Reader Submission #133 – Corrupted Save Files in Xbox One Edition of Assetto Corsa

asseBy now, we’re all well aware of the fact that Assetto Corsa on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 simply isn’t anywhere close to resembling the product which originally landed on the PC in the fall of 2013. From neutered menus to a complete lack of certain options found within the version of origin, Assetto Corsa for current generation consoles is certainly a shadow of its already sketchy former self – and while there are indeed a number of users completely satisfied by the core driving experience, there are an equal amount of console-based sim racers wondering what in the hell all the fuss surrounding this game is about.

And that’s before we address what we’ve been notified about in today’s Reader Submission. Coming to us from Vernon C., there’s a fairly crippling bug in the Xbox One version of Assetto Corsa preventing even the most apologetic of Kunos Simulazioni supporters from progressing through the game in a meaningful manner. Assetto Corsa’s save data frequently corrupts itself, and neither 505 Games nor Kunos Simulazioni have outright stated they’re looking to rectify the situation. In fact, the issue hasn’t even been addressed in their high-profile monthly blogs, with the team continuing to push out DLC packages that they can’t even get right the first time – as special events that were intended to come with one of the several Porsche bundles are still “being worked on.”

For a game centered primarily around building and refining car setups thanks to a rather dull single player campaign mode, Xbox One owners are pretty pissed off that this data is occasionally being wiped, there’s nothing they can do to stop it, and Kunos are basically ignoring their concerns.

24138837879_bdfc3a4b8a_oHey PRC. First I’d like to say that I’m a silent admirer of your work, and have been monitoring this place for quite some time. I have never written to any gaming journalist previously, and have never really had a reason to do so before now.

I know that you guys are primarily PC gamers, and that’s where the majority of your focus lies, but I feel that maybe by bringing up the issue here, you might be able to shed some light on something that Kunos are attempting to sweep under the rug and continuously sell us DLC, all while failing to address a pretty substantial issue.

As you may or may not be aware, the Xbox One version of Assetto Corsa has a very nasty bug within the game – it basically doesn’t support save data. Games like Assetto Corsa heavily rely on the ability to save a setup or even save your progress after completing events in single player. Again, I know the Xbox One may not hold much significance to you, but there is a large community of us, and even though we aren’t hardcore PC simulator nerds, we still read PRC and support you guys for the work you do. We feel like we do not have a voice on the official forums to let people know about the game save issue that is plaguing Assetto Corsa.

help-usThe community manager, otherwise known as AC_505, consistently tells us to submit support tickets whenever we encounter the save game corruption issue. We’ve been doing this every single day since the game was first released back in August. Instead, we’ve been told to sit down, shut up, and just be happy with what we have. It’s things like this that take the steam away from the love of sim racing.

I’m not very good at doing this, but can you PLEASE help us out? We are simple gamers/sim racers who are really hoping you’ll hear us out – even though we’re from a “lesser platform” – and create an article or do something to bring attention to this issue. Obviously, the developers are not listening to us on the channels that they are advising us to let them know these problems exist in the first place.

To display what I mean, here are just a few of the Forum topics discussing the issue (the one’s that haven’t been deleted):

Please help us.

Here, let’s drop a bit of a harsh reality on everybody.

Not all Kunos Simulazioni staff members were on-board for a console version of the game in the first place; it was merely a venture to “establish the brand” and see if console owners would welcome a new, hardcore alternative to established franchises such as Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport. Obviously Kunos Simulazioni aren’t going to explicitly come out and say this was their cunning plan of sorts, but actions speak much louder than words ever could – hence why your variant of the game isn’t up to snuff. You and I both know that the console version of Assetto Corsa is inferior to what’s available on the PC, to the point where users openly state in their AC forum signatures that they don’t take kindly to the console crowd. And the developers themselves echo this mentality.

get-a-pcI’m not trying to make excuses for Kunos Simulazioni, just confirming that your assumptions about the developers not caring for the console version and any of its unique problems are largely correct.

