Created in January of 2015, PretendRaceCars.net is an alternative online news publication that sarcastically picks apart all different sub-genres of console and PC driving games. Designed as a cross between VirtualR, logic’d, and TheDirty, PretendRaceCars.net is a direct response to the stale, biased, narrative-focused environment of modern gaming journalism.


26 thoughts on “About

  1. Fantastic …wonderful … those fucks have taken my money for years shits the lot of em …Ferrari my arse……hahahaha lets shag em all in the boot project arse ,,cant wait ………to use my jedi feel the accuforce wheel of steel in some honest to god synthetic racing my names fez and ill see you on the track …. ps ,,,cant wait for the best seller x


  2. If you’re so inclined, you might want to add Dirt Rally to your list of covered sims. I know people who think, in it’s current alpha state, it’s better than pCars. And I was more than a little surprised myself at how good it is, this early in its development.

    I’m new to your site and liking it. Good to see some honest writing and opinions that aren’t biased fan-boy bullshit.

    ps – l’m one of the 17 people still playing rF2 and I love the underrated R3E, as well.

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  3. Great to see a site dedicated to taking the piss out of SMS! They deserve it. How can I contact James or Chris privately about SMS?

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  4. The website presents some really interesting bits on the sim-racing scene that are quickly put aside or erased elsewhere (i.e, censored, subtly or not), and that’s what makes it really interesting. Definitely bookmarked.

    I would like to leave and opinio and suggestions (and they’re nothing more than that):

    – Please think about a way (or method) for users and their replies to be clearly identified (and per I.P.) as any regular decent comments/discussion board.
    This would avoid the current situation where a lot of of troll + bait crap gets a way in, as it is right now.

    – Not sure if moderation in the discussion boards is even planned at all (?) but that would also probably help raising the quality of the discussions which the articles you post certainly invite to.

    Resuming, as controversial as this website can be right now, I think it could become a place where both free speech and intelligent debate can happen, fueled by themes presented by the articles.
    But the conditions would need to be there, for that to happen.


  5. Can you guys move, or put a second link, to comments at the bottom of your articles? You have to scroll back up the page to read comments when browsing the home page.


  6. Interesting blog.

    Maple seems to be a decent guy. On the other hand Austin and Sev are vile human beings. Chris is just an ass kisser tagging along.


  7. Hi, is there any chance you could email be back as I have some questions I would like to put your way, I would like your insight on some things.


  8. There are examples of technology journalism that go unreported, not sure what you do for a living, other than this, but you write very well.


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