Thank You For Purchasing MotoGP 14

Delayed for a pretty substantial amount of time due to concerns regarding the overall quality of the game, the PC demo for Milestone’s Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo dropped today, featuring one stage set in Monte Carlo, and three very different rally cars to test out. Weighing in at just over 4 GB, the download is a small glimpse of the title set to be released in a little over a week, serving as an alternative to the excellent DiRT Rally. However, the impressions of the demo are rolling in fast and furious, and they’re not good. Citing everything from framerate problems, a lack of support for common toy steering wheel setups, clunky menus, and no triple monitor functionality, sim racers giving their impressions of the title appear to be describing little more than a lazy console port.


The port was so lazy, that as Reddit user djfil007 pointed out, the demo includes the wrong Readme file – one which advises you on how to configure your PC for Milestone’s MotoGP 14.


This is disappointing, as very little will be changed within Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo between now and the game’s release in seven days time. Those left unsatisfied with DiRT Rally and hoping Milestone’s newest title will offer a more fleshed-out experience are unfortunately stuck with DiRT Rally, for better or worse. To magnify the level of disappointment, Kylotonn’s WRC 5 shipped with approximately the same amount of missing functionalities necessary for a PC racing sim in 2016, and you’d think Milestone would have learned from the mistakes and shortcomings of their competitors.


63 thoughts on “Thank You For Purchasing MotoGP 14

  1. I like the damage model. Works for many parts of the cars, including the tyres that tear and blow out, leaving the carcass.

    I played smoothly on 60+ fps.

    Here are my video settings.
    I don’t need settings prettier than this, and works smoothly in game.


    1. That’s all the settings they give and you are OK with that? No sorry but no. There isn’t a single self respecting PC gamer on the planet OK with that menu.

      We pay a premium on hardware and play on PC so we can fine tune our experience to a level consoles just can’t. To offer something so inept and bare is an insult. In fact that’s MORE insulting than this games sad excuse for input support.

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      1. Well, the rendering options are exactly what I expected from milestone. The input support is a new low…

        I find using buttons instead of pedals more insulting at the moment lol


  2. I just wanted to congratulate you on this piece of first-day-coverage when I proceed to type in this comment and a line above the edit-box reads:
    “Assetto Corsa is SIMCADE and has NO SIMULATION VALUE”

    Seriously guys, I think I know now how this works: The more you trash a game/sim the more you guys like it, it seems. Rightfully then: please keep the story about SLRE as short as it deserves. Tried the demo: it is an embarrassing attempt at a cash-grab. Framerate is the only issue that this game’s not got, if my “experience” with an r9 390 is anything to go by (steadily over 80fps, usually around 100fps on 1200p)

    Anyway: cheerio Milestone!


    1. Your experience on an r9 390…a high end video card. While some of us do in fact spend $500+ on just our GPU a vast Major don’t. Obviously your frame rate and mine will be fine because we cab brute force through any issues. Hell I was playing batman at 60fps while most of the PC community was talking about 5-10 on my 290x. Being able to use overwhelming power to attain a good frame rate doesn’t excuse bad coding


      1. had no intention to brag and/or show off my “superior specs”, at all.
        The thing is: this game-demo just did not cooperate in the slightest when it comes to gameplay. With a pretty middle-of-the-road wheel and pedal-set.

        BTW: you would not believe how long I contemplated, bean-counting-style whether or not to “upgrade” my video-card. Had a hd5770 until about 3.5 months ago. Talking about feeling “left out of the pack” (…)

        …so the conclusion is that not everyone with “theoretically good-enough” hardware is having an equally happy experience, performance-wise. Alright then: this demo officially feels rushed and half-brewed.
        Waste of electrons traveling through networking wires.
        Should they decide to fix it prior to release, I am more than happy to have another go. Yet I do not expect them to do, if I am honest.


    2. You haven’t been around here for long, have you?

      That is a joke and it is intended.

      There is an autistic person spamming every comment section of every article with an image which says that exact phrase.

      But what do I know, maybe you’re another autistic.


