The best part about online-only games is not being able to play them…

Over the past few days I’ve had the privilege of getting to try out R3E – which is a pretty big deal because I haven’t played it since early 2013 when it first dropped and locked everything from realistic driving physics to alternate liveries behind microtransactions and other bizarre features that have no place in hardcore racing games.

And to be honest, I’m pretty happy with how the game’s progressed since then. I still retain that it’s basically Sim Raceway with a competent dev team calling the shots (and just as many microtransactions), and I still feel dirty about getting excited over spending money on what’s essentially another game based on rFactor… To the point where I’d call it Race 07 with prettier graphics… But neither of the aforementioned games are all that bad. In fact, they’re very good. It’s just shitty to know that we as sim racers need several fingers to count the times we’ve spent money on standalone rFactor mods. Race, Race 07, Game Stock Car, Formula Truck, Game Stock Car Extreme, Race Pro, F1 Challenge 99-02, GTR, GTR2, GT Legends, NASCAR Sim Racing, NASCAR 08, NASCAR 09, Sim Raceway, and now R3E… these are all standalone rFactor mods. I don’t care how good some of those games may be or what platform they’re on or if they came out before rFactor, they’re all fucking rFactor. You can tell it’s rFactor.

But anyways the AI doesn’t totally suck and the leaderboard component is well implemented and the game lets me move the camera in the cockpit all the way forward so my nose is touching the dash… So in the end I had a genuinely good time.


I don’t know who Kelvin van der Linde or Bruno Spengler are so somebody please inform me.

When the servers are up. I wanted to get right to racing after the absolutely phenomenal Daytona 500 earlier today and was instead greeted with this.

RRRE 2015-02-22 15-19-01-76I must say I preferred the days when this didn’t matter and I could just boot up a game whenever I wanted to. I don’t see why I need to be connected to the internet to run an offline race against the AI but ok.

2015-02-22 15.43.53

I don’t know why developers have moved to this online only format where if the servers are down, you can’t play, especially since it’s wound up in games that are primarily single-player experiences like a certain EA game that’s probably come to mind at some point when reading this article.

At the end of the day I’m thankful that Micro Machines Super Van City does not require an online connection as the waterfront road course is incredible with late 90’s stock cars.

2015-02-22 15.55.04

It also has a better car selection than R3E.

2015-02-22 15.59.14


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