The Baja 500 Returns to rFactor!

5992-1The folks at Race2Play are certifiably insane. After a six month downsizing period which has seen the criminally underrated online racing service subtly convert into a hub for a very core group of users – primarily centering around European endurance racing classes – Tim MacArthur and company are intending to make November a month to remember. The Baja 500 is set to return to the rFactor online landscape for the first time since 2011, with the afternoon of Saturday November 19th selected as the date for the 31-lap, four and a half hour marathon around the superb Project B off road circuit that many rFactor owners may not be aware of. Combining four wheel drive trucks with single-seater open wheel buggies, as well as the historic Baja Bug class – the Spec Miatas of the off-road racing world – there is no crazier race to be found within the sim racing landscape. Sure, iRacing just completed their 24 Hours of Le Mans, and the 24 Hours of Daytona will undoubtedly follow in February, but the unpredictability of a nine-minute trek through the Mexican countryside is an entirely different ballgame compared to purpose built race tracks.

8966-3Last hosted in December of 2011, the Race2Play Baja 500 overall victory was captured by John Onofrey, clocking in with a time of four hours and seventeen minutes; well ahead of second place finisher Nikita Shaposhnik from the Ukraine. Given how demanding this race is, and the unconventional selection of vehicles compared to modern track day warriors, it’s understandable that the rFactor Baja 500 is not a yearly event, but a festival only hosted when the time is right. With high performance GT3 machinery and NASCAR-sanctioned oval racing dominating the landscape of online sim racing, it’s only natural to resurrect the event in an effort to give sim racers something truly out of the ordinary.

And rather than punish sim racers for not spending every waking moment learning the one-of-a-kind temporary off-road layout, the emphasis will be on ensuring the maximum amount of vehicles are running at the end of the event, with damaged turned down to 10%, and driver encouraged – though not mandatory.

bajaIt doesn’t cost a dime to sign up for the Race2Play service, entry to the virtual Baja 500 is free, the team plan to stream the event with a proper broadcast crew, and free membership upgrades will be handed out to the top guest account finishers – meaning those on the fence about what Race2Play has to offer have some incentive to sign up for the free basic package and pray their bladder holds together for upwards of four hours.

With how focused sim racing has become on one of three very specific auto racing disciplines, it’s extremely nice to see a group of individuals offer something so unique and challenging to an audience that has grown accustomed to European sports car racing. This one’s all about driver skill, and I look forward to competing with you guys on the 19th.

You can register for Race2Play HERE, and sign up for the event HERE.


93 thoughts on “The Baja 500 Returns to rFactor!

  1. Hahaha talk about shameless shilling from james, even linking rfactor
    ‘HERE’ and HERE’ a blind dog can see whats going on here James.
    How many are you shilling for now James?


    1. First you cry that all we push is GT3.

      Now you cry when someone actually offers a unique event that’s totally abstract from anything else in sim racing.

      If I had things my way, we’d be running endurance races in GeneRally or Monster Truck Madness 2.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I blame your earlier article for getting me thinking about monster trucks again… I wish Rigs of Rods was a little better of a game-experience to go with the content.


      2. If only GeneRally would have online play… It would make for some pretty fun races, just imagine a bunch of people racing miniscule arcade cars and shittalking like on PRC. If GR2 has online play I say we do it 😀 .

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      3. I think the BAJA content is great, you’ve missed the point that you are just a mouth for hire, you know its true James, your mouth can be bought for a small price.


  2. This isn’t even reverse shilling, this is just plain shilling for rfactor.
    The Project cars 2 shilling will swamp PRC’s very soon as its due out first half of next year.
    James and Ian will be discussing a plan to fool everybody as we speak


    1. We’ve said nice things about Race2Play long before Tim even contacted us to run a tiny ad on the side (which doesn’t even appear on mobile devices) because it’s a genuinely good service that works as advertised and in some cases is better executed than a competitor that’s priced significantly higher and restricts you to a lone piece of software.


