Ground Control to Major Tom

It appears someone at the iRacing headquarters in Bedford, Massachusetts misses pop legend David Bowie just a little too much. A quick scan of recent YouTube search results for the partial phrase “iRacing Physics” warrants a vast array of clips all exhibiting the same problem – vehicle-on-vehicle contact launches at least one user involved to the stratosphere. It’s seriously impressive, for all the wrong reasons.

I’m not particularly fond of hardcore Flight Simulators – they’re a bit too dull for my tastes – but it seems iRacing are getting their feet wet in the genre after dominating the sim racing landscape for a number of years via spontaneous space flights with unwilling participants. It’s definitely an approach that may generate a bit of controversy, given that iRacing is intended to be a hardcore racing simulator first and foremost where this kind of thing shouldn’t happen, but this is the same developer who inserted touch screen driving because Intel asked for it, and sent the IndyCar oval series to Talladega while simultaneously advertising themselves as the most realistic racing game on the market.

On a more serious note, it’s definitely questionable how this stuff rears its ugly head in the first place. Based partially on the source code for Grand Prix Legends and NASCAR Racing 2003 Season, it was extremely rare in those games to see online crashes of such a profound magnitude, with NASCAR Racing 2003 Season actually praised for such realistic crash physics. After years of revisions to the underlying code, and a substantial budget increase thanks to jacking up the subscription and content costs, it has instead regressed to the point of hilarity.

iRacers love to claim that these issues are one-off instances which do not occur during regular gameplay, but given the abundance of videos depicting similar incidents uploaded over the past year, it’s hard to ignore what may actually be a growing problem behind the scenes: if people aren’t being suspended from the service for merely driving on a portion of the road course at Homestead-Miami Speedway, the underlying simulation engine is literally shitting itself.


43 thoughts on “Ground Control to Major Tom

  1. Just pick any oval IndyCar race and you will see multiple crashes involving people nowhere near the initial crash dodging cars still busy flipping in the air long after the yellow is out.


  2. OLD

    Still wonder tho if that will be “fixed” whenever they overhaul the damage model, which is in the plans. Guess we’ll see then, maybe in two years lol.


  3. Iracing have stated they haven’t covered costs in since iracing launched,I don’t know about you but that just shows they aren’t at all a viable business,so the price hike.

    16pages of the usual telling those who can’t afford it to leave,calling them cry babies and basically hi costs somehow keep the craziest out.

    Iracing will go down hill from here,It’s clear they can’t fix the issues,they had a good idea but can’t actually follow thru with it,that’s why issues still haven’t been fixed and they are solely focused on content.


    1. They might just be diverting the money to someone’s pocket. Cutting access to content that someone has paid for is already pretty shady, and paying professional drivers to say that iRacing is realistic is also bad, so who knows where the limit is.


    1. Tho the reasons behind why it happens are actually fascinating yet missing from this article.

      It’s incredibly disappointing actually. David Tucker from the dev team actually did acknowledge this and explained that it’s basically a calculation overflow where the kinetic energy of the car in motion overcomes the absorption properties of the car it collides with.

      It’s actually fairly interesting to think about and honestly makes me curious of their updated damage models will resolve it. (Particularly because some of the newer cars already feel a bit better.)

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  4. > “I’m not particularly fond of hardcore Flight Simulators – they’re a bit too dull for my tastes”
    Pffft. And running in circles over a mile long closed track while trying to catch your own tail for hours on end is freaking sharp.

    Do some combat sorties in a flight sim worth mentioning first, then come up with your tastes.


    1. Jim Sterling has just released a safety pin just for you. Look up Jimquisition Emblem. It has nice wings on it and will keep you safe from being triggered.


  5. So, now what? First, we have a new contract to create a new FlatOut game by they who create two bad, bullshit, no value, WRC-licensed rallying sim. And now, we have to deal with the IRacing “best” physics that gone down to nothing when that video above is uploaded.

    Every developer! (Not include good listening developers, though.) Listen Up! I have something that will trigger your army to shit with me. (Nothing will work, anyway, because I’m too lazy to look up at replies):

    Old Simuation and Arcade Racing is better and faster than you. Peace out!

    (not into the old one but still…)


  6. At the same time, again David Tucker on the forum has explained why this happens.

    It’s a physics issue where the cars absorption rate doesn’t match the forces being calculated. Essentially, cars irl absorb an amount of force, however iRacing and most racing games have static entities. IRacing devs also use a multi-body system, so really they’re magically held together rather than solid rigid systems.

    Not saying it’s better or worse (though collisions feel more satisfying in this than most other games to me) but just saying they have explained it years ago.

    I love how these stories act like things are a big scoop when the devs have acknowledged them.

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        1. If you write an entire spoof of Space Oddity that sings about anal cavities, and upload audio of yourself singing it on soundcloud/youtube, Ill uncensor absolutely everything on here.


          1. See you can’t hide it James, you are warming to the an@l cav1ty comments, you and everybody else misses them when you sensor them, there is two words that are synonymous with PRC, you know what those two words are, don’t suppress them major Tom.


  7. I’ve investigated this issue at length and can confirm it happens when you haven’t spent enough money on content recently. If you don’t want to get launched into space, just make sure you buy every new car and track to support the devs, regardless of whether you intend to race in the series. Anyone criticising is just a hater who isn’t supporting the devs.


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