, though I’ll do my best to keep everyone on the same page. Recently, the game’s tire wear has been all sorts of fucked up, as wet weather compound tires provide unreal lap times with virtually no degradation in dry conditions, and generic street tires are for whatever reason much faster and stable in heavy rain. It doesn’t take a genius to realize how completely backwards this is. I think the fact that this issue hasn’t received more attention tells a lot about who exactly are the individuals playing this game.Β  For a game designed to be a hardcore racing simulation, how the tires behave within this allegedly realistic environment is quintessential to the racing experience, as managing the different tire compounds throughout an online race weekend is pretty integral to one’s success. With so few “sim racers” drawing attention to this issue, you begin to wonder if a majority of the userbase are opting to play Project CARS just to feel “above” the guys investing hundreds of hours into Forza Motorsport 6 – similar to the guys who claim to be hardcore FIFA fans but play with all penalties turned off.


Even though the issue of tires being modeled incorrectly has been actively discussed for almost a month, also appearing in our Formula Renault article over Christmas Holidays, the OP of this thread is convinced by other apologists that it’s just his fault for not being able to get the tires up to a proper operating temperature, even as other users in the thread are blaming the tire bug.

We Won’t Actually Fix It, We’ll Just Tell You We’re Fixing It!

A common mindset among the apologists residing in the Project CARS forum is their constant desire to police users who give any sort of negative feedback. Any time an unbiased user shows up to rightfully criticize an element of the game that is outright broken, they are told to create a topic in the appropriate technical issue sub-section, and give the developers at Slightly Mad Studios as much feedback as possible in order to replicate the specific bug, exploit, or glitch that has been discovered. Essentially, demands are placed on paying customers to jump through more hoops than a dolphin at Sea World, just to report that a portion of the game outright doesn’t work. This is usually the final straw that turns people away from the official Project CARS forums, as they did not pay $70 to become a beta tester when the quality assurance testing concluded over seven months ago, but alas, there are some people that buy into this concept and go through great efforts to notify Slightly Mad Studios of a crippling error. In this case, forum member NemethR reported that the pit stop procedure is utterly broken on multiple full-length circuits when using the SuperKart. The thread documenting this bizarre glitch was posted on July 5th, 2015.


On January 7th, 2016, NemethR made another post, noting that the glitch was still causing problems despite an SMS developer confirming they had found the bug and are working on a fix seven months earlier back on July 7th, 2015. Even when attempts are made to jump through every hoop in order to report a very serious bug to the developer team, nothing actually gets done about it.


They Hate Us Because They’re Jealous!

I think this thread wins the award for the most delusional group of posts on the Project CARS official forum, hands down. To start things off, a user with only 20 posts and a profile with virtually no information posted a thread asking why Project CARS is bashed so often on various sim racing sites, while stating he feels “spoiled” and “amazed” by how good the title is each time he loads up the game. The kid obviously has a right to his own opinion, but the responses that follow are nothing short of bewildering.


The first reply to the thread by a user named Lewis Puppy (which has since been edited) claims that Assetto Corsa had been on store shelves since 2011, and Assetto Corsa fans were on a crusade to discredit Project CARS because they were essentially jealous of how good of a game Project CARS was compared to Assetto Corsa, not to mention the incredible popularity Project CARS had achieved while Assetto Corsa was regarded as a niche title. This just goes to show how delusional these Project CARS fans are, as SteamCharts displays the exact opposite trend occurring. According to the raw data available to us, Project CARS bombed in spectacular fashion. And as the popularity of Project CARS dropped, Assetto Corsa’s popularity increased, indicating some neutral sim racers were abandoning the crowdfunded racing sim for the small title Kunos Simulazioni had built specifically for PC users.


This thread obviously derailed in spectacular fashion. Eight whole pages of fanboys were allowed to drum up crazy conspiracy theories in regards to why there is such a negative reputation for the sim developed with the help of 30,000 diehard sim racers, but when a user shows up to offer genuine insight, the topic is promptly locked.