      1. But that’s why you were saying nice things, in hope to be contacted and make a shilling contract where you get paid for your shilling efforts.
        Next we know, we need a shills union.

        But neither your shilling nor your negative critics have helped sim racing since you made this blog. Perhaps think about changing your tactics and really do something for the better and not only to satisfy your ego and narcissism. Meaning, get out of the circlejerk, as you and others are already too comfortable in it.

        Either way, there’s the fantasy blog and the real gaming business. You don’t change things with fantasies and ideas that only benefit the writer but forget about the whole current and future players needs and wants, and the companies of these games.

        You advertising for this r2p thing and saying how great it is, is the same as trying to convince a mass of people to shop at century old neighborhood stores instead of going to the nearest hypermarket. Doesn’t mean the little store has to close its doors, it just means don’t fool yourself about its realistic achievements.


        1. “But that’s why you were saying nice things, in hope to be contacted and make a shilling contract where you get paid for your shilling efforts.”

          Uh huh, that’s totally why I made 49 starts and drove 3,386 miles in ranked R2P sessions… I was hoping Tim would email me with a proposal that pays for Sev and Dustin’s respective Netflix accounts each month.

          Or maybe it was because I thought it was a solid service and people deserved to know about it? Hmm?


          1. Nope, you made a blog driven by the worst sentiment you could get out of people and that gave you views. Now you can sell this place. That’s why I’m using adblock and block manually each ad image that doesn’t get auto blocked.

            This is like the business of facebook pages where someone makes a fan page that gets a lot of views and followings, and then he sells it and the content gets changed by the new person while keeping the people attached to the page. So you end up with a liked page that is now something different only because it made a lot of views and got sold.
            In this case you remain running the blog but opened space for banner ads and ads inside the article text, simply because you farmed views and a following for more than a year and now you get yourself a viewing base that makes sense to run image ads and ads inside your article text.

            Many people already knew about r2p, or why you think they received a large buyout proposal. So you’re not making any discovery about a startup.
            There is a reason people aren’t massively using r2p, the same reason people aren’t massively using rf2 and other sims alike. But more importantly for r2p, the games already have a good platform for people to use multiplayer. Iracing, Assetto Corsa, Raceroom, Pcars, these sims don’t need r2p for anything. I’m not being mean towards them, but r2p isn’t anything different to public and private servers, and much less for iracing’s service. People prefer to pay to use iracing’s multiplayer than to use the freemium of race2play, and customers know better what they prefer. If they don’t prefer r2p, r2p is wrong. If people prefer to make their own servers for league racing instead of using r2p for scheduled racing, r2p is wrong.


  3. That looks fun and interesting, shilling aside. I will give the track a try in offline and decide whether I think I can do upwards of four hours on it. The longest race I have been in so far is two hours and my wrists tend to start hurting after about 90 minutes, so no promises here, but it does sound so awesome…


  4. When you are being paid to promote something, nothing that that person says should be taken with a grain of credibility or truth.


    1. Why would you invest all this time into an incredibly niche genre – including the process of configuring an obscure game for one single event – just to wreck some dude because guys on 4Chan said he can be an asshole sometimes? I mean I traditionally appreciate the bizarre antics of the sim racing community because it gives me something to talk about, but occasionally I can see Stefano or Ian’s side of things.


      1. Probably just a fan that wants to test your ability to hold off aggressive drivers directly.

        If I see you on the track sometime, I will feel like I can race you harder without it being a problem. I’m usually pretty cautious otherwise. You just don’t always know if the driver has any real situational awareness.

        In those cases, I wait until the driver simply has no way of making contact when I pass. If it was James, I would just take the space I can get because even if he closes the door rather late, neither of us are likely to overcorrect/react on contact.


        1. Nah fam, during a 4chan league race a couple years ago a grouo of guys literally stopped racing & waited on the track to try and take me out. One guy is essentially going to ruin a nice online event because of his autistic hate for PRC.


