Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo is a hefty $100. Yeah.

Sebastien Loeb

Delayed for a sizable chunk of time due to concerns over quality and polish, Milestone’s newest rally simulator bearing Sebastien Loeb’s namesake is a whopping $100 Canadian Dollars for the Special Edition package. Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo saw a worldwide release today on PC, and my own personal excitement for the title has completely derailed upon seeing the ridiculous price Milestone is asking. Charging $8 per car and a crazy $72 for the base game, I’m completely aware that our Canadian dollar isn’t doing too well and our new Prime Minister sits like a pansy, but this is a bit excessive.


Our review will most likely go live within the next week after I’ve played through a satisfactory portion of the game, and as a large group of sim racers will be holding off on this title due to the tendency for Milestone to release sub-par racing games, I’d like your input for the upcoming review. If there’s something you want to know about this game before buying it, let me know in the comments section below, and I’ll try to address it in the review next week. With some already growing tired of DiRT Rally due to the lack of stages, and a huge list of content inside the Sebastien Loeb game, making the transition to the other modern rally sim on the market isn’t exactly an easy decision when the Milestone logo is on the package.


17 thoughts on “Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo is a hefty $100. Yeah.

  1. Is more shocking when you make a tittle saying it costs 100 dollars, no matter the country currency of the dollar..

    Here in Europe it costs 59.99€ for the special edition (Full Game + Season Pass with 4 DLCs and 24 events).

    To me seems like a normal game price for the whole package.


  2. I payed almost that much for Warcraft 3, but that was like a one-per-decade game. Not gonna happen for some unknown quantity of a rally game.


  3. HAHAHA, jezzez christ!! I almost crapped myself laughing at monsieur Justin Trudeau!!! You’ve got include warnings when you include SJW-induced material here. hahaha, oh no ,tears are still flowing πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  4. If Sebastien Loeb rally was more like Screamer 2, maybe it could be more interesting. The stages do look nice, but the game is such a crap physics wise. You’ll be running back to Dirt Rally in no time.


  5. Paying 8 euros for a car, whatever the game, is a total rip-off.
    Bad news is that Codemasters has not yet given the price for their (most probable) DLCs for DiRT, but this could set some kind of standard.
    Will probably give it a go once a few patches are out, only because of the reimbursement program possible through Steam.


  6. Well ,it might not be your bag of tea and 100 € / CND / USD is a bit off – same goes for that 2 GAME exclusive cars that sell for 7,99€ a piece.Wtf are they thinking? In EU Base game is 65€ on PSN ,so is it worth it? If you’re rally fan yes, if you’re just bored and want to spend some money ,then probably not, because it is far from being game for casuals. Also kids will soon find out ,there is NO MclarenP1 or LaFerrari in there so it *suck*.

    But then, free your mind from your daily simulators / track racing / endless pursuit for game that simulate 156452689 different physics parameters @ 1000000,99 hz lifelike and you’ll see it is actually decent game / driving platform, with all the content rally fans wished – rally /rally cross / pikes peak / timed events / dirt / mud / snow / wet / gravel / day / night , only thing that I found missing is 037 (you know , legendary Lancia).

    PS: FYI – I’ve heard support for LOGITECH/FANATEC is absymal ,so if this is anything like WRC4 (last M game) you’ll have terrible FFB with your DFGT. Been there with WRC4 and at first using good ol’ DFGT I thought to myself this can’t be , then I’ve tried with T300 and it is like day and night .


    1. It’s just going to be yet another Milestone game. They all share the same flaws but are enjoyable if taken as semi arcade rally racers.

      Though unlike all the WRC games before, and judging by the demo, this one will run like utter shit and that’s not so Milestoney.


    1. Aus store is showing 60USD. About 85AUD (about right for a new full price game).
      CAD is virtually the same as the AUD right now…. James getting scammed yo.


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