Social Justice Warrior hypocrites invade Sim Racing

I guess templates for the Dream Pack DLC for Assetto Corsa finally got released, because somebody made this livery for the fantastic BMW 235i that is being hailed as the most enjoyable and “league-friendly” car of the ten new rides introduced to AC.

RSR Deathstroke’s ride for the 2015 RSR VLN Championship was this lovely white and pink #176 fitness passion car.

11063996_10153691771909951_725736043_oAs a fellow skinner I personally wish he’d spent a bit more time on the contingency sponsors since it helps give the car a more realistic vibe, but I understand what he was going for. Especially since the real world VLN series often lets some pretty naughty stuff onto the track, but hey, it’s Europe.


RaceDepartment users were quick to jump down Deathstroke’s throat, saying his personal skin for a private league was tasteless and “should be made more appealing to women.”


Oh, and that motorsports are already “macho dominated,” despite the fact that a woman driving a Chevrolet Camaro with motherfucking eyelashes on the headlights won the NHRA Pro Stock world championship last year. And she didn’t just win, she sat out two races because the team couldn’t afford to travel to some of the events. This is unheard of in a “macho dominated” sport. His skin was quickly removed anyway.

Even more hilarious is how my own skins slipped under the radar. I uploaded my own set of cars for a private GT3 league myself and my buddies are running in a few days back. Two of the four cars were based on the favorite drivers of two of my teammates, and it shouldn’t take a genius to figure out who they are.


The other two quite clearly displayed the site on the side. Somehow, nobody caught these.


I mean, look at this. And take a careful look cause you can only see it when the sun hits it.

acs 2015-03-13 22-25-47-48

See it yet?


Like, how did nobody catch this?


Even worse, this is the car you were getting beat by on RSRLiveTiming.

ProRank2I dare you to tell me to change my skin to something more appealing to women.


One thought on “Social Justice Warrior hypocrites invade Sim Racing

  1. are you kidding? there was a bmw 130d in the 2010 24 hours of nurbergring with a naked women on it. No one said shit about it.


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