Guy attempts to run iRacing’s 24 Hours of Daytona by himself, instantly backs out after prominent physics issues

Twitch user RARChevette (better known as iRacer Ian Plasch) was hoping this would be his most exciting iRacing adventure yet – Ian was planning on completing the full 24 Hours of Daytona with no driver swaps. Ian is no stranger to iRacing’s marathon events, splitting his attention evenly between both oval and road events, and at one point ran his own league, Vidane Racing. To call Ian a seasoned veteran on iRacing would be an understatement. This guy knows what he’s doing.

With a Twitch account broadcasting his efforts to other sim racers, Ian attempted to run a few practice laps. The focus was not to set blistering speeds or storm away from the field, but to simply put in clean laps for the epic journey which lie ahead.

Ian was in for a rude awakening.

IanSee the full video here.

Even with a balanced, neutral setup meant to last for hour-long fuel runs, even an accomplished iRacer could simply not control the car for more than a few seconds at a time.

While some users in the chat blamed the car’s instability on cold tires, Ian promptly took to his Facebook page to voice his displeasure with the current version of the Riley in IRacing.

Ian2It’s no secret that PretendRaceCars and the users behind it generally dislike iRacing, but when even longtime members are this quick to throw recent updates under the bus, you genuinely wonder what’s going on over there.


11 thoughts on “Guy attempts to run iRacing’s 24 Hours of Daytona by himself, instantly backs out after prominent physics issues

  1. Not sure how relevant this is. AFAIK the DP wasn’t one of the cars involved in iRacing’s Daytona 24 Hour race last weekend. The cars were the HPD & all the GT3s. Also as, sadly, there aren’t any day to night transitions in iRacing the race took place in daylight. So why would you be practicing for a race in a car that isn’t taking part on the wrong version of the track?


  2. defuc clickbait is this article….

    The DP aint the car used for the 24H of Daytona. The video has NOTHING to do with the 24H race. And the DP is horrible to drive on cold tires.. add night and its worse indeed. There is a reason it wasn’t used in the 24H race.

    Ian finished the 24H race in the HPD with only 24 incident points on 6th place.


  3. Wow, am making sure the community and the staff at iRacing are made aware of your blatant defamation regarding the incredible service known as Car was not used, time of day is wrong, moron can’t drive to save his life. The Riley Daytona Prototype XX is an absolute brilliant car to drive, although it does require you to use a new feature created for human beings called a BRAIN.


    1. I’d really like to know who’s the coward that would use such big words and not put a signature on his remarks, sir “Anonymous”.

      This was my first time driving the car in 2 years. The car drive fantastically after about 3 full laps, as I had found out a few days after I attempted to drive it for this event. Regardless, I still do not feel as if on cold tires the car should behave in such a way. It’s not so much of a lack-of-grip feeling as much as it is a “I AM DRIVING ON ICE” feeling.

      Also bear in mind, this article was written by someone who feels that Assetto Corsa is the most realistic thing on the market…. No offence.


  4. As stated in the Terms and Conditions, any form of calling out and abuse towards other members is a protestable offence, regardless of the place it is put. So by remaining anonymous I am actually helping you avoid a ban 🙂

    With regards to the Riley handling, you simply have no ability to drive to suit the conditions, pure and simple. Why you were practising for a race the car was not actually in is an entirely different manner, which I am sure you feel embarrassed over…….. Did you end up driving the HPD-ARX because of the multitudes of downforce giving you the false impression that because you are going faster, that equates to you having talent?

    My first indicator I should not have entered an endurance race, nor publicly announced it would of been getting every facet of my practice regime wrong. It is one thing to occasionally put the wrong fuel level in the car at a stop, but to get the car and weather settings incorrect just screams no form of brain function towards anything outside ‘look at me’ thoughts.


    1. This is where you are wrong. The person who posted this article got the information all wrong.

      This was for a league: Race Free or Die. It was a completely separate hosted event, NOT the official 24 Hours of Daytona. I went into this event with zero practice with the intent of just having fun knowing full well this was not official and that I was going to race in the real event.

      I do not ever claim that I have talent. I KNOW I’m not the fastest on the road side of things. I KNOW there are thousands upon thousands who are much faster that I. I am not embarrassed to admit any of this. I only attempted (and completed) the 24 Hours of Daytona solo to uphold a record; go for something that no one had done before on the iRacing service. I picked the HPD not because I wanted to prove anything, but because I wanted an easy car that could be driven comfortably for 24 hours straight…. something that should be taken into account when going for records such as these.

      Now please, turn off your god complex.

      Congratulations, you just beat someone up over the internet. I’m going to cry in a corner for the rest of eternity and quit iRacing for the rest of my life because of you!!!!


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