Submit does not reside in a fancy studio featuring mammoth iRacing stickers and expensive hardware proudly displayed among posters of real-world race cars. As a result, despite our best efforts, myself and Chris  can’t possibly cover every last rumor and rumbling among automotive video games, and that’s where we need your help.

Got a breaking story, rumor that will probably turn out to be true, or just want to get something off your chest? Contact and we’ll go from there. The more prepared you are, the more likely we’ll post what you’ve got for us.

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5 thoughts on “Submit

  1. Quffy says:

    Hi, I’ve been visiting this website for a while now. But I always struggle to go back to previous articles and read again new comments. I’m suggesting that you could re-do the website interface and let it be more friendly at reading the last articles and their comments, without having to scroll down and search so much. For example something like in Racedepartment, where the news are bundled up.


    1. James says:

      They’re bundled on the side under “categories”.



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