rFactor 2 and Formula E: Why You Don’t Get Married in Vegas

In the event you’ve pushed the bizarre spectacle out of your mind – like many of us have since that fateful day January of 2017 was an especially dark time for the sim racing landscape. With the eSports craze in full swing, propelling basement nerds into super-stardom for their prowess in a wildly popular game of wizards and warlocks… or something like that… and delusional Formula E marketing members grossly over-estimating the appeal of virtual auto racing to the general public, international credit card company Visa jumped in to serve as the pastor of the little white chapel, wedding the two entities that should have never crossed paths in the first place. And like all marriages taking place during prime time in Las Vegas, Nevada, the endeavor immediately warranted absolutely atrocious results.

The Visa Vegas eRace promised to be the event which helped rocket sim racing to the top of the eSports totem pole, but instead quickly descended into chaos. A million dollar prize purse, and a grid which mixed real life Formula E racers with the best simulation drivers from around the world, did very little to mask an abundance of technical difficulties and organizational gaffes that quite simply should never have manifested during an event of this stature. Rather than jump on board with this relatively new and exciting eSports discipline, viewers immediately mocked the stoic personalities on the grid, rFactor 2’s objectively poor visual style, and the outcome of the race itself, which saw the FIA manually adjust the results following the podium celebration after an outcome-affecting glitch with the in-car boost functionality.

In short, it was a disaster, and while most of us do genuinely wish sim racing would become a bit more popular – just to have more people on the grid in multiplayer events at the very least – what happened in Vegas, should have stayed in Vegas.

Indie blog SimRacingPaddock have recently discovered the opposite; a job opening on the Formula E website heavily implies the full roster of Formula E drivers, vehicles, and locations are now set to appear in Studio 397’s rFactor 2; bringing with it an even larger eSports championship.

It’s certainly low-hanging fruit to rip into a series such as Formula E, but I’m going to do it anyways because that’s the core subject of this article.

First of all, rFactor 2 is dying a very slow, painful death. Unlike the first game in the franchise, the sequel’s modding community has not exploded, the online scene revolves around two or three very specific Endurance Racing leagues rather than a diverse array of disciplines and race formats, and the game’s vanilla content is so all over the place and so misguided, it’s hard to recommend to anyone aside from the most hardcore of sim racing enthusiasts. If Studio 397 want to rejuvenate the game and make it appeal to more than just the 5% of the community who buy every sim regardless, they need captivating content.

This is why I have not ripped into Studio 397’s upcoming paid DLC featuring McLaren race cars; while I feel it’s kind of a dick move to start selling paid DLC when your game has so little of a fanbase to support it – not to mention all those people who paid for lifetime and are now realizing that investment was pointless – at least it’ll be a bundle of cars people will be excited to drive, and potentially showcase rFactor 2 in a much better light. Maybe I’m burnt out from a stressful day at the race track and seeing things in a very non-PRC perspective for today, but being able to say there’s a McLaren 650s GT3 car in rFactor 2 is a lot better than awkwardly telling people they can race a shitty Nissan 370z at Atlanta Motorsports park. This is not attractive to anyone and you are a goddamn fool if you think it is.

But then there’s Formula E, or according to the above webpage, all of Formula E.

Let’s get the initial complaints out of the way. Formula E cars are slow, and they’re extremely quiet to a fault – you could argue they’re full-scale electric go-karts. I mean fine, if you want to release a stand-alone Formula E game, be my guest, but I’m assuming this will be a paid expansion pack for rFactor 2, and rFactor 2 is a game for hardcore sim racers. This won’t sell and won’t entice people to try out rFactor 2, because it’s not what the greater sim racing fanbase want. These people want crazy, exciting shit to drive, and this is something you should be able to deduce just by hanging out in the sim community for a while. The most popular sim racing content, off the top of my head, would be the DRM cars of the late 1970’s, the 1998 CART mod, and the Lotus 49 – regardless of the game in which it’s featured. All of these cars have one thing in common; the insane power to weight ratio, which makes just turning laps in them an adventure unto itself. Formula E, by comparison, is the opposite.

