The PRC V8 Supercars World Tour Is No More

GSC 2016-01-16 10-11-45-77

What began as an attempt to put aside the cynical atmosphere of and focus on what matters most about our hobby – the racing – will come to a premature end after this upcoming Saturday’s event at Road Atlanta. With participation dropping to an embarrassingly low level, the PRC V8 Supercars World Tour on Race2Play will cease operations after only five of the scheduled twelve events. The decision was made after only six cars had registered for this weekend’s race at a popular American road course, and the last round of the series at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park drew only nine participants.

GSC 2016-01-16 10-12-31-59

Am I frustrated at the chain of events that lead to this decision? Not entirely. At the conclusion of last summer, we ran an article showcasing the dramatic drop in the popularity of the SuperV8 Holden Commodore for Stock Car Extreme. This was perplexing, as the Commodore was one of the few pieces of content sim racers were given following the end of Reiza’s IndieGoGo campaign. While the 2005 Formula One car and Stadium Super Truck were held back for the Q1 2016 release of Automobilista, the SuperV8 was actively promoted by YouTube personalities and Reiza themselves; a piece of content that sim racers could immediately download into their game and say “I contributed to help bring this to life.”

It was strange to see people get so excited for this car prior to release, only to entirely forget about it when the masses got their hands on the finished version. And not only did people throw varying amounts of money at the Reiza crowdfunding campaign to drive this car a few weeks earlier than the average sim racer, the OZV8 campaign gathered an additional $2,000 from sim racers who were desperate for a modern V8 Supercar mod within Reiza’s Stock Car Extreme. That’s right, some people paid twice for this car. With that kind of rabid fanbase, a free online league with these beasts would be a no-brainer, right?


So sometime after all this went down, we discovered Race2Play, a fantastic online racing service similar to iRacing, but for racing sims that aren’t iRacing. For the tiny fee of $9 CDN, we launched a free league for the SuperV8 Holden Commodore, using the most popular tracks sanctioned by the website. Reiza built an absolutely phenomenal car – a car some people paid for twice – and the best way to bring a fraction of the 250,000 unique readers of together was to start a free league with said car.

We walked people through how to sign up for Race2Play, even going the extra mile to assure them they wouldn’t need to fork over any money to sign up for a premium account despite the site’s numerous requests. We gave out a handful of race-proven setups so people weren’t tripping over themselves in the garage area. We didn’t force people to spend a few hours painting liveries. We even assured people we had no say in how the races were moderated, guaranteeing there would be no admin bias that many popular leagues are prone to.

Things looked extremely optimistic before the season even began, and to this date, we have 97 people signed up for the league. Clicking around through the various profiles, the majority of drivers signed up to Race2Play specifically for this league.


But then something funny happened: Nobody showed up. Of the 97 league members registered for the V8 Supercars World Tour – a larger entry list than even RaceDepartment’s SuperV8 league – only 28 managed to make it out to an event. And of those 28 drivers, only two ran all four races up to this point. Those numbers are absolutely horrible.


Now what’s even more puzzling, is that the league itself was actually really good. There were no first corner incidents where half the field was wiped out – a big deal for any online league, including races that take place on iRacing. There was no drama between drivers spilling over into post-race chat due to accusations of intentional wrecking or shitty driving. In four events, there were three different winners, and a nice points battle was beginning to take place among the faster drivers. And despite the numerous trolls residing in our comments section on a daily basis, nobody took this trolling to the next level and signed up for a race to intentionally drive backwards on the track. Basically, the headaches that usually come with any sort of online league, weren’t there. Hell, we had a finish between two mid-pack drivers come down to five thousandths of a second.

Unfortunately, continuing to run a league where only six drivers register to participate for an upcoming event is not worth anybody’s time or effort. The race this weekend at Road Atlanta will conclude the PRC V8 Supercars World Tour prior to the halfway point in the calendar. It appears sim racers would rather throw money at crowdfunding campaigns and make “feel-good posts” about donating to said crowdfunding campaigns, than actually play the content they paid to help bring to life.



70 thoughts on “The PRC V8 Supercars World Tour Is No More

    1. “I’m willingly going to NOT participate in a hobby I enjoy because some guy made a blog post I didn’t like and I’m going on virtual strike!” – You.

      For real, maybe Second Life is more your thing?


      1. I’m too busy playing and having real fun with your idea of a broken sim… Funny how while you are struggling to hold a league together me and my friends are having fun with a real sim called Assetto Corsa.

