ayy lmao – Project Completely Arbitrary Release Schedule delayed for like the fourth time


At this point I’m not going to bother copy/pasting the official statement from Slightly Mad Studios since you can read it at VirtualR, so instead I’ll give my thoughts pretending as if people want to know what goes on in my brain.

I wouldn’t have an issue with this game if SMS didn’t market it as the next big simulation meant to rival both hardcore PC simulations like Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2, as well as stealing the thunder from console titles like Forza and Gran Turismo. I own both Need for Speed Shift games, as well as Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends. They aren’t very good, and just from those three games alone I wouldn’t expect the exact same team to put out a landmark racing simulator. So I think it gets old listening to how this game will supposedly revolutionize the genre when the track record has been atrocious. It’s the equivalent to ESPN dickriding Johnny Manziel this past NFL season. Just like how Manziel was still making headlines as this hot young phenom despite being benched in favor of nobody Brian Hoyer (and being found in his hotel room drunk off his ass hours before the game), pCars somehow still makes headlines as this revolutionary racing simulator when everyone with two brain cells can see through the obvious third party marketing ploys.

Is the concept good? Hell fucking yeah. I compare it to ToCA Race Driver 3, which had so many different types of racing series under one roof that I corrupted my Windows installation several times with the god-awful starforce protection just to run a few laps in it. Having so many different cars, series, and disciplines under one roof is incredibly important.

But another thing that’s important is to fix all your fucking bugs and not shit up what’s already a pretty terrible community.whatshillinglookslike


I’ve used these posts as examples several times in the past, but they outline what’s fundamentally wrong with how pCars has gone about generating hype.

I trust message boards like Race Department, VirtualR, BSimRacing, the iRacing forums, and other sources that everyone’s already got bookmarked for the sole fact that mainstream video game publications work hand in hand with developers. We’re in a new era where the stuff posted on forums is usually much more trustworthy than what’s over at Gamespot and IGN, who surround themselves with Mountain Dew and Doritos while begging you to try that month’s Halo map pack.

maxresdefaultTo know that some of these positive posts are basically advertisements is just sad. Imagine if this shit crossed over into the real world. You go on a man-date with your buddy, and when you’re outside the theater looking at all the fancy movie posters, he suggests you see some shitty romantic comedy. You give him a weird man what look because you only see him as a friend, and he just sits there for five minutes talking about how great Paramount Pictures is. Instead, you point at a scruffy Brad Pitt standing in front of a tank as an alternative, and the kid freaks on you, saying “you’re just a Columbia Pictures shill! PARAMOUNT HATER! I joined the Paramount fan club when the rough draft of the script was first announced and got to see my name on the tombstone at 56:30 in the far right portion of the screen! I contributed to the movie!

Regardless of how retarded this may seem, this is basically what happens on video game message boards in 2015.


And I wouldn’t even have a problem with all of this third party marketing hype if the game was good. Assetto Corsa attracted several of these types who ran around on different forums, sometimes with really sad usernames such as WaitingForAC, unable to contain their excitement. And when the game dropped, their childish excitement was justified, even moreso today as the Dream Pack DLC was released merely a few hours ago.

However, on several different forums, you have users who are preparing their assholes for the arrival of Jesus Christ in BluRay format…


And then you have videos demonstrating that the game isn’t even anywhere near finished and features an absurd amount of issues that should have been squashed this point – as seen here where half of the grid at Dubai starts in the tarmac runoff section.


It’s just nowhere near done, and this is displayed pretty prominently on the WMD forums by a moderator who implies there are “major problems” behind the scenes.


What’s crazy about all of this, is that this dude from GTPlanet was right, and this was back in January.

And of course, while this is all occuring, you bet your ass there’s a comprehensive DLC plan ready to go!



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