So Studio 397 are going to go through all this effort to build cars that people couldn’t care less about and won’t bother purchasing, because it’s the anti-thesis of what sim racing is supposed to be. Sim racing at it’s core is about being able to drive exciting race cars you’d never have a shot at piloting in person – unless you start a blog and shitpost your way into a late model ride. Formula E vehicles just don’t scratch that proverbial itch, period, and this is exasperated by the numerous other low power single seaters already in rFactor 2. Congrats, Studio 397, you have added yet another generic open wheel car to your simulator. Well done! Except this time, they’re a goofy Crystal Pepsi offshoot of grand prix racing, a series designed in a board room by clueless boomers in a desperate ploy to appeal to millennials, who would rather send dick pics on Snapchat than attend a race in person.

And then there are the tracks.

Above is a shot of the Brooklyn ePrix as constructed by Maciej1 over at the Gene-Rally International forum, and though it’s a track created for a freeware racing title featuring cars built from just forty polygons, it drills home how absurd it is for Studio 397 to pursue a major partnership with Formula E. This track layout is a complete clusterfuck of concrete walls and absurdly narrow choke points, two elements of a racing circuit that will be a nightmare not just offline – with rFactor 2’s rudimentary AI – but online against other players as well. These circuits will be a nightmare in a virtual setting because they breed endless chaos, similar to the Tokyo Expressway circuit in the Gran Turismo Sport beta. Once one guy knocks down a wall and gets sideways in front of the field, everyone else behind him is a surefire fatality. Alone or in a public lobby, that’s a quick way to discourage users from never racing there again and telling their friends not to bother purchasing the content. In a competitive setting, like what Formula E are planning, it’s openly asking for every single televised virtual race to be a complete and utter disaster.

I’m not saying it’s wrong for any developer to pursue Formula E, but when rFactor 2 supporters are asking for more content, giving them tracks they’ll race on once, realize how terrible they are, and never drive them again, isn’t the way to go about doing things.

They also take an enormous amount of time to build. Unless Studio 397 will purchase track models from Electronic Arts and use the same circuits found in Real Racing 3, dedicating the art team to building all of the tracks on the schedule is going to take away time from completing other projects that would actually add to rFactor 2. Had Formula E raced at popular circuits not yet seen in rFactor 2, this wouldn’t be much of an issue because the track roster would grow in a way that accommodates all players, but the problem here is how these tracks are designed specifically with Formula E cars in mind. If you aren’t specifically a Formula E fan, Studio 397 are wasting time on building tracks that you will never race on, pushing the release date of content you actually do want so far into the future, it’s probably better to just buy a different game altogether.

And that leads to the summary of this whole mess. I genuinely believe it’s a very stupid move for Studio 397 to get involved with Formula E and perpetuate the misery that was the Visa Vegas eRace.

First of all, the series isn’t doing very well. Our boy Chris had the option of attending the Brooklyn event as he lives close by, but at $80 per ticket, full-scale electric go-karts on a tight circuit that doesn’t breed many passing opportunities is a particularly hard sell. Had the actual series exploded in popularity overnight, then yeah, good on Studio 397 for jumping on that while it’s hot. But unfortunately, that’s not how things transpired in real life. It’s still seen as this weird off-shoot series, even with Mercedes abandoning DTM in favor of campaigning an ePrix factory team. I can’t name a single person who follows the series, enjoys the races, or has actively voiced to me in passing that they’d want to drive these cars in a sim.

Second, rFactor 2 needs more content, but this is the wrong type of content. In a game over-saturated by amateur and semi-pro single seaters, it’s yet another semi-pro single seater, this time with almost no engine sound. This is, of course, exactly what sim racers want to spend money on after purchasing expensive surround sound setups and add-ons for their sim rig like ButtKicker – a car that makes almost no sound at all. The tracks are also so obscure and so anti-competition, your average sim racer won’t get much use out of them – this isn’t Spa or Barcelona, where you can generally take any vehicle on the roster to the circuit and generally receive an enjoyable race in return.