        It’s fun to hate, but it’s just a sad fact that you are so deluded about Assetto to the degree that you even post random rubbish as fact. I called you out by posting a fake translation of an interview and you took the bait with your half arsed journalism.

        You dislike Assetto. A lot of full servers called to say they disagree.


      2. I did correctly state what DLC cars would be coming.

        I took the same approach to my hoax as you take to journalism.

        Mix a little fact with a lot of fiction. Serve as fact. Many retards partake in the feast and the others watch and wonder.


    2. Can confirm, i was one of the people who ran the first races. Austin is such an unbearable cunt though that I couldn’t stand to be around him any longer. Hopefully he finds mental help or kills himself soon.


    3. The races are super rewarding! It just needs real people who want to race to have fun and I’ve had a bundle.

      You’re completely incorrect about your preconceptions about Assetto if you believe that it is a pile of rubbish.

      I’ve tried all the sims and Assetto for public servers is not a ghost town. That’s already a plus.

      Secondly with your own group or regulars it’s amazing.


  1. I feel bad; you guys were doing a magnificent thing with the league. I would have loved to have signed up but the time-zone differences really made it impossible. 😦


    1. Hi, and welcome to! I see by clicking on your IP that this is your first comment on our lovely site! Feel free to create a WordPress account, as this will enable you to establish an identity, follow other users, and start your own blog! Thanks for choosing WordPress!


    2. Cha-ching. You can knock off 50% of signups right off the bat because that’s a typical no-show rate if you aren’t racing among friends only. Of the rest, some probably weren’t aware of who the host was, ended up reading some of his tripe here or on RD and it left a bad taste in their mouth and they took their precious racing time somewhere else. Life’s a bitch, especially when you are one.


  2. 70 people are in the entry list for RD league and they are giving money for that. I do agree it’s strange that this series is rather popular but when you want to drive it it seems people aren’t a big fan but other leagues did fine.
    With all the respect your schedule sucked. CTMP? Suzuka? Kyalami? Man if you aren’t going full Australia you gotta pick more “racy” and simpler tracks IMO


  3. I would have joined but I don’t own the game. Only iracing, raceroom and dirt rally for now. With the game being split up by having multiple versions I just don’t buy any of them lol. Too confusing. Plus I don’t want to buy a gsce just for everyone to eventually switch to automobilista.


  4. I would have raced in the league but I was working during the start times. I think I may start running open SuperV8 lobbies starting this weekend (I will probably be snowed in so I don’t have anything else better to do) if anyone is interested. Maybe we can set up some kind of meeting for people \who want to casually race the car without any season attached


  5. It seems to me that the article you ran about Reiza being “investigated” over their crowdfunding campaign, when in fact you were the one that reported them, did you no favors. I can’t say this surprises me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s still my view of the whole thing…still thinking they are in the clear and it’s the racers fault for not racing with them…


      1. There wasn’t anything actually needed to talk about in the past months, but you talked about anyway.
        Just that article of exposing some of the dark modding scene was worth it.


      2. About anything else, you haven’t really informed the sim racing community of anything trustworthy nor valuable, especially when talking about the various sim racing games.


  6. Unfortunately the majority of simracers is just too shit to handle V8’s (even tho they aren’t “that” hard).

    Even on iRacing, there’s barely any Euros racing it, and the American time slots have a big group of Aussies in them boosting numbers. Quite obviously the latter group enjoys big grids, because Aussies.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Also, the fact that Stock Car Extreme isn’t very popular doesn’t help with numbers unfortunately… Despite the crowdfunding, people just like spending money (see Steam sales and played game %).


  7. I dont like Brazilians. They are infesting Sydney’s affluent suburbs. 20 of them cram into a one bedroom apartment and make primitive monkey noises into the middle of the night.


  8. Shame to see, looks like every effort was made to make the series as easy to participate in as possible with setups, free entry and what not…

    I’m unfortunately lumbered with PCARS on PS4 as the only dose of “realism” and we have the free V8 Ford Falcon coming next week. I’m looking forward to seeing how long dedicated leagues last for that car, especially as it’s a free DLC!


