Free-To-Play “World of Speed” by Slightly Mad Studios ALSO facing difficulties

As if the ever-evolving saga of Project CARS numerous delays wasn’t enough, Free2Play racer World of Speed, also developed by Slightly Mad Studios, is having troubles behind closed doors as well. And no better is this point demonstrated than on the game’s official forums, where community manager Drew claims that the team “have come to the conclusion that World of Speed requires major modifications.


World of Speed uses many of the same assets as Project CARS, and development began on the title sometime in 2014. According to the game’s homepage, World of Speed is still in closed beta stages, but this hasn’t stopped the team from demoing the game at E3 and releasing numerous gameplay trailers that exhibit something that’s like a cross between AutoClubRevolution and Driveclub. Both games were panned by users on metacritic, so it seems odd that while a team was hard at work on Project CARS, they would momentarily sidetrack themselves to create a game influenced by two games that were relatively unsuccessful.

This is not the first time Slightly Mad Studios has become sidetracked from Project CARS with another project, as the WMD Forums list another project tentatively called Biker Bash, something that appears to be a spiritual successor to 90’s classic Road Rash.

biker bash


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