    1. Has anyone stopped to consider what y’all are mad at?

      It’s news of a website putting on a free Endurance race anyone can enter that isn’t GTE vs. Prototypes, but instead a discipline that is extremely challenging and doesn’t receive much love in the sim racing scene.

      Tim didn’t ask us to run an article on this; I saw it on Instagram while taking a dump at work and thought it was the coolest thing for some sort of major competition. But the reaction above just goes to show that my assertions about the majority of sim racers are correct; manchildren with a vague interest in auto racing with no interest in actually playing the games they claim to love.


      1. I think it’s because you like to call people out for shilling games, when you yourself mention how wonderful R2P is at every possible opportunity, and are even running an ad for their service on this blog. You can’t have it both ways, man.


          1. Yeah…that’s not the issue. The cost or lack of cost of a game or service has nothing to do with it. The issue is you’re running an ad for them. And you’re still giving them exposure when you write about them.

            I’ll be honest, I don’t have a problem with you doing that, if you disclose in any article mentioning R2P that you let them host advertising on here. I think if you were up front about it, this wouldn’t be as much of an issue.


        1. 100% correct and factual, james has spent years hammering everybody for being shills but he is the biggest shill in history, pot meet kettle.


      2. “But the reaction above just goes to show that my assertions about the majority of sim racers are correct; manchildren with a vague interest in auto racing with no interest in actually playing the games they claim to love.”

        Not really, you’re the one running an almost 2 year old blog telling us all sims suck, the community sucks, the high tier hardware sucks, the devs suck. So you’re the only enlightened one that is fighting against the system. Hey guys, sign here and here, race2play rocks. Hey guys, Raceroom is a bad game but go download it please. Hey guys, you are noobs, buy my ebook.


          1. I haven’t seen your blog produce any positive evolution for sim racing and the games. You’re only here to destroy and not construct.


            1. If James is the Devil. I want to be his apprentice.
              Dudes making a little coin just to prove his point.

              Eventually dudes like you will come with pitch forks.
              And bitch about anything including getting the honest truth.
              I’m guessing you wield a ban hammer at some forum somewhere. Haha.
              Trolls suck. Dude said everything and in his same position. We’d all do the same.
              I don’t hear anyone taking him to task for inaccuracy.
              That’s shilling people.
              This is a dude calling it like it is and respected enough to get to do it
              Because you can’t usually say he’s wrong.

              Maybe distorted.
              But it’s for effect.
              And stirring the pot draws views.
              And you guys just jump right into his pre prepared stew.

              You man children are the show here.
              And it’s pretty genius.
              Pathetic for sim racing. But true.


            2. I haven’t seen your blog produce any positive evolution for sim racing and the games. You’re only here to destroy and not construct.”

              You can apply the exact same argument about the fatherless sycophant fanboys, that do nothing but create echo chambers and attack groups the devs can hide in and use to be anti consumer.

              Its also interesting that generally gamers are gravitating towards bloggers and you tubers with similar approach as PRC, ppl like total biscuit, angry joe or Jim sterling are a refreshing breath of fresh air in gaming and needed to balance the BS paid shills\reviewers and insecure sycophants.


              1. The only fanboys I’ve seen do wrong about their favorite game are the rf2 fanboys. Because of them they had to sell rf2.
                If you’d pay more attention Hash, the so called fanboys of Assetto Corsa, Iracing, Automobilista are the ones making constructive criticism. But you only see them as yes men and blind fanboys. That already tells everything, thank you Hash.


                1. “The only fanboys I’ve seen do wrong about their favorite game are the rf2 fanboys. Because of them they had to sell rf2.”

                  Get the fuck outta here you demented dis honest fuck,far some shit gets written on this comment section, but that is genuinely one of most full of shit statements Ive seen, and id put a hundred bux you are a AC fuckboy, as only them and SMS fanboys could say something so fucking retarded, adn you are prime example of what i was commenting about, a sycophant fuckboy.