  9. 1) Saying you don’t want to participate in a league with him because of his asshole-ness(?) is childish AF
    2) He did not change during the league, he posted the same kind of articles in the same tone
    3) The problem with this league was that it was held in a comatose sim. You can tell me all about how single player is where the big player base is. SP people will not form a league as that would mean they stop being SP master race fighting 1500 lines of AI code.
    4) Sim fanatics apply double standards just like every other person does and then will go on with rants about how they are the chosen race by virtual gods despite being just as clueless as everyone else. The state of forums, youtube video comments and blog comments everywhere proves this. And that’s part of the reason V8s are not used. The other part is they are difficult to drive consistently.


  10. Very unfortunate. I had a blast at Mosport. It was my first time driving this sim and I have to say it feels fantastic and was a blast. I was on rF1 back when it was first released and this title feels a million times better. Not sure how they massaged this from rF1.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I couldn’t play ’cause Reiza changed something in the code between 1.51 and 1.52 so that pirated copies and non-pirated copies can’t race together online. Fuck me for being a poor student huh?

    And considering that people generally think you’re a cunt James, even on your own website, it makes me start to ask some questions as to why that is. Unless they’re all butthurt *ENTER ANY SIM HERE* fanbois.


      1. I wish I could spend $30 on something and not think anything of it, but I can’t.

        Hopefully GSCE will be part of some mega sales once Automobilista is released so I may pick it up then, if the community hasn’t migrated over to Automobilista.


  12. I’m pretty sure 90% of simracers don’t actually drive or race, that’s why they think bags of shit like Assetto Corsa are actually good.


      1. So now that James classified dirt rally as best early access and most complete game, now that is released no one cares to race and devote time to racing in it? top kek m9. Sim racers in a nutshell. Lets hype up games, denigrate others, but in the end people don’t wanna play in their hyped up games, but most people actually concentrate in the denigrated sims. Sim racers and their love hate relationships. lel


  13. James, I think you’re looking at this incorrectly. Lots of people drive but cannot commit to scheduled sessions regularly. I think that’s why you see so many entries and so little participation.

    Personally, I think you should start an RF2 server. I don’t think the host requirements are particularly high, you just need a semi-decent machine on a semi-decent connection. You scale max player count with your average reliable upload rate and you’re ready to go.

    If you have 50+ mostly decent drivers wanting to participate at one time or another, there’s the possibility for decent pickup action, growth and an actual shot at growing into a league.

    Either way, if you people don’t do it, I think I’m going to start running my own locally. The rf2 server selection is rarely what I’m looking for.

    Almost impossible to find mixed condition MP races. It’s so good, yet these rf2 kids never really use it because they can’t keep it together… Instead, they run slightly modified versions of common content that you have to dig up manually, because got forbid someone downloads my shitty liveries!

    Really, half of RF2’s MP problem is the community itself. Lots of nice people and also a good number of really annoying ones.

    Also, I’m sorry to say, I am now waiting for GSCE to update before I really consider competing on it seriously. There’s too little penalty for pushing inside the apex, there’s no debris pickup and really very little reason NOT to put your tyre over the curb. Let Reiza fix this as they intend and then I might be on board. I don’t want to run crazy curb bashing setups simply because there’s an exploit through omission.

    Meanwhile, I’m mostly running rf2 and AC. AC has enough servers, I can get decent MP from it. I want more rf2 MP though, mainly for mixed condition.

    For the record, I am seeing incredibly similar tyre temps under similar conditions from AC (v6 model) as rf2. Comparing gt3 classed on medium slicks. Thing is, rf2 has working-mostly working wet racing (and it runs quite well during wet races, that wasn’t always the case). That actually is a big deal and the main reason I bought rf2 in the first place.


  14. I initially joined this league, but never made it to a race. There was always something more important to do mid day Saturday than a virtual race. I think the idea was great, and seemed to be implemented well, it’s just the schedule didn’t work out for myself.

    I’m not sure why the others quit, but I would guess because of similar aspects. Not to mention the snowball effect of some guys don’t show up, participation goes down, thus making others not want to race with lower participation so they quit, and so on.


  15. Sad to hear this. I had a blast racing at Mosport and the cars are really rewarding when you get setup and driving right. Unfortunately I got food poisoning this weekend and couldn’t race, but I like to think the decision to cancel was there before.

    I read your article about Race 07 and couldn’t agree more. Maybe some casual Race 07 series would be better. Most nights there’s one open MP server with around 20 people, the cars feel very good and there’s no bullshit game wise.

    I’d go that far as saying that Race 07 is becoming my favourite sim. Once again…


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