We called it a month ago – Project CARS delayed again

snjdJLlBandai Namco Games – Slightly Mad Studios and BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe S.A.S today confirmed that Project CARS will be available for PlayStation® 4, Xbox One and PC on April 2nd 2015. The slight shift of the release date is due to final adjustments in the game, that are required to provide to the fans with the best gaming experience they could have. “Moving a release date was not an easy decision to make, as we know our fans are eager to get their hands-on on Project CARS”, said Ian Bell, Head of Studio at Slightly Mad Studios. “But we know that these extra days will allow us to provide the best game experience that our fans deserve. We assure you the wait will be worth it when the game does arrive early April”.

It’s been a month almost to the day since we here at PretendRaceCars reported that Slightly Mad Studio’s upcoming next-gen racer may be facing possible delays, and today, our posts and screen captures that were supposedly “taken out of context”, “satirical”, and as one user called it, “the Charlie Hebdo of Sim Racing”, were instead confirmed by the developer because they actually delayed the fucking game.

What was once a Q4 2014 launch turned into March 20th, 2015, and now April 2nd, 2015. Hopefully enough time to fix bugs like these:


How does this affect Sim Racing?

I think it makes a lot of people look really fucking stupid. It’s no secret to anyone involved in the WMD forums that the goal when talking about pCars on other message boards is to spread positive things about it. In fact, that’s part of your duty as a WMD member – talk up the game. Make sweet YouTube videos of it. Get people hyped. Shill for it. The community is the marketing department. Absolutely genius idea by Ian Bell. Why pay a marketing department to spread the word when people will do it for free if you tell them there’s a chance they’ll get rich off a racing sim? Hell, some of them admit to blatantly making shit up about it. They don’t care, Ian Bell told them they’re gonna get rich!


In the end, this leaves forums (and there’s a bunch of them so it’s not just Reddit or VirtualR or the iRacing forums I’m calling out) a total mess. You can’t honestly tell me that after two delays and several internal rumblings that things are nowhere near a completed state, pCars is still worth getting hyped over. This (and pre-order DLC) is a sign the goddamn ship is sinking. And yet you still have people being like:

Untitled-3You know what that is? It’s an advertisement. It doesn’t add anything to the discussion. It doesn’t add anything to the commuity. It doesn’t make this dude look like he’s got good taste in racing sims. It makes him look like a fucking shill because no matter how much you hype pCars up, the publisher just delayed it for the second time and that’s probably a good indication of where things are headed when it finally does come out. Just like how a random PewDiePie quote on an advertisement doesn’t give your Zombie shooter sick gamer cred.


You are a gamer. You play video games. Even if you take your video games super fuckin’ seriously and have a super fuckin’ expensive plastic steering wheel compared to other moderately expensive plastic steering wheels, it’s still a goddamn plastic steering wheel. You wanna shit up message boards subtly trying to get people hyped for a game that’s been delayed twice? You want to convince people that they should give you money for shit that isn’t finished? Here you go, this is for you.

Meanwhile I ventured over to the QA section of the WMD forums, and found this:

bugThat’s a bit old, so here’s a more comical one from a few days ago. Guy did two seasons of Karting in career mode and got invited to the 24 Hours of Le Mans – and the race length was locked to 24 Hours. Whoops.


But oh, this delay totally wasn’t because the game’s unfinished, it’s so it fits nicely into a release slot.

release slot

Even though the devs just found out about the delay today as well.

This is a mess.



10 thoughts on “We called it a month ago – Project CARS delayed again

  1. this is the worst article ive ever read. your so biased im literally shocked you arent paid to hate on pcars. taking out of context posts from people on forums. your writing is a joke, so unprofessional.


  2. The fact that they don’t have a license signed with nine tracks this close to release might also have had something to do with the delay.

    They have asked members to not make videos that use the actual track names or show any signage in game of the unsigned tracks since, according to one of the devs, if the lawyers or people involved in the negotiations see that the real track name is already in game it could jeopardize the entire license acquisition. Sounds to me like they already have a built in excuse when they announce that a track has to have a fictional name and the layout must be ‘adjusted’ so that it is only loosely based on the actual circuit.

    Kinda funny that the big money investors are still trying to pass this title off as a serious, realistic sim for hardcore simracers yet the overwhelming majority of big $ investors admit that for the same money they would rather have twice as many unlicensed, semi-fictional tracks as licensed, laser scanned tracks. It’s also a pretty telling sign when most of the big $$ investors don’t even use a wheel to play.

    I will say that the FFB has gotten much better in the last few weeks, but this is still a complete sim-cade title that slots in somewhere between Forza and R3E.


  3. Hey Mr. Editor from this (literally shit) blog… Go try to make your own racing sim. It’s easy… Just go organize a crew of unbelievable talented people, rally a community that will stick with your for years, try to get licensing from all the various manufacturers and tracks/events, meet community demands and keep the promises you make.

    Once you try it, you will then have the credibility and experience to write a less shit article on a matter you know nothing about.


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