Reader Submission #92 – More Wasted Licenses


A story I originally didn’t believe to be big enough to report on, reader Ben C. has sent us a Reader Submission addressing the elephant in the room on this Friday afternoon. Kylotonn Games, creators of Motorcycle Club and the notoriously terrible WRC 5 have announced they’ve secured the rights to develop an Isle of Man simulator, set to be released at some point during the 2017 calendar year. Motorcycle Club boasts a Metacritic rating of 26, while WRC 5 fares slightly better at 62, though neither game warrants a spot in the library of any avid sim racer, and with critical reception this poor, juan one must wonder how Kylotonn were able to secure an exclusive license such as this one.


James, your lamentations about shoddy developers being handed lucrative or interesting licenses continues. This time, it’s occurring in the under-represented genre of motorbike simulators. Last year’s RIDE was a typical milestone mess through and through – painfully average and laden with bugs that will never be addressed. MotoGP has been suffering the same fate under them for years as well. It seems that, in a painfully familiar way, we have to go all the way back to Polyphony’s Tourist Trophy, released for the PlayStation 2 almost a decade ago to find a decent offering in the genre.

Now comes another example. Kylotonn games, purveyors of the utter garbage WRC 5 and Motorcycle Club – both of which have already been thankfully forgotten and relegated to bargain bins/landfills everywhere –have for some reason been given the rights to make a licensed game based on the Isle of Man TT race, one of the most well-known motorsports events in the world, coming out next year on Xbone, PS4 and PC.

I suspect this is another case of lowest-bidder licensing deals made by organizations who have little to no idea about games, and believe that any game will be good and make money. I think I know the answer to this question already, but do the people in charge of these decisions not look at the pedigree and caliber of those they give these rights too? Do they not give a shit about letting their name and reputation be dragged through the mud? 

I’m going to throw everyone off and play devil’s advocate for a few minutes here. What we’re experiencing in seeing all of these awful shovelware titles like WRC 5 and NASCAR 15 thrown at us, are little more than growing pains. The world of auto racing is slowly learning about the difficulties in creating a good video game, in the exact same manner that they learned about Hollywood over a decade ago.

Remember that weird push to mix the film industry with big-time auto racing? Didn’t work so well in the beginning. Adding a pinch of Tom Cruise to early 1990’s NASCAR resulted in a pitiful Top Gun spoof that is nowhere near as good as the famous quotes make it out to be – and the real driver the story was inspired by lived a much more interesting life. Crossing CART with Sylvester Stalone may have promised to give American Open-Wheel racing a much needed boost in popularity after the split between CART and the IRL served to confuse fans, but the end product was a bit of a mess. And don’t even get me started on that Will Ferrell movie – you know, that one. You had NASCAR trying to move away from the redneck stereotype, while simultaneously marketing themselves to an international audience by putting a helmet on the guy from Anchorman, and telling him to run around in his undies under the lights at Charlotte.

But then, it got better. Those in charge of bringing auto racing to the big screen realized that cultural marxist garbage didn’t work when real-world races were on average more compelling than any bullshit Hollywood action sequences, and as a result they completely revamped their approach. While those who have ran far too many virtual laps around Brands Hatch could occasionally point out when substitute locations were used during certain action scenes, Rush was awesome. As was Dust to Glory, Senna, and Snake & Mongoose.

I think the same thing will happen in regards to the video game experience. It may take a few entries, but eventually you’ll see someone from the WRC or Isle of Man look at how their official product has been received critically, and put their foot down sooner rather than later. Attributing the excessive list of bad reviews to “sexist pigs who want to vilify and harass women” may work to some extent in other genres, but certainly not here. Realistically, we’re going to get to a point in the future where the nephew of the marketing director says “Uncle Mohammed, the new WRC game is brutal and barely even works” – and in turn that will spark the change everybody is looking for.

As for now, yeah, I guess another shitty developer weaseled their way into an exclusive contract. I weep for sim racing and hardcore motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere… etc…


18 thoughts on “Reader Submission #92 – More Wasted Licenses

  1. This is actually very fair commentary on Kylotonn games, not only are they very arrogant, typical from the country they are from, but they a liars and false advertisers, just have a look at the PS Vita fiasco with WRC5.

