Reader Submission #1 – “A Fanboy’s Opinion”

Check the submit page. We do submissions now. Anything you want us to cover, hit us up. It’s that simple. This one’s from Mayu Sakuma, although a quick Google search shows that this is some sort of Chinese cartoon girl.

Hello, to Chris and James.

Two years ago, I made a post questioning the focus and direction of Project CARS, when street cars started being licensed for the roster and developed for the game. I bought into the pre-alpha testing as a Team Member with the thought that the game would be focused on the concept of “the ultimate driver’s journey”. You can see the post below:

ZZS4A80I’ll leave it up to your interpretation as to what Slightly Mad’s answer was, as it was never answered directly by a developer, and ultimately the discussion never went anywhere. Making a Tsukihime reference and strawmanning both sides like a motherfucker probably hurt my cause, I’ll admit.

When I first found out about your blog I’ll admit, I was a butthurt as fuck fanboy (still kinda am, for different reasons). It’s actually pretty funny that you bring up a lot of shit that’s going wrong in the racing game community, both on the developer and fan bases’ behalves, as one of my racing buddies and I spent more hours in GRID Autosport’s private lobbies talking about how Codemasters’ quality has slid into shit tier (lucky for me I bought the game on a 75% off discount, still regret it though ahaha) than actually, say, racing (online or offline).

I appreciate you shitting on Project CARS because I was disappointed as fuck in the direction it was beginning to take two fucking years ago. While the physics are actually okay for once (Shift 2 vanilla was undrivable on both gamepads and wheel controllers alike), the implementation of the career mode while potentially sounding great on paper ended up giving me massive asshurt in practice.

I’m asshurt because Slightly Mad are literally doing everything to fuck up their public image; instead of owning up and fixing their own shit, they’re going around like a bunch of asshurt fanfiction writers and going after their critics, like you, for instance. We both know what’s going on. I’m also a huge offline guy so stupid shit like career/story modes are a big attraction to me.

Multiple points to address here so I’ll try to cover all of them.

First, the comment about sitting in lobbies with your bros bullshitting about the sad state of racing games is basically how Chris pitched the podcast to me. I really should have covered this in the FAQ I posted a few days ago, but long story short, he commented on how our nightly Teamspeak sessions were often incredibly informative compared to most Sim Racing sites (and driving game sites in general) since we both had a surprising amount of insider info. My time spent with RaceDepartment, along with his ridiculous amount of time on iRacing making connections with the right people – there weren’t a lot of questions between us that went unanswered.

Second, the comment “Slightly Mad are literally doing everything to fuck up their public image” – this is something I touched on in our first podcast. I compare the situation with SMS and Project CARS to your stereotypical overprotective dad freaking the fuck out when he finds out his teenage daughter’s been sleeping around and making a name for herself lying on her back. There’s two ways to approach the situation – either chase after the guys spreading “rumors”, or sit the girl down and say “honey, we need to talk.” Speaking from experience, option one is a guaranteed way to make yourself look like an ass, as Mr. Bell has already found out while desperately trying to silence all criticism of the team’s “teenage daughter” title Project CARS.

The easiest way for SMS to fix the mess they’ve created for themselves is to sit the dev team down and get to the bottom of what’s causing the multiple delays and major issues in the pre-release builds. If they put out a solid game, it shuts everybody up. Instead, they spent their time going after some dude with a Facebook fan page because the big letters that said FAN PAGE weren’t big enough or some stupid shit IDK.

Third, and I guess to respond to the main purpose of the fan mail, is that my whole theory on how SMS handled the community aspect requires me to dig out my tin-foil hat.

pCars is something that could have been made without any community involvement. The tracks, source code, physics engine, and a large portion of the car roster are simply carry-overs from the Shift games. I personally think SMS already had in mind what they wanted to do for their next racing sim, and simply polled the community on features that were already decided on. Of course there will be a large track list and 50-60 cars. Of course there will be a mix of oval and road racing. Of course there will be flag rules. Of course there will be a DLC plan. Of course there will be some sort of career mode. Nobody needed a community of members to vote on these features. There are only so many logical features you can stuff into a racing game. The most the community probably contributed are QA testing and custom car skins.

Promising a revenue sharing plan that will be detailed below, WMD users were lead to believe that they had an active hand in developing and sharing ideas for the game (that were already decided behind closed doors), and would therefore mass-market the game on their own in the quest for maximum sales figures. We’ve covered this thoroughly on here – posting pictures where WMD users outright admit to lying about what’s included in the game to generate hype. The sheer number of users (75,000+) would slowly shit up different video game communities with “hey, get hyped for pCars, I’m in the beta, it’s so awesome XD” – and better yet these people were PAYING to basically advertise for a game.


This whole thing will go down as one of the most retarded things to ever happen in gaming.


6 thoughts on “Reader Submission #1 – “A Fanboy’s Opinion”

  1. It was funny to read so much ignorance.
    While I can’t say i’m not surprise to learn some people lied to make more profit, the rest is mostly false or misguided.

    PCars stands form “Community Assisted” not “Community Driven” or anything implying the community has the last word (lots of members act like child when their suggestion is not chosen). SMS explained their vision for the title, and the community was to assist that vision, by providing funds, feedback, suggestions and more.
    And anyone involved in this little adventure should be able to testify that some things were altered thanks to the community feedback, and obviously some other didn’t change because, in the end, this is a SMS game, and they have to draw a line and make a decision matching their vision of the game.

    About the facebook page incident, are those 3 posts from the devs supposed to show they are spending their time on this instead of the game itself?! Not to mention the staff involved is either the boss of the studio, and the web content admin (did some expected some game coding from them?).
    The problem was not only raised just yesterday. While the fan-page had done an awesome job to promote the game all these years, it had also made a couples of mistakes by revealing/announcing things which were not meant to be, and then shared by (self-called) journalists. Lots of people “like” a FB page never to come back, just reading new stories appearing on their own wall, with only the page title (which looks like official) as source.

    As for all things that were imported from shift, there is only the engine. All the assets in shift were the property of EA. Of course, contacts made with car manufacturer during EA days had surely serve the purpose to secure identical licenses.


  2. The PC Gamer review was a gold mine- “most polished racer I have ever played”

    This is all you need to know about the state of the gaming “media” and how paid reviews still exist.


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