Outer Space Donations

Holy shit, what fucking timeline are we in?

With no prior post history and little in the way of recording equipment, an rFactor 2 supporter by the screen name of Matador667 has appeared on the official Studio 397 forums, attempting to raise money from other devout rFactor 2 fans that would be put towards recording real audio samples from the historic Cosworth DFV engine that was a prominent staple of Grand Prix grids back in the 1970’s. Sporting a Geocities-like web page, the endeavor aims to pick up some of the slack that Studio 397 simply aren’t able to execute on their own by attaining real engines sounds for upcoming content – something Studio 397 aren’t able to do on their own given their already busy schedule morphing rFactor 2 into a relevant product.

It’s an admirable effort for community members to self-fund an aspect of development for their favorite game – a step beyond iRacing fanatics purchasing pizza for the staff members after key software updates – but in execution, Matador667’s project raises several red flags.

Broken English, vague details, and a donation button linking to the address of matador667@mail.com highlight wishful thinking from a non-English speaker at best and an outright scam at worst, though what is already looking extremely shady takes a turn for the bizarre on the official Studio 397 message board. Matador outright admits he has no idea what he’s doing, cannot tell sim racers on the rFactor 2 message board who will be managing the project, what equipment they will be using, who will be mixing the sound in the end, what car they will be using as source material, or the most important part of all – how much it will cost.

He does, however, continuously ask for donations. A lot.

Matador sends himself into hot water fairly quickly by becoming combative against anyone with a functioning brain whom dared to question him, as well as admits there has been no planning done on the project whatsoever, before claiming he has somehow raised exactly 21% of the money needed to progress to the next step.

Uh, guys… ?

With zero background information on the modder in question, and absolutely nothing on the table when it comes to a tangible plan to record the sounds, we are subjected to lengthy posts dubbing those asking basic, simple questions about the crowdfunded sound recording project to be “spies” from other games trying to sabotage rFactor 2.

It’s easy to get swept up in the madness of just one inexplicably bizarre message board story on the Studio 397 forums, but I feel this might be the time to talk about rFactor 2’s strange tendency to attract the vollpatients of the sim community into vigorously defending the software as if it were their first-born child. Slowly but surely, stories have come from all over the place in regards to rFactor 2 owners acting as a grassroots Scientology cult of sorts, believing to be in some kind of war with other sim racers who are actively working to bury rFactor 2. Messages such as the one below in my inbox appear quite frequently, with one anonymous user claiming he was unable to leave an honest Steam review about rFactor 2 without being brigaded by a rabid rFactor 2 supporter who worked tirelessly to dismiss the user’s opinions of the software.

This behavior, combined with Matador667’s tangent in which he explains you should donate to his objectively sketchy sound recording project to somehow fight back against the spies and saboteurs from other simulators, makes me genuinely question what subliminal messages Image Space Incorporated have inserted into their track side television monitors – this shit is absolutely whack. I shouldn’t have to say this, but in case you’re new, we might as well cover it anyway: Don’t give money to Matador667; his crowdfunded Cosworth engine recording project is most likely a scam, and it’s not cool when sim racers fuck with each other in a monetary fashion.



45 thoughts on “Outer Space Donations

  1. Once again the sim racing community has to decide, is this person a fraudster, or mentally challenged? or both?

    One things certain – Project Cars 2 is best and most realistic motor sports simulation available for PC and Ian Bell is a god.


    1. Ian Bell is so blessed to be able to sponsor a supreme talent like Austin Ogonoski. He is expecting some good results this season and is very happy with the amount of exposure the WESCAR team will give his brand.


    2. Great comment. James has missed a prime opportunity to highlight Project Cars 2 inclusion of rally cross, this lays the groundwork for SMS’s complete domination of the genera. Who the fuck cares about any other sim, people want more Project Cars coverage.


    1. Dr Kondor is going to be pretending to be too busy to post for the next few days to prove he is a better man than Craig Harper.


      1. That was funny, but to be fair, Kondor only claimed that (successful) small business owners lack the time to post as prodigiously as Harper recently has.\

        I’m sure we’ll hear from the good doctor soon enough.


  2. And as fellow (track) modder Flaux said in the topic, “we already have quite good (Cosworth) DFV sounds in the game, so what’s the point?”.

    Now, I will say one thing. The idea by itself is not wank, it’s actually interesting. Because if the community desperately wants something and developers are not going to deliver it because of tight budget and/or time schedule, crowdfunding it and making it sould be possible, if they really want it. It’s how Reiza stole money from people witih their own crowdfunding and all they got were cheap clones of real cars and DMCA claims. I mean, that is the same principle behind the modders’ motto in any game, not just racing simulations: “If you want something in the game and you can’t have it, do it yourself”.


    Presenting such a genuinely interesting idea in such a disgraceful way, will put off anything and anyone, even if the chance that it’s genuine is less than 0.1%.

    I have cars that I want that are not available. I’d gladly pay someone to model them for me. But before I’d do that, I’d ask the guy in charge of the 3D for an estimate of the cost, time schedule required to complete the job, “license” as to what he’d be willing to see his own creation used for and guarantees that he wouldn’t just do the classic hit and run.