Third, the push for sim racing to become an eSport is beating a dead horse at this point. iRacing struggles to attain more than a few hundred viewers for their two most prestigious series, whereas Madden or FIFA tournament finals can reel in almost one million views. That should be a pretty clear indication that if even the biggest simulator team in the business, after eight years in action, still can’t get more than a few hundred views on YouTube for their World Championships, that maybe it’s time to give up on this eSports thing and just focus on making a good game your core audience will want to play.

And chasing after Formula E for the complete ePrix experience isn’t the way to go about doing so.




94 thoughts on “rFactor 2 and Formula E: Why You Don’t Get Married in Vegas

  1. Not a very exciting match up with rFactor 2’s graphics /engine and Formula E ………… Certainly doesn’t come across as entertaining.

    As said above ” delusional ” probably sums it up pretty well .


    1. I think it would have been a good call if Formula E took off like it was envisioned to.

      But it didn’t. It’s expensive tickets to see objectively boring cars on poorly designed tracks with a field of mostly reject drivers that have fallen out of public appeal since they left F1 years ago.

      So IMO what’s happened is the marketing department had a five year plan for the series, only expecting it to succeed, and have stuck with that plan anyway regardless of the total lack of fan support.

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      1. Althoug i hate Formula E and would rather poke my eyes out that to ever watch a race, you are very wrong about it not taking off.

        This week Porsche announced to quit the WEC and join FE, Mercedes announced to switch from DTM to FE, and just now ive read rumoura about Alfa Romea or Maserati also joining FE.

        So it’s succeeding, regardless of what you or me think about it.

        It has alot of major manufactures, and in time I’m sure FEis going to replace “ancient combustion racing” and F1 is going to die out…

        Fan support will grow, because there will be a whole new generation of fans who never got to experience gasoline racing because that’s something totally uncool grandpa used to do…

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          1. So. For a channel that don’t cover it (but a rival does), they send a driver for another series, to write an article to post it under “nascar”.

            Like that would be a neutral article…

            It’s like employees of SMS talking shit about PC2… wont happen.


        1. I love this part of the article, because it captures the fact that racing isn’t some sort of dispassionate technical exercise whose only purpose is to advertise the major manufacturers (whatever they might think):

          “I turned to my friend and Blondie to say I remembered attending my first F1 race in Montreal at 14 years old and being able to hear the cars from 2 miles away. The city was overflowing with Formula One fever.

          I’ll never forget walking up to the corner just before the hairpin at the Montreal circuit, as practice just had started and an F1 car approached. It sounded like a fire-breathing, human-slaying alien spacecraft was rapidly coming our way, and it was not going to be pleasant.

          Suddenly, the sound was all around us in a flash of yellow, an ear-piercing scream and a loud BOOM! The Jordan F1 car of Timo Glock streaked past where I was standing. As he shifted gears, the sound and explosion hit me in the chest so hard, I could barely breathe.

          It, to this day, is one of my favorite memories in life.

          This event was not going to provide that.”

          If racing abandons its roots entirely and pursues the “Instagram Generation”, it will do so at its great peril. There is absolutely nothing visceral or exciting about watching people doddle around in under-powered electic go-karts with downforce on tiny, twisty, fake city “circuits”. If people do watch Formula E, it will be briefly and casually, before they move on to some other emphemeral interest of theirs.

          Put another way: No one’s going to be paying $240 on eBay for a 1:18 scale model of Sébastien Buemi’s little spec electric car in 6 years, and that should worry the fuck out of the marketing people who dreamed up this series.

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      2. The course design is absolutely the biggest problem Formula E’s got for me (barring maybe the gimmicky Fan Boost or whatever). I really like the idea and I’m not averse to the concept of an electric car racing series, but it’s modern F1 at Monaco, all race, every race, every time I tune in.

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  2. Formula e at this point is nothing more than a marketing exercise for car manufacturers; the tech simply isn’t there yet to make it fast enough to be interesting. Linking a boring race series with an all but dead sim will only result in more apathy towards both.

