Patricia Driscoll paid for a Google Ad that pops up at the top of the screen whenever you search “Kurt Busch”

KrutIt seems that the saga between Kurt Busch and former girlfriend Patricia Driscoll is far from over. Despite Driscoll being granted a protection order from the Stewart-Haas driver, and Busch not being charged criminally by the Delaware State Police for an alleged altercation that occurred between the former couple, this absurd war, which has been waged everywhere from Good Morning America, to Fox Sports pre-race shows, has now crossed over to the world’s most popular search engine. Advertisments linking to appear before the 2004 Nextel Cup Champion’s own personal web page.

As for the situation itself, given NASCAR’s response to a lack of criminal charges, Busch’s consistent story, and Driscoll’s wild accusations, it’s safe to say that Kurt didn’t actually do anything he was accused of, considering Driscoll’s ten year old son confided in relatives that Busch never physically harmed his mother.

That’s a lot of money spent to harass someone whom she wants to leave her alone.


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