It’s More than a Coincidence

After running this site for something like fifteen or sixteen months, and being featured everywhere from PC Gamer to MSN, we still receive a fairly consistent stream of comments claiming we’re everything from a cancer of the sim racing community, to the ramblings of mentally ill individuals with irrational vendettas. Banned from basically every message board where you’re allowed to talk about sim racing, and at a point in time where even reviews of our own products by independent third parties are promptly deleted from the sim racing section of Reddit, it’s hard to imagine a reality where influential people within the overall community are making daily stops to

Except, that appears to be exactly what’s happening.


In early April, we received a handful of lengthy Reader Submissions from an anonymous isiMotor third party content creator, who spared no details in sharing his opinions about the current state of modding in isiMotor simulators. Outlining everything from the lack of authenticity in mods which have otherwise been fairly well received, and listing five common mistakes mod teams are making (which usually go unnoticed by the community whom downloads them), the anonymous contributor raised valid concerns regarding the future of modding in sim racing. In particular, one article addressed the fact that Image Space Incorporated has done little to help hardcore sim racing content creators understand the complicated rFactor 2 platform, and as a result rFactor 2 has more or less been abandoned by most mod teams in favor of Assetto Corsa. The anonymous contributor called for ISI to sit down with the few remaining rFactor 2 diehards and provide a detailed set of tutorials to help people get started with modding the otherwise overlooked racing simulator, if they truly intend for the platform to survive into 2017 and beyond.

A month later, ISI has announced they’ll be posting a weekly set of physics development blogs intended to help modders understand rFactor 2.


The results of this physics blog won’t immediately warrant a slew of brand new rFactor 2 mods on par with the work UnitedRacingDesign have produced – as even a quick touch up of older mods from other platforms is a time consuming effort – but by this time next year, it’s possible the state of rFactor 2 may be drastically different compared to how we perceive the product in May of 2016. We’d like to think we had a hand in this new approach ISI is taking with the community, as one of our own readers essentially asked the team at Image Space Incorporated to embark on the exact journey they’ve now started. It’s not all doom and gloom here at; it’s nice to see developers are sticking around and actively paying attention to what gets published.


16 thoughts on “It’s More than a Coincidence

  1. The /r/simracing Subreddit has a sad, pitiful existence, while there are some good people on it, nearly every thread is either one of the following;

    – Someone asking which wheel they should buy.
    – Someone asking which sim they should buy.
    – Someone asking if Grid and Shift are simulators.
    – Some autist asking why their 17 year old Chinese import toy steering wheel wont work on Assetto Corsa.
    – Someone posting photos and a build-log for a homebuilt rig they made from scrap treated pine using a left handed hammer.
    – The random man-child and discussing his dreams that one day he is going to build an elaborate $10,000 racing rig to play Forza.

    The only worthy content are links to YouTube videos which are down-voted into oblivion and the most up-voted content is a worthy news article posted 2 days ago on Race Department.

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  2. So ISI are going to give the community what it has been asking for; nore modding info, for a long time. However my issue here is the fact that as a part of the blog, ISI is providing a STEAM exclusive dev vehicle(and a pretty awesome one at that too). I see this as a massive F@*K YOU to all the devs, modders that have helped ISI along the way. A lot of people will be waiting on the final non-steam build before making the conversion to Steam and will not be able to access this without having somebody most likely putting their Steam account at risk by sharing this.(I am not sure on this as I have not read the Steam Subscriber agreement yet).
    Whether the move to full steam is a good one or not remains to be seen, but the feeling in the community is mixed. As someone who does not have or want Steam I am not really impressed with the move but can understand the reasons behind it and will support ISI.
    The blog is a good idea and will help the modders out there understand some of the stuff they have been asking about. However this first post is a joke. Filename convention. You can call the file bestdamntyre.tgm and it will work. I know as I have been using unidentifiable names for minor realtime changes so testers do not know what the difference is at first. In fact the only thing not know from this blog entry was ModelWheelsIncludeAllTireMass=1. And the reasoning for that is it was not in our original hdv file that we used for the mod. At a pace like this, it will be 2 years before the final release of this vehicle, and by then they won’t need to worry about releasing to non-steam as there may be parameters by then that won’t work with the pre steam build. I hope I am wrong as one of the main things I would like to see from this is the tyre test and how/what is needed to be done to produce this tyre. Also ultrachassis. But I can see it being a while to get to that point.

    Overall, Steam may be the way to go for the prosperity of rFactor 2, but don’t shit on the community that got you to the game.


  3. No. It’s the perspective of a modder that has wanted some of this info for quite a while, and to have the example be a Steam exclusive release is wrong.


  4. Yeah…well done PRC…because this car and plan didn’t already exist before your article, right? The devs read your article and went “wow, that’s grand!”


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