      1. yeah, thx for the heads-up.
        “Been around” now (on-and-off) for like 2 months. I think I witnessed this russian “physics-professor” getting his own little piece of fame. That was hilarious!

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  3. Yeah disappointing indeed seems these guys know that no one outside of Codemasters makes rally games so they decided to manipulate the masses with Sebastian Loebs name on a rally game. I bet that Sebastian was hardly involved.


    1. Microscope actually made 2 really good ones for the original Xbox. Rallisport challenge. Actually they were made by DICE before EA bought them but they ran on an engine provided by Microsoft and it was somewhat a test bench for forza ideas.


      1. Microscope eh?

        Interesting information though. It’s time for MS to stop fucking around and bring forza to PC. Already x86 and wanting to lock people to a console when they would be running it on your damned OS anyways doesn’t make sense.


  4. This doesn’t drive bad, the cars detach from the terrain just fine, you just need to enter in the game options and put the assists to Simulation. Because by default it is semi-pro or semi simulation, something like that.


    1. Yes, that is true.

      Based on the little driving I did (waiting for patch), I noticed the low speed and oversteer oddities seemed to be fixed. It felt like it might drive decently, so I haven’t completely given up.

      The assists must be off.


  5. What exactly did people expect from Milestone so well known for their shoddy controller support and iffy physics? Attaching a big name to your brand has turned out so well in general… RBR was an exception not the rule.


  6. Yeah, my toy wheel isn’t supported, I can hardly control the menus and I got a CTD. I might try it again. So far, it’s worse than their previous titles.


  7. Hello, Simulation Value Expert here again just wanted to inform you that Assetto Corsa is a broken SIMCADE MESS and has absolutely ZERO SIMULATION VALUE according to my own measurments. Have a great weekend! 😉

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    1. That’s about right. I bet he didn’t try the demo of this game before making the article. Otherwise he would have mentioned something about how it drives.
      What he actually does is to read what other people say about a certain game and convince himself that’s what he thinks too and that is the actual and only truth.


      1. To continue my post. That’s how he started hating on AC. He read and posted all things associat0r talked about. Before he started befriending him he liked the game and played it averagely. What means is that before he started reading associat0r’s list he was actually focused in enjoying the game, but once ass posted things that aren’t in the game and called it as missing, then james suddenly stopped liking the game? His mind is too easy to influence apparently. He eats anything people say, especially the negativeness. Examples are the user submissions which most of the time are wrong. James doesn’t actually care about physics simulation, only what people tell him what’s wrong or correct. He buys up anything, like in the case when he thinks that similar car platforms share almost the same suspension architecture and he thinks that’s the same as copy pasting cars. Top kek.


      2. Or expectations change over time?

        It’s fine for an Early Access game to be missing some shit. This is what you sign up for with Early Access.

        It’s not cool when that same game graduates from Early Acces, and is still missing shit 18 months after the 1.0 release, but there’s a suspicious push for DLC and a console version inbound from 505 Games.


      3. So apparently AC is missing all the things that makes it a racing simulator. Tell me again how much people are using those other games which apparently are full on racing sims? The only one I see that stands its ground on being a full on racing sim and people use it regularly (in terms of features, functionalities, experience; not talking about the sim physics subject). But AC even having less of that still stands its ground.

        Sometimes a racing sim only focuses on a set list of features and will or won’t expand in the future. That depends on the community’s request and if the devs want or can actually do it.
        But not all sims are required to have every feature other sims have or sims from the past had.

        But something can be true, AC also has the potential for being an even better racing simulator if it expands its features and functionalities. But even as now, is untrue to call it a flop or disappointing, because is none of that.


      4. Assetto Corsa is pretty bare-bones, disappointingly so, especially after a long time in development. The game still looks and feels like it’s in beta. Sure, it drives ok, but there’s nothing to do except pound around a track by yourself. My opinion on the game and Kunos has really soured over the last year, and the same can be said for many others. I think we have legitimate reasons for being disappointed in what AC has turned out to be. And by the way, for a supposed “racing sim,” why is it that both the online and offline racing is such utter garbage? Is that the sign of a successful game?