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  3. Few racing series come even close to how fun and eventful a typical Formula E weekend is. Drinking all those WECfags’ tears after Porsche’s recent announcements made it even better.


    1. When you append “fag” onto something, you abandon all pretense of being persuasive (or even interesting).

      Basically, you sound like a 14 year old with dad issues. And that’s being charitable.


      1. When you add qualifying words to a statement, your argument loses credibility and the recipient usually turns defensive and any possibility of an objective discussion is lost.


  4. Fun fact: iRacing’s classic cars are among the least popular on the service. If you want popularity, go after GT racing.


    1. That’s because the tire model is so fucked up that IceRacing is unable to simulate a car where slip angles are *necessary* to get the car around corners.

      Ergo, people flock to an introductory Pro-Am series with traction control and low power/weight ratio cars that can actually be enjoyed (sort of) without actually sliding.

      Of course, real GT3’s slide all over the place (if driven right), but if you do that in iRacing, you’ll cook the tires instantly.

      So realistic 😉


  5. As much as I’ve loved the Formula E racing over the last few seasons and do follow most of the races, I agree that this is the opposite of what rf2 needs right now.
    I’m personally looking forward to what comes of this but I’m definitely a minority with that opinion and I would have thought a higher profile series would provide the needed boost that rf2 needs


        1. This is a joke, right? All you could come up with is a crash at about 80mph where one guy turns in early?

          If you think that’s “exciting”‘, I really feel sorry for you. Doesn’t exactly compare well with Mansell passing Berger on the outside of the Peraltada at 300km/h.

          Formula E will not (and cannot) provide such moments. Mainly because the car needs a higher top speed than a Camry.


          1. don’t be salty because i accomplished the task you set forth, and don’t pretend you were bored by the footage.
            i’m not even a fan, i saw the first race and remember that moment.


          2. The cars have lots of torque, very little tire, and are strong enough to bang wheels, they actually race really well on those tiny tracks, like IndyCar on a smaller scale. In person spectacle? Presumably awful, and being all street courses none of them are any good for spectating. But I mean I wouldn’t write off Moto3 for having low top speed and sounding like shit either, that racing is fucking incredible.

            I can’t be bothered to follow it because the schedule is weird as fuck.


  6. Rf2 Formula E will sound like chipmunks on helium like in rl on my expensive 12″swoofer 5.1 surround set..no just no..


  7. I’ve been watching Formula E since the beginning, and while it does have good, exciting racing imo (certainly no worse than the fossil fuel equivalents), it hasn’t really taken off as much as hoped.

    In the UK, the channel that showed it for the first 2 seasons dropped coverage in season 3, and the channel that picked it up have put little to no effort. The fact that one of the NY E-Prix got pushed back in favour of a reality TV show gives a good indication of their priorities (probably got higher ratings too).

    It’d be interesting to know if they’re making this from the ground up, or using the existing assets from the E-race. Not something I’d pay for either way.

    Not too sure about the McLaren GT3 either, it would need to be a significant step up from the current 3rd party offerings to justify the cost. It may be cheaper than the iRacing price model, but at least there you’re guaranteed healthy fields online.

    I’m one of the guys who forked out for the online pass back in the day, and I certainly don’t feel I’ve got my moneys worth out of that (my own fault I guess).


      1. The Mexico E-Prix this year was pretty crazy, probably the best off the top of my head…

        Their youtube chanel has plenty of highlights as well as full races I believe.
        The championships for all the seasons so far have gone down to the last race, bringing some drama with that.

        Has the series produced the best racing I’ve ever seen?
        No, that’d be Canada GP 2011 and that Indy race in Sao Paulo in 2012 (I think).
        But the racing is generally close and there’s no aero wake issues. Laptime wise they posted similar times to GT2/3 cars at Donington.
        James’ points about the circuits is definitely valid though, montreal and the mexico track were the best of an otherwise poor roster.

        The key thing I think is to go in with zero expectations; as previously said the series/concept is only in its third season so there’s plenty of scope to improve.

