Pre-Ordering DLC is nonsensical


Kunos – Right now we are working on last details for the new release, so tomorrow you will know everything you need about Assetto Corsa 1.1 and the Dream Pack: release date, pre-order, price. 

So in a few weeks, give or take, Kunos is set to release their “Dream Pack” DLC for Assetto Corsa, featuring the Nurburgring Nordschleife and ten cars the community voted on ages ago when the game was still in early access. Kunos will also allow AC players to pre-order the DLC pack at a discount price. And this is extremely retarded because pre-ordering implies you can run out of DLC packs at some point.

And that’s not how digital distribution works.


I actually really enjoy The Series Formerly Known as Motocross Madness: Supercross and was pretty hyped for what appeared to be a solid PS3 racing game to close out this console generation. About a week after release, when reception had been mostly positive, I drove my ass to EB Games to pick it up.

And I couldn’t, because it was sold out. In fact, the guy behind the counter was surprised at the amount of pre-orders the game got despite everything that’s not an open-world racer being pretty much dead on arrival in 2014. While I had a complete emotional breakdown inside the store, the cashier assured me that another truck would bring more copies of the game in a few weeks. Until then, I had to spend long hours in front of my PC gently caressing the monitor as YouTube videos demonstrated the forbidden fruit I could not have.

Digital distribution doesn’t work that way. You’re paying to copy files from the server to your electronic device. It’s physically impossible for the source to run out of copies. Like, it just doesn’t work that way.

Pre-ordering a physical copy of something guarantees you’ll have it in your hands the day it launches. Which sort of makes sense if you’ve ever tried to buy one of the early Call of Duty or Halo titles at launch when Halo 3 and Modern Warfare (2007) exploded in popularity.

As for digital copies, the files will always be there. You want it? Click the download button.  Yes, it costs less this way, and yes, I’ll probably do it too, but goddamn is the whole concept dumb.


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