It’s as if these guys intentionally live up to every label the sim racing community has given them, and are completely oblivious to the game they bend over backwards to defend on a daily basis. Now I found all of the above threads in about ten minutes of casually browsing the Project CARS forums while at work, so I can’t imagine there has been a time where things could have been considered better. Reading each of these threads from front to back is a surreal experience. Multiple sim racers genuinely concerned about the quality of the game they’ve just purchased bring up multiple issues that should have been rectified before the game landed on store shelves, and they’re told it’s all their fault. Every. Single. Time. Even when these issues have been labelled as problems by Slightly Mad Studios themselves, they are bullied into submission by fellow users with nothing to gain by doing so; a by-product of the weird cult-like atmosphere.

As a customer who has been around this “scene” since the late 1990’s, and played my fair share of truly awful racing games, nothing matches the level of Stockholm Syndrome of which I have seen on the official Project CARS message board. This is a game that is not only demonstrably broken, the developers themselves confirmed the game lacked Quality Assurance testing, and yet individuals go out of their way to blame fellow customers for fundamental problems that are the sole responsibility of Slightly Mad Studios. With the WMD program warranting such an insignificant Return on Investment for all but the biggest of financial backers, there is little to no reason for this behavior. It just makes people look really fuckin’ crazy, and explains why EmptyBox has stopped covering this game altogether.

Even armed with the knowledge that several people had a financial stake in the success of Project CARS, the level of delusion shared by the community surrounding the game is out of this world, making the Project CARS forums an extremely surreal read. It’s as if a portion of the members received a super-secret private build where every issue had been rectified, and you’re left wondering how they obtained it. The abundance of users attacking fellow sim racers for merely reporting bugs is so asinine, it makes you question if a portion of them are part of a viral marketing campaign – the likes of which Electronic ArtsΒ and co. embark on for major fall releases. I feel left out for not being able to understand what so many rabid pCars fans are seeing in such a horrid excuse for a racing sim. And I’m not sure I ever will.

One thing is for certain: We will be taking about the Project CARS disaster for a long, long time.


64 thoughts on “The Cult Behind Project CARS

  1. I have played a lot of games over the years, There will always be people who blindly follow the so called amazing game creators into thinking that the game has no problems. There could be a problem where the game could make you go crazy or get sick to play it and someone or some blind fan boy will still play it and not see a problem with it and blame the users for the issue of the product. How many of these sim racing games have color features for Color blind people???? You know thats a major thing in other types of games that make people stop playing them????

    We as a group of users and sim racers are allowing company’s to make sub par games with less and less features every year. Worse and worse products that are mediocre at best.

    Its time to wake up guys


  2. PCars is the biggest pile of shit I ever had the pleasure of uninstalling. I was a member of WMD from the beginning so at least SMS paid me to play that horseshit.

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  3. Forgive me for being ignorant, but is Forza that much of a arcade game that people would pick a buggy PCars over it (on Xbox only of course)


    1. if i had to pick one id probebly quit simracing/ go back to older titles like rfactor, race 07 and gtr2. I can plug my wheel in which is a good start and they still feel better with a wheel than forza. (and race 07 sill has a multiplayer community)


    2. Forza does a reasonably good job of attempting to be a realistic driving game. It has its limitations but as a console title it’s “just hard enough” for people to treat it seriously while still being accessible to players of all ages and skill levels with its myriad of game modes and assist options.


  4. I knew project cars was utter shit 3 years ago just by the way their pr man ‘swifty’ used to constantly ocd spam forums non stop with irrelevant screen caps and promises that still haven’t materialized.


  5. Horrible, horrible game. These fanboys are as insane as Ian Bell. Project Cars is a pile of utter shit that simply does not bear any resemblance to what driving a car actually feels like. Forget about the glitches; this fact alone means SMS have failed on a fundamental level.


  6. Every single release SMS have shipped has had major issues.

    NFS: Shift – promises made to create a GTR 2 rival – SMS ship their game with major bugs and glitches (e.g. PS3 version shipped without damage enabled. Carrera GT race impossible to complete prior to first patch). Reasons given for issues largely amounted to ‘it’s all EA’s fault’; NoGrip community left to fix the variety of issues. SMS promise next game will be mind blowing.

    NFS: Shift Unleashed – Ian Bell claims they’ve created the most advanced sim ever; game still has errors that date back to GTR 2’s physics files. Issues are once again fixed by NoGrip’s community. After a few lackluster DLC’s, EA and SMS part ways. Issues once again said to be due to EA’s meddling.