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    1. it can be, but not how the current sim games are. GTSport can be esport but I think only in Eastern Asia and still not relevant enough in that region.


      1. Motorsports are fucking boring to the average person. It’s not a popular sport and it’ll never be a popular esport.


        1. is because motorsport is spread among so many series and styles. F1 is a popular sport. MotoGP too. Nascar is a popular variant too, but only in one country.

          You’ve got football, but the most popular part of it is the top division of each country, the inter clubs competition and between countries.

          The boring part of motorsport or racing games is the way games (sims) are made for the player and presented for the spectators.

          But in the end an esport will never grow if it doesn’t have LAN competition value.


        2. E-sports work with fantasy scenarios, you’re right on point. People don’t shoot fireballs out of their hands, cast magic spells, invade beautiful landscapes with ogres, or move at high speed firing guns and using machinery without consequences in real life. Street Fighter, Counter Strike, League of Legends, etc, are the attention drawers.

          E-motorsports are boring regardless of it being modern or historic F1, prototype racing, or motorbikes because it tries to mimic real life and will never match up to the real thing.


  8. Sorry James, You are wrong. People told me on the official forum that rFactor 2 is going to be huge because of the paid McLaren race car and the DLCs that will follow the car.

    They promised new players too.


  9. Formula E is the Emperor’s New Clothes of racing. There is not a single racing *fan* who enjoys anything about these shitty little electric go-karts. They’re the *antithesis* of what attracts people to racing. I suppose some out-of-touch middle-aged marketing types think otherwise, but that sure as shit doesn’t make it so.

    I’m going to enjoy watching Mercedes (who have single-handedly ruined F1 by cramming Hybrid powertrains down everyone’s throat) choke on the ashes of Formula E. I will say that the Formula E cars do sound a lot better than current F1 cars. Ahem.

    No one wants to watch underpowered electric go-karts run on Mickey Mouse claustrophobic street circuits, and no one wants to recreate this sad spectacle at home either. We want real, fire-breathing LOUD race cars that give you visceral feedback and (thereby) a little something called “enjoyment”.

    Imagine just how fast F1 cars would be without:

    A) All the extra weight from the useless (see B) hybrid systems/batteries.
    B) The ICE being nerfed via arbitrary/artificial restrictions on fuel flow rate.

    The only reason these Hybrid race cars are “faster” with their hybrid systems engaged is that the rules *artificially* set up a situation where this can happen, via the aforementioned crippling of the ICE.

    I’ve got a couple friends with a Tesla Model S, and the rest of us are always fucking with them, asking them when they’re gonna bring their car to the track with the rest of us – knowing full well that the thing would exhaust its *entire* charge after 1-2 laps at COTA (assuming the brakes didn’t explode from repeatedly slowing down 4400lbs of Li-ion batteries). These things are great for tech nerd dilettantes, but car guys shun them like the plague.


    1. I do enjoy that YouTube guy laying the smack down on every v8 at the 1/4 mile with his gutted white Model S though. That dude crushed a lot of souls.

      I don’t like the quietness one bit, whether in cars or dirt bikes, but electric does have its advantages. Especially considering how many tracks are getting closed down due to noise after idiots decide to move in right beside them.


      1. Yes, it works great for drag racing. But for any other type of racing, electric is hopeless because the race is longer than 1320ft. The online mags all noted that it was tough to get through even a single lap (depends on the track) without depleting the batteries nearly completely.

        People who own the Model S have constant range anxiety, where they’re afraid to actually use the cars acceleration because they know it’ll cost them hours of recharge time.

        I think a Model S is a great commuter car for people who basically drive to work and that’s about it. But it’s not a vehicle you can take for a day at the track or even a weekend drive in the mountains. I never see these cars being driven in a spirited manner (weighing as much as an SUV doesn’t help lap times either).


    2. Get cancer Kondor999

      There are thousands of people enjoying the fights, strategy involved in Formula E.

      Seriously please go die Kondor999, we don’t want people like you in this world


      1. He’s 55yo, he won’t think like you. Heck, people in their mid 20s don’t already think like teens any more. So is expected for kondor to have those thoughts and attitudes. He’s a public service shrink, I’d go crazy with that too.