    1. Oh, yeah, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen, at least not officially. They should be able to at least implement shoddy SMS style ‘support’ without too much effort.

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    2. I blew a good sports car’s price on a virtual racing platform and this game does not validate my bad economical decisions so it’s a bad game.


      1. If a good sports car costs $20 (which is what I spent at a yard sale for the three monitors plus one to go up top for HUD stuff) then yeah. I’m sure you’d turn down 4 monitors for $20 as well.


  8. James is an asshole!
    But JANUARY 22, 2016 AT 10:52 AM he commented this:
    “Or expectations change over time?

    It’s fine for an Early Access game to be missing some shit. This is what you sign up for with Early Access.

    It’s not cool when that same game graduates from Early Acces, and is still missing shit 18 months after the 1.0 release, but there’s a suspicious push for DLC and a console version inbound from 505 Games.”

    And I agree with it!

    Not cool missing community requested features!

    Kunos basically give the words to james mouth with their behaviours.


  9. And after looking back to 2014.
    What was sim racing back then?
    Assetto corsa early access with promissed stuffs.
    Broken ass r3e with a greedy ass devs… Do you remember?
    Iracing with questionable reputation from the simracers….
    Old simbin titles…
    Old rfactor 1…
    Stock car extreme or whatever what was the game name back then. And no one cared about sce.
    Broken ass rfactor 2….
    And of course the mysterious project cars.

    Guys Assetto corsa is there where is now because back then there was no projec cars. There was rfactor 2 no one liked it. There was the old rfactor 1. And the old race 07 gtr2 gtl. The broken featureless r3e. Do you guys remember when no one cared about r3e? I remember.
    And there was assetto corsa. In early 2014. After a few months from 2013 november. Everyone liked it. It was our new generation sim. The god. The new bar. Everyone supported it. Everyone bragged about it. Whenever someone said that there is something wrong with it. EVERYONE SAID: IT’S EARLY ACCESS.
    But these days are over. Both stefano and aris stated many times that the game is a finished product. It’ been out for 18 month!!!!!!!
    We waited 18 month for rolling starts.
    We waited 18 month for engine stall.
    We waited 18 month for warmup laps.
    We waited 18 month for a better career mode.
    We waited 18 month for false start.
    We waited 18 month for proper AI.
    We waited 18 month for STEAM WORKSHOP SUPPORT.
    We waited 18 month for Weather.
    We waited 18 month for Multiplayer skin selection support… D: LOL
    We waited 18 month for proper multiplayer pitstop. DO you guys enjoy the pitting in multiplayer?
    We waited 18 month basically and got nothing. LoL More cars and more tracks.
    They splitted the multiplayer with their dlc bullshit. Thats all you got from them.

    THESE simple fucking thing what the players are asking all over the fucking web. And non of them in the game. This is the reality.

    And peoples still defending it.


    1. You waited for those things exactly why? Because Kunos didn’t say those things will appear in the game, so basically they didn’t make you wait for anything. You waited for those exact things because you can’t understand when a developer says something happen in the game, instead you ignore what he says and you think it will still happen.

      Kunos gave you a game with cars and tracks to play with. But instead you focused on things that aren’t in the game, so you basically spoiled yourself. If there is a sim which offers the features you want, why not play that one for a while, so if you want different cars and tracks, come back to AC. But if you want certain features not in AC, play another game for a while instead of waiting 18 freaking months without playing anything. top kek


      1. I agree.

        Stefano had himself persuaded to think about feature x and y and z while working on his own personal agenda with first priority (as was his openly stated plan, all along).

        But yes: capable netcode and certain multiplayer-features in general… …they have been missed for a long time. I get this guy – for the most part. There was this funny tweat where he quoted his wife as she apparently dropped in on him while play-testing and she asked him whether Assetto Corsa would also allow for racing at night (…)
        …Yeah, everyone knew that there was no rewrite planned for the graphics-engine. Let’s wait and see whether his wife could “persuade him” better than we could.

        I’d love to see Kunos at least get the multi-player experience up to par (netcode, false-starts (maybe) saving replays when still on the server, better result-tables, …, server-configuration (…)

        Wwhat really irritates me is when 3rd and 4th place drivers (and those further behind) don’t get to see the finish-line just because the game ends as soon as the leader completes his race.