    TD: Ferrari Racing Legends – A horrible, budget release that few reviewers and general public liked. A shelved project that was likely used to fund what became pCARS. Revealed by Jay Ekkel in SimPit interview that SimBin and SMS worked together on what would have been GTR 3 before splitting for the second time…

    Project CARS: Claims made to be the definitive sim with SMS now free from EA’s meddling. Investors whipped into frenzy to talk about the amazing new sim that’ll blow away everything else. SMS ship a bug riddled mess that they admit on the console side had very little QA (same for PC version). 8 patches later the game still doesn’t work as claimed. Only good aspect is the weather effects.

    SMS and investors claim pCARS 2 will right all of the wrongs of the first game and deliver the definitive sim experience…

    If you believe the utter shit SMS spew and buy pCARS 2, then you deserve the virtual sodomy SMS will give you. Promises are never met, bugs and issues are never solved and it’s always the same ‘the next release will be perfect’ hymn sung by the investors and SMS head honcho.

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  7. It seems that in simracing, circlejerk is to be expected on official/fan forums, unfortunately. I’d like to point out one thing, though. A number of friends and I play PCars over AC, SCE and other titles exactly because it’s relatively accessible, non-hardcore sim. Some of us play with a gamepad, some make do with a keyboard, some have wheels, all are casual racers at best. With PCars we can just have a go in the evening, launch the game, create a server with road cars and a couple of AIs for greater entertainment, and just go for it. All those bugs you write about are there, no denying that, but they matter less for casual racing. What does matter more is that you don’t have problems with DLC mismatch, don’t have to fiddle with mods, have a solid roster of cars and tracks, and can go racing at any time with almost no preparation. Mind, that’s not saying that the game is good and/or without problems, just an explanation why people still play it.

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  8. Just read the AI thread at the PCars forum, especially the start of it. Hilarious…

    After the release some people made some very valid points about the AI; cheating, cutting corners and dive bombing corners. The mods directly went in full defense mode: they didn’t recognize this AI behavior at all and everything is just fine if you threat the AI as a human player. They asked off course for video footage before any statements about the AI could me make…then came a shit load of videos with horrible AI behavior. πŸ™‚

    Granted, the AI is tuned and git better after several patches but the behavior of the mods tells a lot imho.


  9. I knew all this from the very beginning, that’s why I gave money in this and got back more than I invested. I am just happy that I earned a little. No, I do not own the game and never will. Shit always sells, at least for the first time.


  10. I actually really like project cars. You know why? It shuts my 9 year old sibling up, like seriously. I just stream it from my pc to his laptop and the kid will amuse himself for the next few hours. im a fan of the steam streaming, i can do my work while his can use my pc’s horsepower to play what he wants.


  11. “Yet with 2015 now firmly behind us, other sim racing websites have slowly aligned themselves with our controversial viewpoints, as not one but two major publications are listing the Project CARS disaster as one of 2015’s major stories.”

    Is it too much to ask for a citation?

    You’re sophisticated enough to bold key words for narrative emphasis, but you don’t bother to actually mention the two major publications. Maybe if some random schlub mentioned them in a forum post, you’d at least give use a screenshot, but I’m sure you can step outside of your evidentiary comfort zone just this once.

    FWIW, I agree that PCars is a mess, its developer a lunatic, and its userbase a bit deluded.


    1. The two major publications were made by RD and SimHQ Motorsports website. Only RD counts though, as James writes for SimHQ, so that’s the same as PRC.


      1. you and pumbaa. Strangely, he shares the same views and words as you. Maybe you’re the one copying his ideas? Cause sometimes articles pop there, then the same crap pops here.


      2. Are you suggesting that RD and SimHQ are the two major publications, or that they published the two publications?

        Assuming the former, unfortunately, they’re neither major nor publications.

        Of course, in a universe where random posts are considered gospel, I guess they’re Newsweek and Time comparatively.

        And James is our very own Woodward & Bernstein (with Hornbuckle as Deep Throat).


    1. By that logic taylor swift has to be the best musician in the world, since she`s the best selling artist.

      *disclaimer ; i have no idea if she actually is, it`s just an example….