I can’t personally snap my fingers and rectify the save data problems you guys on the Xbox One are experiencing, but I can indeed at least put the information out there, so those on the fence about purchasing Assetto Corsa for the Xbox One can be at least a little bit more informed than they were previously. It’s very shitty that this is the approach Kunos have taken with the console version of Assetto Corsa, and maybe it’ll make people think twice about supporting a company who seem to willingly shaft an entire portion of their audience for merely playing on the “wrong” platform.


31 thoughts on “Reader Submission #133 – Corrupted Save Files in Xbox One Edition of Assetto Corsa

  1. Attention to major truth/scawen:



  2. “My answer to every thread in the Console Lounge is “Get a PC””

    It’s stuff like this that just makes me disappointed in the sim-racing ‘community’, I mean it sucks that console players are basically getting shafted one way or another, yeah, but it’s not like the grass is all that greener on the other side.

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  3. To be fair, whoever that moron of a developer is, he has a point about playing on pc instead of console, simply for the fact that the benefits of playing on pc outnumber the cons.

    It’s not even about the better graphics you can achieve on a purpose-built gaming pc (which I personally don’t care about, I’m not a graphics wanker), but about being able to edit and mod any game to your own liking and/or needs.

    With that said, it has been clear from day1 that the AC was built with pc in mind and that the console version(s) of AC were just going to be shovelware to sell some more copies, so why are people surprised that nobody is bothered enough to fix the bugs and the issues on those versions of the game aswell?

    I mean, they can’t even fix the pc version after 3 or 4 years of development, yet console customers are still holding hope that the Xbox/Playstation versions will be properly fixed aswell?

    If I were a console customer, I’d just get the disk and mail it to Horncuck so that he could penetrate the little hole with his tiny penis instead of stealing motorcycles and beating his wife.

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  4. They charged 10 euros for the Red Pack, and both Formula 1 cars are missing some basic setup options like the rear wing. We´re perpetually stuck with a medium downforce level. They´re scammers.

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  5. Why not take this directly to Microsoft? Doesn’t every console game have to go through a rigorous QA procedure, (supposedly) lending an old-school-Nintendo-like Seal Of Quality to everything released?

    If you could get a bunch of like-minded Xbone users together and start an email campaign, MS themselves might send a single tersely-worded rejoinder that would likely stop KS in their tracks, and move this straight to the top of their priority list.


    1. This isn’t on MS or Sony, it’s on the developers. Both systems (including the PS4 Pro and upcoming Xbone Scorpio) are x86 based.

      It’s a PC packaged for dude bros who cant build a computer and or average people who prefer to play the bulk of their games on a console in their living room.


  6. I am in a privileged position to comment on this, as I own PC and Xbox versions of both Assetto Corsa and Project Cars. Both are – there is no better way to put this – scams, crippled versions of already insatisfactory games for the PC hastily put together to exploit a new market.

    With Project Cars, the improvisation is so obvious that they even overlooked the fact that the game has numerous mappable functions – just like the PC version – but there are only so many buttons in a Xbox wheel and the console does not accept a keyboard. Worse yet, you can’t even remap the existing buttons (say, to have KERS, brake bias or seat adjustment), because the game keeps telling you that there are unmapped buttons and the only way to get out of this loop is to reset button mapping.

    I thought nothing could top that, but Assetto Corsa is much worse. Project Cars at least offers more or less the same functions as its PC counterpart, although you don’t have access to them. The feature shortcomings of the console version of Assetto Corsa are well known by now. Furthermore, the interface is horrible. Surprisingly coming from Kunos, even graphics are third-rate (and plagued by frame rate issues). The whole thing looks and feels like a game from 15 or 20 years ago.