    The back of the cover which i have in front of me, has pictures of night stages, it was advertised for the game but it wasnt in the game.
    So they used it to heavily promote the game, even put it on the back cover to sell the game but it was never in the game.

    They first ignored calls and questions for months about it, then lied again and stated it was coming, it never came. Both PS4 and PSVITA versions of the game were a complete disgrace for launch, both versions of the game are still a disgrace although the PS4 version is better than the Vita debacle.

    As i got both versions when they were released i followed the social media that surrounded the game as i was looking for answers to the 100 dramas with the games, i took note of how Kylotonn treated people, they treat their customers as fools, are completely dismissive, they ignore valid questions, they were more worried about patting themselves on the back for winning pathetic french PING awards for best French racing game, while they released a disgrace of a game with zero steering wheel support or answers/help for any of their customers.
    The game wasnt half cooked when they released it, they hadnt even put it in the oven yet, it was a total joke.

    They eventually made a WRC5 support forum but it was all too late, everybody had abandoned the game.

    PRC’s could/should/please do a whole blog on Kylotonn ( hope your reading James), the people deserve to know what clowns these people are so they cant take any more hard earned cash of people.

    Kylotonn imo are everything thats bad with with the industry and ive absolutely no doubt this games going to be a disaster, they couldnt even be bothered putting in a ‘look to apex’ option in WRC5 haha, its sad this licence has gone to such rude, arrogant tools who have no idea who to make a decent game, just have a look at there track record if you are in doubt.

    Message to Kylotonn, This sort of testimonial is what you get when you treat your customers as fools, expect plenty more of them from thousands of people.


  2. Some money is better than no money. There will always be (and always has been) someone bad at what they do willing to buy a license to make their product sellable.


    1. That sentiment would work, were it not for the fact that games cost money to make. If you’re not making a profit, then you’re losing money. I would be interested to know if WRC5 did actually make a profit, and especially Motorcycle Club.


  3. One of the big problems with this title that if it has only one track, even though its the highly coveted Isle of man, people will tire of it quickly if its not very well done.
    If they were smart they would have a few classes of race and rally cars in the game to give it some more depth and have it appeal to bike and car lovers, the games going to need a lot more than one track and a few dozen bikes, especially if Kylotonn games it making it, this game is going to require divine intervention to be anything other than a complete disaster.


  4. Good to see someone else call out Milestone for the shoddy & rubbish so-called sims.

    Kylotonn have a few ex-SimBin and Sector 3 people, most recently Jay Ekkel so I hold some hope their next game turns out to be okay. WRC 5 was made in 12 months – no surprise the first game was rather ordinary.

    Motorcycle Club was made prior to Mark Reynolds (physics @ SimBin/Sector 3) and Jay Ekkel (QA, licences & producer @ SimBin and Sector 3)


  5. Rush’s driving scenes were completely horrible to watch.
    Snake & Mongoose looks like porn film where action is replaced with stock footage of racing cars.
    Senna was documentary so it doesn’t really fit in the comparison.

    Grand Prix, Le Mans and Two-Lane Blacktop are only worthwhile films made about auto racing.


  6. So, we talk pretend motorcycles again? I am appalled you never talked about Driveclub Bikes whatsoever.

    >TT Superbikes
    >Not Sega’s Manx TT Superbike

    Sega literally did almost all branches of motorsport in the 90s to the arcades, and this shows. It’s a coin-op arcade racer but the fact you’re ignoring both this and Driveclub Bikes expansion show how shit your taste in racing games actually are.


  7. >Those in charge of bringing auto racing to the big screen realized that cultural marxist garbage didn’t work
    How are any of those bad films you mentioned anything to do with cultural marxism? One could almost think you had an axe to grind or something


  8. James is now hating on Talladega nights. this whole blog has officially gone too far. I give it another week before he’s back to eating moose flavored ramen because the ad funding dried up.

    also road rash jailbreak is the best motorcycle game of all time.


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