                  AC is a fucking echo chamber full of young cunts and a miserable weirdo inner circle that spend their entire waking hours defending AC in all sim forums and for the most part aint got a fucking clue ,Ac also ranks as some of the worst pick up racing despite having the numbers(wreckers,poor drivers) AC fanboys fight Pcars fanboys for title of worst cunts in sim racing

                  Iracing Manboys are suffering stockholm syndrom, one of the least plausible sims despite its excellent MP

                  AMS/RRE fans are generally alright for the most part, when ever they can be found commenting,only problem with those fans is there is not enough online.

                  And rf2 has literally a couple of guys (before being stalked and then doxxed) that post nothing but numbers and facts regarding physics and rf2, that sent a bunch of AC fucktard young cunts into melt down, as thats very hard to argue against isn’t it ya little weird cunt.


                  1. Haha Hash Brown having another melt down, poor kid gets so hammered he only comments late in the comments section trying to avoid being out sledged.


                  2. +1
                    He’s got a point. The inner circles of man children who wield the ban hammers at SMS and Kunos forums are likely the same people trolling and hating PRC for its honest takes.
                    Is that you cunts? 😘😉
                    Mahjik, Bealdor and all the others employed by lame developers spend their OT hours here and at other forums trying to control the narrative of their shitty games.
                    Fuck you bitches. Can’t ban or remove the truths you dont like here. And your forums are empty echo chambers because people hate censorship and it’s so transparent what happens in Your little forums.
                    They are garbage. And so are the tools who censor them.


                    1. “The inner circles of man children who wield the ban hammers at SMS and Kunos forums are likely the same people trolling and hating PRC for its honest takes.
                      Is that you cunts? ”

                      Yep, you are right, its those same twats, even the PRC spammer is a AC circle jerk, they a bunch of fucking weirdos.


                    2. Hash fake, being a nice boy in forums and a beast in prc. All the time blaming trolls or fanboys, but you’re the one harshly insulting everyone around here. Can you even make a proper argument without accusing and insulting?


                    3. “being a nice boy in forums and a beast in prc.”

                      If ppl dont want me swearing in their house, ill respect that, i understand a lot of english speaking ppl are confused with british/ozzy/kiwi working class talk,dont discriminate aganst my culture because your a soft skinned sheltered little boy (girl?) with a twisted sense of moral superiority, you xenophobic cunt.

                      Besides, my points are the same across all forums, I just filter certain aspects according to rules, something ive explained to you no doubt many times, every time you try to “shame” me, why do you think I use my forum name in PRC unlike you cowards, fucking pussys.

                      What do you think of all the anom Ac fuckboys that hang around PRC 24\7 spamming spastic shit,and then claim on other forums they dont even visit lol, what a joke, its almost like kunos own forums in here sometimes.


                    4. Dude you’re obsessed with AC players.. get off of our backs. Worry about your own cause you never see what they do, only what others do.


    1. That’s what he does, he only makes an article if he finds the right negative comments about a game or update. And be like, I told you guys, this was bad.


  5. don’t know what you guys are butthutt about.
    all sponsorship is disclosed, race 2 play, and the free to pay game that I forget the name of, and James has written good and bad things about both.

    saying “hey look at this event you can sign up here” is not shilling.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re probably just me under a fake account.

      But realistically, I’d like to add a page that discloses all of our sponsors because our readers deserve to know.


  6. This is a pretty exciting idea! Kind of a shame to see it called out as shilling so much; I have no other way of finding stuff like this besides stumbling across it while looking up these games, so I’d figure posts like this would be appreciated.


  7. God help us if you suggest to your viewers a free excuse to join up and use their toy steering wheel. I guess it’s like their dicks, only ever used on their own.


    1. Maybe if you (not only you) didn’t use such hostility towards sims, towards people, to wheels, rigs, to what people like to do and play, and would actually encourage sim racing without any agenda and constant negativity, it would be more helpful. But you aren’t capable of that, only to generate fights, hatred, and negativity. For how much you think you’re right, you aren’t helping. If you aren’t helping, but your intention is helping, you must rethink your whole process and attitude.


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