Fictional trees upset Assetto Corsa diehards

ACTAssetto Corsa forum user Qwaribo writes“Why are there trees on the right? I understand they can’t make it 1:1 but there’s a big gap at the right. And there are no tents/cars or whatever on the left, also not with the 24h. They create a whole new environment…”

This is new levels of absurd. The track is over twelve miles long. It’s the first laser-scanned version of the Nurburgring Nordschleife since the technology has been made available (although the versions found in the Gran Turismo series are rumored to be laser scanned as well). Forum users, however, are upset that eight fictional trees have been planted in the virtual version that aren’t found there at the real thing.

While it’s easy to laugh at how insane this criticism is, other users seem to agree.

ACT2ACT3ACT4Eight trees. That’s all it took to upset the community.


4 thoughts on “Fictional trees upset Assetto Corsa diehards

  1. Lol then same fans claim unnecessary race features are just asked by a few “elitist”, and are totally not a issue, the farking trees.

    lol if you dig in steam forum you’d find a young feller that was upset with the tree quality that went on several pages of AC fans beating this guy about the head for daring to question AC trees\graphics, i never seen trees discussed so much in a race sim, these guys really need race features and AI, they are going mad for entertainment and are picking on the trees.


    1. Your preferred game isn’t satisfying you enough to stay there? I see you’ve never been so active in AC discussions. Don’t give me the excuse “I also purchased this game”, because in most of your posts you are always against the game and making fun of it, and attacking every thing at every chance related to ac and its community. And dare to call AC fans as trolls and fanboys when you and other buddies aren’t leaving us in peace? Some hypocrisy.


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