    The usual response when you complain of performance or graphics problems is that “the hardware can’t handle it”. To me, that is just an excuse for poor programming. F1 2016 works fine on the Xbox. Forza 6 with a full field of AI cars, under rain or at night, looks & performs beautifully, much better than either of these in an empty track. Another excuse has to do with having a “small team”. Well, if so, they should either hire programmers who understand consoles, or keep away from this market altogether. Reiza also has a small team and, wisely, they don’t even mention consoles for their excellent Automobilista sim.

    If those developers’ intentions were indeed to probe the console market for hardcore sims, they may have shot themselves on the foot. Project Cars will be given free to Xbox Live subscribers next month. I believe Assetto Corsa may soon follow in the same path. Perhaps their respective titles will do better in the next iteration, but I – as, I believe, many console users – won’t fall for this again.

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    1. As far as i know, you can map the buttons on p-cars but they seem to be grouped, so you can’t say, assign headlights without wipers, bit weird. I also know lads using a keyboard like a button box on ps4 for the extra functionality, no bridging devices involved


      1. That’s precisely the problem: the PS4 has keyboard support, the Xbox One doesn’t ( Of course, there could be clever ways to provide the same functions to wheel users – say, to offer most non-real time functions in menus or to assign a “Shift” button to enable a second set – but that would require specific programming for the console at hand, which apparently these guys weren’t willing to do.

        Anyway, I can’t remap even the existing buttons, because that generates an error message (“Some functions are not mapped” or something like that) that only disappears when I fully reset the mapping.It seems button mapping is hardcoded and the mapping screen is only there for show. (In that regard, it would be unfair to say that PCars for the Xbox One is not a real sim: it is trying hard – although not very successfully – to simulate a PC game with the same name.)


    2. You mean to tell me that a gaming console released in 2013 made by a company that makes nothing but computers doesn’t have keyboard support?


  7. This is more related to the video than to the article, but one of the things that’s frustrating about the AI being so bad at certain tracks is that it’s actually quite easy to make them better without cracking open any encrypted files. I could probably do a fairly comprehensive AI fix-up, at least for the cars I give a fuck about, in a weekend but I’m hesitant to do so when the next DLC release/patch would probably break everything again. That and unfortunately there’s no way to create AI lines and hint files for individual cars, as far as I know, so you end up with situations like cars that can take Eau Rouge flat having to brake so that the GTRs don’t use 5 feet of runoff every lap.


    1. I have placed information vital to the survival of simracing into this email. You must see it safely delivered to Geoff Crammond. Help me PRC. You’re my only hope.


    1. They have been that way since the console release.

      Console players are locked from PC portions of the forum while PC players can go into console forums without any restriction. There are a select few that shoot down any criticism of the game, and the mods lock those threads for arguing constantly. It’s not worth going to the forums especially if your on console.

      At the time I was a console only player and my career progress was erased randomly one day. The console version is a joke. They advertised it as a no compromise version you the PC (only condition was smaller fields). Yet upon release you saw many features removed (custom grids, custom controls, etc).

      One of the biggest jokes I saw was when it was clearly proven the AI difficulty was way harder on console than PC. Kunos finally fixes it and then I see them claim they had to reduce AI difficulty on console because the player base wasn’t as good as PC. Source:

      The AI was shown to be 10 seconds faster on easy on console than easy on PC. They added the extra difficulty settings to balance and correct it. Let’s not forget too they made the change from a percent sider on PC to a simple easy, medium, hard on console because a percent slider I guess is too advanced to port…


  8. AC is like every Italian car or bike I’ve ever owned.
    Looks great, sounds great, but beyond that all that you have is a shoddy pile of wank that lets you down repeatedly. It fails to perform the most basic requirements and is hopelessly under specified.
    It’s also backed by a manufacturer who appears not to give a flying fuck about quality and depreciation.


    1. Now that you mention it, it sure is odd how many used Alfa Romeo 4C’s are for sale with less than 2k miles.

      OT: My dad used to say “Never trust the English to build anything bigger than a hat”.


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