      1. I may like her, or don’t.. but yes, if she has success, she’s doing good.. or at least i won’t say she is “failing” or such.
        If you want another example: Justin Bieber.. that is hated by many, but loved my much more people. Is he good? Is he bad? …I don’t know, I surely don’t like his music.. but I’m not that crazy to say that he’s doing bad: my music taste is mine, i do not pretend to adopt it to everyone else living this world.


      1. Comment what? Every game out there has a launch and a decline, for a niche genre (like racing sims), it’s even more evident.
        GTA V (to mention a random successful game) had almost 200,000 ppl playing at launch.. now it has 1/4 of that (it lost 75% of user-base) .. is it bad? Nope, it’s perfectly normal.
        If the game was that bad, we would have “zero” users by now.. but yet it’s the most popular sim out there.
        What do you wanna say? People are masochist, so instead of rF2 or GSC, they are playing the worst game of the scene?.. while you’re the only “right” person who actually has a couple of eyes to see the truth? That’s, indeed, a way too pretentious. πŸ˜‰

        No matter what YOU think, the devs and the publishers are interested to the success of the game measured by the sales and the users playing the game, and from those point of views pcars is a success.


      2. You are very stupid. It’s easy to be a dipshit and claim that pCARS is the most played sim if it’s the only one released on consoles and pc. rF2 is pc only. AC is pc only. SCE is pc only. iRacing is pc only. R3R is pc only.

        If AC was released on consoles aswell, it would have had the same popularity. But according to Steam it still have a wider playerbase at least on pc. Which makes you stupid and makes your argument invalid.

        And AC is garbage just like pCARS, but it’s due recognizing that a game released only on 1 system is still keeping up with another garbage game released on 3 different systems.


      3. PC is the most played sim *on PC* (without even touching the consoles), they are 3: pcars, assetto corsa and iracing.
        Any other sim is basically forgotten (look at rf, gsc, userbase.. it is laughable).


      4. I like the part of the graph near the end where it’s like people went “ehhh fuck it I’ll try out this Assetto Corsa game” shortly before going “lolwut dafuq?” And switched back to pCars.


      5. This really isn’t a hard thing to figure out…I mean it really just takes a bit of rational thought.

        Compare war thunder to say, DCS. The number of players has no value in determining the quality/level of the simulation.
        We can see it over various title groups how the player base splits, where COD and BF titles would easily outsell and have more players than Arma. Yes, BF is more popular than Arma, but to then use that to say it’s better…better at what? Having more players? No doubt. Trying to recreate a live and somewhat realistic warzone? Not so much.

        As you make something more focused and “hardcore”, I see it as you sucking the “fun” out of it for any person with a more casual/normal approach, while making it more “fun” for the guy who loves to get into all those details, who’ll spend ages tweaking one car setup.

        You get to the point of rf2 with its small online users, where it is basically a weekend event simulator, or a league simulator. There is no story, no career, no flash graphics, just pick a car, track, settings, and drive.
        Nothing there would interest someone with a more casual approach to their gaming. The gratification and reward is pretty much only there for those who get rock hard at seeing how their ARB tweaks affected the entry into forest elbow, if you get what I mean.
        Player base doesn’t give a marker on the quality of the product.
        The Punch Brothers make some stunning music, full of emotion, skill, raw talent. But because they don’t sell like Taylor Swift, they should be laughed at and mean their music is crap?

        I was very much excited on seeing Pcars, as I was wanting to see someone finally mash together a great casual experience, great career progression, top notch physics and stuff related to race events (rules, starts, flags, etc) and top it off with some jaw dropping looks. But again, the bar fell short. I saw the reviews, and the general feel over many forums and sort of with sadness thought “yup, again it hasn’t happened”.

        The saddest of all was Il2 Cliffs of Dover. That was on track to be the shining gem of all ww2 air simulation. The team had the know how for the flight models, and the artists for some stunning visuals. Seeing the total detail to the aircraft models, down to each bolt is a wonderful sight. But then ubisoft put the force on and made them release it before it was done. Major failure.

        The failure put Oleg Maddox out of the sim world, he was so bitter and crushed over it. And while a mod team slowly work on fixing it, I still think of what could have been.
        Pcars was meant to avoid that, self funded, no publisher but themselves. Yet they managed to push themselves into those same holes.
        Biting off more than they could chew, maybe. But customers only get burned so many times before they realise what’s up. I don’t see pcars2 having as many snap it up.


