Leaked previews indicate Codemasters already struggling with F1 2015


VirtualR – First leaked preview shots of Codemasters’ F1 2015 title have surfaced on Facebook. The previews seem to have been photographed off some sort of presentational news latter, not only showing several screenshots of what looks like the brand new Mexico City Grand Prix track but also revealing some of Codemasters’ strategy behind the new title. Apparently, F1 2015 will be released this summer, featuring a mix of 2014-season cars and 2015 cars as the complete field is planned to be added during the season via updates.

Man just take a look at all of this…

We’re moving some of our focus onto the 2016 title. while still working on fine-tuning features in 2015.

and then…


The ongoing quest for 60FPS continues.

Dude I can’t believe this. I’m fully aware that Codemasters is not the developer they used to be, but in the FIRST. LEAKED. PREVIEWS. of a game that is still 3-4 months away from being released, they are already making excuses and claiming 2016’s game will be better.

It’s February of 2015.

Mixing 2014 and 2015 cars? Continuous content updates to patch in stuff that should have been there at release? Already talk that 2016’s game will be better?

What are these guys doing with your $60?

Mexico looks pretty though. When your down there, be sure to avoid the cartel & score yourself some Pelon Pelo Rico cause that shit’s awesome. It’s like spicy liquid raisins.



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