The “Fast and Furious” Expansion Pack for Forza Horizon 2 has only 30 minutes of racing

Xbox One user “The Shrekkening” recently posted a photo of his completed results screen for the new “Fast and Furious” Expansion for Forza Horizon 2. The game’s free expansion pack, released today, featured “less than 30 minutes of racing”, and collecting all of the expansion’s achievements took less than two hours of playtime.1427441312329

While not exactly a big deal for a free expansion pack, this has been pretty hyped for the last month or so, as the Fast & Furious franchise has always lacked a relevant video game tie-in. Previously, F&F games were usually considered shovelware, so the franchise partnering with Forza was seen as a huge move in the right direction and users rightfully expected something a little more than this.

This is also not the first time an expansion pack for the Forza Horizon series has been woefully underwhelming. 2012’s Horizon promised a huge map expansion somewhere during the game’s run of post-release DLC, although by the time this expansion came out, it had been priced at $19.99, was little more than tarmac sections of the existing map covered in dirt, and could be completed in about an hour. What eventually became known as the Horizon Rally Expansion also introduced game-breaking upgrades such as the off-road tires that made every car overpowered as fuck on dirt.


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