    Then, and only then, I’d come out of the dark and announce this to the public, by presenting anything that could be “sensitive” before hand, without the need to provide proof and without the chance of being framed as a fraud. People won’t talk if you don’t give them a reason to talk.

    This guy, whoever he is, he’s just a moron. There were quite a lot of cars equipped with Cosworth DFVs back in the days, because that engine was used by F1 cars in the late ’60s aswell as by Group C cars in the early ’80s. Nowadays, though, very few of those cars survived and even fewer still run. So even if the Lotus PR guy said that they’d be open to allow the recording of the engine sound for £500, you still have to find the actual car. I’d think that being the Lotus museum, they’d have a Lotus 49 sitting around somewhere, but showcars rarely run, they’re just for display, so you’d need to find another car with the same engine and as the other guy from the classic racing series said, these cars in general (not only with DFVs, but all kinds of engines) are rare and far from each other. Finding one with the correct engine that still works would not be impossible, but finding one that works (and is still raced in historic competitions) with an owner that is actually open to “renting” it for a sound recording session is not the same thing. Plus, what if a car is sitting, let’s say, in Norway but there are no recording studios there equipped for this kind of things, you would need the car to be shipped somewhere else, make sure it’s handled by professionals at all times, and then ship it back to the owner undamaged. Even just for a few hours work, the logistic costs would be insanely high. Perhaps not high if you’re a rich person who can actually afford to own such a rare car in the first place, but definitely higher than what random basement dwellers and delusional menchildrens can afford, which brings us back to the beginning.

    A crowdfunding for such a thing would technically and theorically make sense, but not only it’s being advertised in the worst way possible, but even a crowdfunding would probably only cover a fraction of the cost of what it would take to get the entire thing done.

    It’d be faster and better to just use hq Youtube clips with good audio, extract the sound from there and rework it to use in the game. You know, like modders have been doing since 20 years now.

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    1. Their Cosworth is decent enough, they’ll be using it for the BT44, and if it’s not a first-party project or 3PA, sounds can be sourced off videos online or the Grand Prix movie. ISI rehashed and remixed their Corvette sounds for a bunch of stuff, S397 inherited the same artists so it’s not going to change and why there was such an outcry over the Nissan GT500.


    2. Running DFVs are not rare. There’s an entire FIA historic F1 championship full of them, and that’s only a percentage of them.


  3. You get the same types on every game forum,rf2 has its trolls too,but it’s no where near as bad iracing forum,not even close.
    I posted two threads on the rf2 forum unknowingly,basically the forum timed out saying I had too wait 17 seconds before I could actually post the thread,I didn’t post it (so I thought) because I was late for work,anyway i managed to post the thread a while later in the correct section.
    I got 6 replies,first reply was asking why I posted twice,and that I won’t get no replies because posting twice is seen as desperate and a dick move,this guy posted it into the other thread I thought I didn’t post as well,irony at its finest.
    This forum etiquette bs is very sad,but iracing is the worst for manchilds making fun out of grammar mistakes,they take it so seriously over their that full blown arguments arise over a missing comma.
    Sad really


  4. I’m waiting for Craig Harper to wade in here defending him, saying he is giving matador667 a chance.

    Then making some lengthy post about how he didn’t lie about anything, and he was just stating that some engine would be recorded – not the DFV specifically. And how he has £10,000 pounds worth of high end microphones in his garage, and we are all a bunch of sound recording kids sat in our bedrooms with a £10 Lidl headset, and we’ll never get to do real sound recording, and how the whole sound recording industry is just a bunch of trolls.

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  5. matador667’s scam is a bloody bold one I’ll give him that.

    Maybe he should team up with Josh Martin?

    Actually, could this actually be Josh Martin?!


    1. That steamchat image is from BRT Cobra / John Oliver who is a liar and known AC shill and rF2 hater working together with with the notorious troll Melanie / Samantha / Frank.

      There was nothing wrong with the comments on his review. I know because I was there and BRT Cobra deleted mine and comments from lots of others too.

      BRT Cobra did same on Automobilsta review when he blocked 2 pages of respectful comments from others http://steamcommunity.com/id/brtcobra/recommended/431600/

      He always insults and blocks commenters from his reviews so take anything he says with a grain of salt.


          1. That is not what the image was referring to. That review is silly just like the person mentioned and anyone with a sane mind would disregard it.


            1. This is the aftermath because BRT Cobra had another review before this where the whole thing happened. He deleted all comments and made this new one and I tried to comment there but discovered I was blocked.

              The same thing happened in the AMS review, that’s why why it has so many downvotes but no replies because he deleted all comments and blocked those people. Most negative AMS reviews with downvotes have some comments.


    1. Fascinating and insightful! Can’t for next week’s article when James will tell us not to fall for the Nigerian 419 scam.


  6. don’t realy know the relevance of the steam snip thrown into that article ?? the guy who wrote it is a flog troll and gets shitty when others point that out to his sorry arse


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