      1. It’s a matter of having a brain, or being a brainless hater (that is not related to the fact that you may like or not a game). I may not like PCARS (while I find it entertaining more than other racing games), but it would be stupid to negate the fact that has been a success and it’s played more than the other sims in the lot. If you like to say “no no no” without turning on your brain.. then, good luck. πŸ˜‰


      1. You may be right if something is bought but then forgotten, but if it’s bought and then played, it’s actually good. It doesn’t mean it must be good for you, but it still good for the majority (actually more than 3/4 of those who bought it, according to the Steam percentage: 77%).


      1. James,

        Forget what I said about evidentiary standards, citations, and any other similar gibberish, but please fix this goddamn nightmare of a comments section.

        I’ll even scroll through those spammed images, if you’ll just find some plug-in that properly nests replies (and maybe even provides consistent reply functionality to all comments).


  12. They had their all time high on PC on the day of release. Seems normal, but the sudden decline is not necessarily worrying when talking about pc racing games. AC’s highest was on the day of Dreampack1 release.


  13. It was mostly playable an enjoyable, that was until patch 7.0 completely wrecked the tire situation. I can’t warm a set of soft slicks to save a dying baby seal’s life. I resorted to running rain tires in most situations, except rain tires work for a few laps then become a mess at the limit.

    I will wait for next patch to play again, because it is literally unplayable unless the AI is at 0% and all the assists are on.


  14. I just had a cracking 20 minute race at Nurburgring GP in the group A cars. Qualified 13th out of 30 and battled with the AI non stop the whole race to finish 8th…. It was the first time since my Race 07 WTCC championships that I had sweat dripping as I tried to close the gap to 7th while not letting 9th place find a gap down the inside.

    Didn’t have any bugs that ruined the race and the AI were aware of where I was the whole time.

    Sure the game might not be perfect or even good for most of you guys, but for me it’s the only game that gives me the same racing feeling that Race 07 did.

    I just find it strange that I’ve never encountered any of these bugs in all my time playing… The only problem I’ve ever had was my wheel becoming off center half way through a race, which was an issue with my Fanatec GT2 that I fixed by recalibrating it on the wheel itself.


      1. It was a mix of a bad car setup for the race and racing on a track I haven’t really driven on in about a year.

        Does it matter what my skill level is when I’m enjoying it?

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I also find it strange you’ve never encountered any glitches; you must be some kind of miracle worker because according to many other people (myself included), it’s a buggy nightmare that does not greatly resemble Race 07 in any way.


      1. The only bug I’ve seen in my time across both the PC and PS4 versions is the tire heating bug from 7.0. Which is crap and hopefully gets fixed cause it was the only thing annoying me about my race.


  15. Another thing that should be added to this that I haven’t really seen being brought up is how two features that they claimed would be eventually integrated into the game and were currently being worked on at the time of release have been completely dropped. Triple screen support and custom championships were both supposed to be implemented eventually but are not scrapped and will supposedly be in pCARS 2. So the whole claim of moving the pCARS team to the sequel not interfering with the development of the original is complete bullshit.

    What’s worse is there has been no announcement of these being dropped, you will only find information through developer posts on the forums. However, if you google either you will very easily find the posts discussing the topics and the dev responses that they won’t be implemented.


  16. They’re the scientologists of the sim racing world. It’s best just to let them get on with it. Nobody in their right mind will buy Project CARS 2.


  17. That poster “bradleyland” is an absolute moron. The majority of the Project CARS fan base is made up of window lickers like him. Its probably his first racing game.


  18. Sadly pCARS has failed to deliver on what was promised and this article is right in many ways but is a little bit ‘sensationalist’ in how it goes about explaining the points. Slightly skewed use of ‘evidence’ to suggest pCARS is as bad as this article makes out, yes it is bad but in my opinion it depends on what you want to do with pCARS that will determine how bad your experience is.

    Definitely right about the official forum community though, it’s up there with SI Games Football Manager forums for ‘thou shall not criticise’ and ‘it’s obviously your fault the game is bugged to hell’ approach to forum moderation.


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