        Yet again: I don’t know how the decision-making process works within Kunos and who leads the way and why. The console-release is probably a reason for slower progress elsewhere, yet is it a bad thing that the makers already swayed off their originally-intended path and implemented more than they originally had planned for this game? I cannot see too much fault in that, really.
        I do wish for them to make it into a better (== more-complete) racing-sim, though.

        For starters: temperature-dependant brake-fade and brake-loss would be appreciated for proper racing, big-time. Hopefully Stefano is not the only guy capable and qualified to work on these aspects of the game! Would feel a little sad should this game not be kitted out to be “complete” in that sense.

        Then again: all these details were apparently never part of the original plan, were they?


      2. By flaunting the “most realistic PC simulator” marketing bullshit catchphrase, yes, they did in fact indirectly promise that all those missing features would be in the game. Because a sim just isn’t a sim without that stuff, plain and simple.

        It’d be like selling a first person shooter without guns or AI to mow down, or an RPG without leveling and crafting. But of course the AC apologists will make up some crappy excuse for why that isn’t the case. The denial is strong with this bunch, I tell ya.

        But condering Kunos can’t even make a fucking ghost car work properly in-game, I’d say a lot of folks need to readjust their expectations.

        But why the hell are we even talking about that POS? This article is about… another.. uhm, POS. Carry on.


      3. the ghost feature worked since the beginning only until a couple months ago when some game update indirectly broke it, since it was harder to make it right. Is cool that you focus on things that don’t work, but forget to say something about the other things that do and matter. You only focus on things that aren’t in the game.. well that way you won’t enjoy any game. And even the so called full and complete games are boring to many. I don’t play rf2, dirt rally, gsce, raceroom.. the so called full on completed games, I don’t care about those because I already have a game that I prefer to use. Of course I want AC to improve and make it better for as many as possible, but please ffks stop obsessing with what isn’t in the game.


    2. I hope you find a way to let go of Assetto Corsa (35€ video game) in your life or are you going to moan and wait for the rest of your life to get those features?


  10. I just spent some time with the demo for this thing and found it pretty underwhelming. Slightly better than Milestone’s previous efforts, maybe, but still not great. There’s absolutely no reason to play this if you have Dirt Rally.


    1. that’s pretty much what everyone thinks about it, in a nutshell.
      Seriously bad PR, releasing such a broken (for many configs) demo.


  11. I bet you most of the hardcore rf2 guys aren’t on steam and do a lot more driving, practicing for leagues in a month than most put in a year, just sayin’


    1. That happens in most games which have a high level of competition. And each sim has or can have high level of competition, even if is not publicly known.


  12. SBK 2001 remains the best sim Milestone have ever made, thanks to EA’s money.

    SBK Generations was their best post-EA effort as the most recent MotoGP games and Ride were piles of Yebis post-processing filled horseshit.

    Anyone who thinks Milestone can make anything halfway towards average is delusional. Sad to say the best days for Milestone are way into the past.


    1. Man the disappointment after the superb SBK 01 was too much to handle, I gave up on bike sims, like a lot of genres its just been taking steps backwards from early 2000’s, even the physics in 01 was superior compared to the crap we have now, although been tempted by that new bike game done by that one dude forget name now, looks good.


  13. So, I ended up only getting one crash that first time. That said, I cannot get my pedals to work, even as combined axis.

    After testing (using buttons for gas, brake and shifting…), I think it feels better than the last milestone rally title, just make sure you have the assists off.

    In some ways, it’s better than I expected (runs well, FFB seems pretty decent though I only drove for a few min.), in other ways, it’s worse than the last one.

    Overall, a step in the right direction but not really enough. They should know how to handle directinput devices correctly by now.

    I’ll take a look at it again if/when they fix the controller axis assignments. Based on what I experienced so far, there’s really no reason for me to run this game instead of dirt rally.


  14. Perfect to be played after Skidrow release a crack like others Milestone games. No way I will waste my money in something released just to steal money.


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