Shameless Self-Promotion – The X-Motor Racing Story

X-Motor-Racing_3“Old news is so exciting!” – Me, today.

According to Reddit, the developers of X-Motor Racing have been spamming various other YouTube videos of racing sims shamelessly shilling for their own project.

Tim Wheatley, of rFactor 2 fame, seemed to echo these sentiments.

t1X-Motor Racing devs appeared to not be phased by this, instead offering Tim the chance to try their development kit.

t2Why is this funny? X-Motor Racing isn’t very good. Like, at all.


6 thoughts on “Shameless Self-Promotion – The X-Motor Racing Story

  1. X motor racing is misunderstood, it’s the best ever, it even has more realistic physics than project cars, and if you’re honest, you’ll have to admit that pcars is even more realistic than ever, in fact, they’ve maxed out physics calculations. …but xmotor racing ($49.99 if u say my name) has maxed the physics even further.

    So all real sim racers must immediately buy xmotor and drop pretend sims.

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