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Got a breaking story, rumor that will probably turn out to be true, or just want to get something off your chest? Contact and we’ll go from there. The more prepared you are, the more likely we’ll post what you’ve got.

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38 thoughts on “Submit

  1. Hi, I’ve been visiting this website for a while now. But I always struggle to go back to previous articles and read again new comments. I’m suggesting that you could re-do the website interface and let it be more friendly at reading the last articles and their comments, without having to scroll down and search so much. For example something like in Racedepartment, where the news are bundled up.


      1. The problem is mostly that after reading several new articles in a couple days, you want to go back and see new comments. So the problem is you can’t see whether there are more new comments made, so you need to scroll down a lot really, or open each article at a time from the category list, and then scroll down for each of them to check the comments.
        So my suggestion is to improve that part and ease the access to the community engagement 🙂 ty.


      1. Peak AntiFreeze and Sean Wheatley of Marketing do not have a clue or are just really stupid stating that Peak Anti Freeze knows nothing about what iRacing is doing. That is just ludicrous. Sean Wheatley should go to work for iRacing to find out the truth. Sean you need to wake up and smell the coffee and drop Peak Anti Freezes sponsorship of iRacing.


    1. I didn’t notice before but someone added Racers for trump. I’m out! Any damn fool who would support that kind of jack ass doesn’t get my patronage.


  2. wonderful website guys! continue what you do, give ’em hell and take them apart…they have lifted off, become arrogant and at least there is a new front and bunch of guys who fight or want to battle it! well done and continue!


    1. Please how does iRacing get rid of Shannon Whitmore and Nim Cross. It would be a much better Sim if only these 2 individuals were gone. They have made many incorrect decisions. They are the trolls. It is pretty sad the things that they do. They set people up to take a fall. They are the ones who should be banned from iRacing immediately or they will continue to lose revenue. Everyone needs to contact Nascar, Indy Cars, and all of their so called sponsors and tell them how they treat their customers.


  3. How about writing a article calling out the mods on race department for silencing people. They go as far as as banning people for the stupidest shit it’s getting ridiculous. Not only that but you got AC forum page being ban happy and Pcars being ban happy and you got the idiot Tim Wheatly going to multiple websites criticizing people that criticize his game. then you got iracing (as you know) bans people that follow and comments on this website. Frankly maybe you should just write a article calling out all the bullshit about sim racing all together.


    1. This entire thing about iracing is really terrible. I do not see how they stay in business. I have never seen anyone in NASCAR, Indy Racing League, or any other kind of business treat their own customers the way they do. They have the most immature so called stewards that really have no idea how to treat a fellow human being. As long as those businesses that sponsor iracing keep giving them sponsorship dollars without listening to the consumers only drives people away from their product. If NASCAR is anything like iracing I would have turned my back on their product long before now. IRacing sure has left and is leaving a big black spot on NASCAR, Indy Racing League, Peak Antifreeze, and any other business that sponsors iracing. Everything stated on this website about iracing is the absolute truth. I never would have wasted all that time and money that I will never see again.


  4. “Ooph!, Rubio got slapped around like a Detroit street hooker.”

    “Yea, in Michigan especially. He and the other liberal need to quit nd hopefully Cruz gets those votes. Rubio is going get slapped around like a Miami street hooker next week in Florida, Hopefully.”

    “Oh well he got beat so bad in Michigan after all that money he spent and promised his Pimps (gop elites and chamber of commerce) that they slapped him around like a hooker. BATCH WHERE MY MONEY!!”

    This is the guy who oversees Nim at iRacing, looking after forums, protests, etc. He’s a fan of Cruz, who is a nutjob who grills bacon on a machine gun. Does this explain why the thread (thread discussing how wonderful guns are with people showing their frankly scary gun collections – seriously someone in there’s going to go on a rampage) is still going with the 2 people who are suggesting guns might not be ok getting a rebuke, while any thread about people shooting people with guns gets locked.

    Can’t think what the problem might be here.


    1. You are absolutely correct. Nim Cross and Shannon Whitmore really do run a good simulator but the protest system really do suck. Just because someone gets good other drivers get upset and gang up on you just because you are competitive and you beat them they will protest you. Once that happens you will never be forgiven. They will hold that against you until the day that you die. The time has come to get rid of Nim and Shannon. There is no forgiveness in their protest system where Nim and Shannon are playing God and favoritism. Then they suspend and you get banned and they keep your money. That is theft of service and they should be prosecuted and sent to jail.


    1. Nim Cross and Shannon Whitmore are 2 of the most unfair and uncaring people on the planet. May God have mercy on their souls.


  5. James, I was in R3E last night with a few of my racing buddies. They told me that you were in the server with them for a few races before I got in there. The server was the Darkside Touring car/Gr. 5 server. Feel free to join us in there and in their teamspeak, often.

    Darkside is an offshoot clan of AOD ( which I belong to) and we also race with a number of members of CAV ( I have spent the last few seasons racing in their endurance league).

    Anyway, feel free to join us for clean racing and bs in the TS.


  6. Hi James, how about you do an article to get people into competitive racing by way of publicizing racing leagues and groups, or even casual racing as there are groups who have organised racing outwith enduros etc, would help get some some support from the community, just some news on active leagues and clubs in general would be good, I love your site and read everyday, I appreciate the information that shows up the flaws in various areas, but what about more positive stuff? Iracing seems to feature heavily and I understand your gripe with them and your personal bad experience, but its not the most important sim out there in regards to its popularity, especially outwith the the land of the crazy, the USA, there’s so much good stuff happening, and Pcars is a great game, not perfect but half of the GAME BREAKING BUGS you mention aren’t common to everyone, as someone who has put a lot of hrs in, I haven’t came across many of the bugs you talk about, keep up the good work.


  7. listen fella, to backup your pcars shit send me a physics file and a tire file of any car over.
    curious if a dev combo is involved. suspecting something.

    man you sold your arse, shame tho. started out well and now got eaten up by greed and big boys.
    oh well that’s live right. at least the domain fits now. shame tho, the touch of irony was sexy as hell.

    anyways enough jokes, send that shit over and i will inform you about my findings.
    i am not pissed nor do i give a shit i am just curious.


  8. Apologies – just wanted to make sure that I am doing everything correctly. I am new to Sim Racing, from South Africa, but have been playing console games for a long time.
    I have been reading your articles over the last few months, and came to the conclusion that it’s worthwhile to listen when you have something to say.
    I appreciate the honest reviews, and the fact that you cut through all the hype that we have been fed by the gaming companies via their chummy magazines.
    In South Africa, unless you buying via Steam, you have no recourse to take a game back that does not deliver up to it’s promise – once you bought it , it’s yours for life – gathering dust because you hate yourself for once again falling for the media hype – only to be disappointed once again.
    Therefore it was great to ask Steam for a refund when I bought Dirt 4. I fully concur that the handling is flawed – I only played for 30 min, which was enough for me . On my Thrustmaster TX wheel it felt as if the middle 60% of the range was a dead spot !
    Thanks for the work you are doing, you must obviously take a lot of flack, but keep up the good work.
    As they said in X files – ” the Truth is out there . . . . ”


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