        But that’s besides Formula E. This new series is a new series for everyone. Electric/hybrid cars are new for everyone, you being a young or old person in this world. Is a new reality for everyone.


        1. I’m older than Kondor and I still think his an over opinionated cunt who likes the sound of his own voice way too much.


  10. By 2040, in the UK you will only be able to buy electric road vehicles new.
    So basically by this time, touring cars will be overrun by dull-as-shit silent electric vehicles and probably will be dominated by Tesla or some pig-ugly BMW design-piece.
    Motorsport as we know it (sport derived from road-going cars anyway) is going to die a death by the middle of the century.
    Has anyone ever watched Formula E and thought “this is a really exciting development for motorsport”? Apart from people who have zero interest in motorsport?


    1. Yes I do. Formula E is already great racing and great strategy.
      But the speed is not there yet, the batteries are not lasting long enough.
      It probably will take 10 – 20 years to get a pure electric Formula 1 car up to today’s speed, lasting a whole race.

      Pure electric is the way to go. The efficiency is 3x better than in a conventional engine. And there is less grey energy involved. There’s a little bit more ecologically disaster going (only a bit as the oilcollection itself is already ecologically really bad and destroyed whole areas, see Deepwater Horizon) because the bad collection of rare metals.
      The technology just needs to start really going, which the oilindustry (that incl. the car industry sadly) tries to try prevent at nearly all costs.

      We have no other choice though, we probably will run out of oil at the end of this century and until we made the full switch, asshole companies are going to fucking tear apart the remaining nature to get to this black stuff and kill the areas / nature in the meanwhile.

      From a pure energy standpoint, pure electric engines are winning by far. You can go further with less energy needed, even recover it on the way (braking = you get energy back) and its much cleaner which will kill the smog in the end and helps recover the ozone layer. It will benefit all of our health, less cancer, less costs.

      Motorsport as we know it WONT die, it just will be more silent, but the core about what motorsport is, will still be there. Motorsport is about speed, risk, fear, entertainment, excitement and fascination.
      Maybe the fascination about those loud cars, those “monsters” will be reduced, but the rest will still be there. People will get used to the new way, they got used to cars instead of horses (ie) and thousands of other radical stuff (ie. computer).
      If Motorsport as we know it would really die – there will be something new, exciting, people would find new things to enjoy. Many people do always fear, that’s their problem, instead of just say “I go forward and take life as it comes and do the right/best thing to get along with it”.

      Is it worth it to keep such engines (based on petrol etc.) for the sake of humanity, our children and our health? What you would lose: Engine noise and there will be some annoyances in the transition time (ie. car prices are going up a bit).


      Sorry for the extensive post – I hate the misinformation spread by idiots and companies.


      1. People have already found something more exciting, it’s called video games.

        And even you admit that electric sports hold innately less fascination.

        So why pay more?
        Electric racing cars are wasting valuable materials that could’ve been spent on electric buses.


      2. Formula E is about as exciting as watching E-Sports.
        Motorsport is about the noise, the speed, the smell. Watching souped-up milk floats giving off nothing but tyre noise just wont excite many. I guess there will still be classes using ICEs but the entertaining ones (i.e. the ones based on road cars rather than open wheelers) will be excrutiatingly dull.
        I’m all for the saving the planet, I’d buy an electric vehicle tomorrow if I only had to drive 3 miles a day, but in racing, no, not for me I’m afraid.

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      3. You probably “enjoy” Formula E because you’re a fruitarian and make your own clothes from dead plants you’ve grown yourself. If that makes you happy and excited that’s cool. I’m off to watch some videos of unsilenced 60s F1 cars tearing the shit out of Monza’s banking. Enjoy your tofu and nettle cordial.


  11. I like Formula E and the races are far more entertaining to watch than most others. F1 is a joke and this Endurance-GT-races are just way too time consuming and 90% of that time is just fucking boring. And watching onboards is thrilling in FE, because they need to drive very accurate and can´t just understeer a bit outside the driving line like on most other tracks. Other than that i only like 24h Nürburgring/VLN and Bathurst races, because it´s very tough to drive on this tracks as well and much drama happens.


