Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery – new iRacing UI redesign looks suspiciously familiar

Today, iRacing released a pretty lengthy in-house video detailing their attempt to redesign their outdated and admittedly clunky user interface. As someone who’s been on there since late 2011, yeah, it damn well does need an overhaul because it’s pretty terrible. Too many buttons, too many numbers, too many tabs – it’s a big confusing mess that makes your browser cry.

The video runs nearly 20 minutes long and is worth watching as it’s not so much of a PR fluff piece as it goes into some really nice detail about the work that goes into actually designing a UI and making it function as it should.

It’s just too bad this UI redesign looks suspiciously familiar.


Even more interesting is the car selection screen.


It would be easy to paint this out to be an honest coincidence, until you see that iRacing has gone out and signed three tracks for their sim already found in Assetto Corsa – those being Monza, Imola, and the Nurburgring.


6 thoughts on “Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery – new iRacing UI redesign looks suspiciously familiar

  1. You keep mentioning that is the spokes person for pCARS. I feel like more and more you write this blog, you are becoming a spokes person for Assetto Corsa.


  2. Pathetic is too far fetched IMO. I get the idea behind similarity between iRacing and AC UI. It’s that AC’s recent accomplishments has eclipsed its share of faults: such as too much downforce and grip available on Ferrari 458 GT2 or barral rolling BMW Z4 GT2 and this writer need to focus on the dark side AC as much as iRacing and pCARS. I feel this writer’s literary sarcasm could shine brighter if he could keep himself unbiased.


    1. Interesting, a quick search of 458 GT2 on the official forums yielded 9 pages of results with absolutely no threads indicating there are concerns about the “downforce and grip” of the 458 GT2.

      Interestingly enough a 4 year old GT2 Ferrari runs the same lap times as a current GT3 car and that had to be clarified for those who don know.

      Don’t pretend like we havent discussed the short comings of AC (Multiplayer centric)


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