Would you pay $564 for rFactor?

rfactorI refuse to give SimRaceway much attention on here to begin with, because it’s a title that is utterly pointless in the current landscape of racing games. R3E has cheaper content and looks better, rFactor has glorious third-party mods and amazing online support, GSCE is made by Reiza, and rFactor 2 has dynamic track and weather effects. All four games are significantly cheaper and arguably of a higher quality than SimRaceway, even with Stuart Cowie in charge of track creation.

And fans of MadCowie can get all of his SimRaceway creations for rFactor, anyway. Google is your friend.

The entire roster of cars can be purchased for $300, a 43% discount, implying the whole set would cost $564 – more than the price of a next generation console, for a game released in 2005 with slightly different menus.

This car roster includes many duplicates, as all WTCC and IndyCar liveries are listed as their own separate cars. Then, you have a flurry of McLaren F1 cars, which some people would never even be interested in as some people just aren’t McLaren fans, and compact cars that will never be touched by anybody, ever.

You’ve got to be shitting me.


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