At one point, you could buy the former host of InsideSimRacing

The fact that I’m using a video from 2009 is starting to make me feel incredibly old, but the glory days of InsideSimRacing used to feature Shaun Cole and Darin Gangi intricately discussing modern racing sims, with the lovely Jessica Lopez tying all segments of the show together as the host of each episode.

While Ms. Lopez always maintained a high level of professionalism (whereas her former ISR personalities would eventually succumb to internal drama), I, among with several other viewers, often questioned where Shaun & Darin even found this girl. As someone who maintains some sort of life outside of video games, the last thing any attractive girl wants to do is discuss video games that aren’t Call of Duty in detail. Lending her name and face to a niche YouTube show built by nerds, for nerds is a bit of a stretch, even if you’re desperately trying to get your acting career off the ground.

Knowing the exact monetary value YouTube views have (it’s $1-$3 for every 1,000 views) it was hard to understand why this girl would invest so much time into a YouTube show when, quite frankly, there were other routes that could have been taken. Especially in Los Angeles.



Given that iRacer Matt Orr, better known as Empty Box on YouTube, has felt comfortable enough to share his own personal encounter with the current host of ISR, as well as some info that was shared in a few different places among credible people, dots are being connected that paint the former host of Inside Sim Racing as somebody who might have gotten the gig for different reasons.

It is entirely possible that a beautiful 97 Camaro is not all the current host of ISR was able to afford.


I’ve done my best to find any & all traces of this girl being some sort of amateur actor wanting to make it big in California (yes, it’s a stereotype, but she was actually quite good on camera for what she was given to work with so it’s not exactly out of the question), and I just can’t find anything aside from her actual Instagram account of the same name.

And pinterest.

What even is pinterest?


9 thoughts on “At one point, you could buy the former host of InsideSimRacing

  1. Hi, Jessica here. In searching for an old rfactor video I stumbled across this site and article. Yes, this is the real Jessica Lopez and I feel the need to reply to both the article and sugar daddy website.
    First and foremost, is it possible that someone opened a sugar daddy account with my name and picture? I have never had a problem finding a date and have always been an independent woman who has worked hard and accomplished whatever I set my mind to.
    I began hosting for ISR by responding to an online ad. I me with Darin and Shaun and we all had instant chemistry. It is no secret that I wasn’t a sim racer and we mentioned it several times on the show. Nor, was I ever interested in becoming an actress.
    At the time, I was attending college for a degree in broadcast journalism. I took the gig as a way to obtain skills talking in front of the camera. Working for ISR were some of the most memorable days of my life. Making the show was always an adventure and both Shaun and Darin worked endless days and nights to bring the show to viewers worldwide.
    When the guys and show decided to move out-of-state, we parted ways. I began to venture into other fields of journalism then ultimately decided it wasn’t the career I wanted for myself. at this time, I do not work in the field of media.



    1. Jesica,

      I think you are awesome! I dont like what other people seem to be tripping on. Your life is yours and who cares why you were doing this gig but you. Go Girl!! Wish I was dating you. I think it is awesome that you were going to school and working to do it as well. Nobodys business but yours.



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