  12. Battery cars will be ran into ground when people realize and accept how environmentally damaging the batteries and producing them is. The future is in new combustion and exhaust filtering innovations.


    1. Bullshit. Batteries can be easily recycled and renewable energy is on the brink to be the cheapest energy (less than 0,03 $ per KWh). Combustion engines emitting CO2 and even when some complete idiot-fuckers deny the warming effect of this gas, it´s scientific fact since over 100 years and on par with denying gravity.


      1. Take a trip to Sudbury, Ontario where they mine and process nickel. The land around the mines and smelters have been used by NASA for moon landing training because they are so damaged and barren by mining activity, they’re an accurate representation of the surface of the moon.

        Most mines become ecological disaster areas both during and after production.

        I find it absolutely laughable that electric vehicles are considered green when that couldn’t be further from the truth.


        1. nothing is actually green when you build it. When you have to take to make you will impact the environment.

          All the means of transportation aren’t green upon making them. However they can be green afterwards in terms of not polluting the air and maybe as well in terms of renewable fuel.

          A bicycle is green to ride but not to make.


        2. Modern civilization will be never really green, but adding so much CO2 to the atmosphere brought us into very unkown territory with a climate coming like 5 Mio. years ago. The abrupt climate shift has started last year and i guess we will see 1° C more every year in average.


      2. Why do they have to lie about measurements, calculations and the method employed to “prove” man-made global warming?


        1. What lies? The Norther Arctic will be ice-free the hole year within the next 20 years, probably less and huge shit is coming and already there to a little amount. My guess is 3 billion deaths by 2030 and at least 2 m of global sea level rise, probably more. The IPCC is lying respectively ignoring most feedback-loops/amplifications due to the warming. The hotter it get´s, the faster it get´s hotter.


  13. “ensure delivery of 397 timeline to realease of title”

    there are only two infinite things…………..

    do they even teach to read in schools anymore?


  14. Is Rockstar About to Bring Midnight Club Back?

    Leaked images apparently appear

    by Sammy Barker
     45m ago

    Midnight Club PS4 PlayStation 4 1

    This is an unexpected rumour to say the least. It would appear that Rockstar has taken a break from counting Grand Theft Auto Online’s profits in order to make something new, as rumours are swirling regarding a new Midnight Club title. The nature of the game is unknown at this time, but images on an Xbox Live server have leaked. We’re going to assume a PlayStation 4 version will also be planned, but you never know.

    Originally it was assumed this could be part of Microsoft’s Xbox emulation program, but it was also noted that the game is using an Xbox One specific button prompt. Moreover, the car in the title screen appears to be a new Mustang model, so it’s got to be some kind of new game.

    Midnight Club PS4 PlayStation 4 2

    We’d expect an announcement to follow swiftly if this does all turn out to be authentic. Given the quality of hoaxes in 2017, we’d still caution that this could turn out to be fake, but if it’s real it would represent the first entry in the arcade racing series since Midnight Club: Los Angeles, which drifted onto the PlayStation 3 almost a decade ago.

    do some snooping James , Fuck yeah !


  15. lol I was wondering how long it would take you to get on your hate train again ,especially as your the official PC2 whore now days. You bag Fe cars yet drive some piece of shit in circles around a piece of shit hick track .pmsl you


  16. So you’re right that Formula E is bad for sim racing. Not because the cars are slow, but because of the tracks they race on. However, to say Formula E is failing and not popular is completely wrong. Look at attendence numbers for their events, look at TV ratings, then look at manufacturer partners in the series and who are coming in. Formula E is growing at a fantastic rate, no matter how much you like it.


  17. Yea not too into the formula e, seems like the car co’s are going big on it as a tech platform and I guess that makes sense from world governments holding a gun to the heads of the car companies, no one does terror and extortion like a government can, oh and yea but all you global warming freak cultist eco warrior terrorists can fuck off too.


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