SteamCharts displays the lopsided Sim Racing userbase

SteamCharts, An ongoing analysis of Steam’s player numbers, occasionally can show some pretty interesting data.One of the reasons I believe there’s such an outbreak of fanboyism in racing games is that there are only enough pretend race car drivers to populate one game – this isn’t like Call of Duty versus Battlefield where each franchise has a userbase in the hundreds of thousands. The fanboyism occurs because everyone wants the pack of users to flock to their favorite game so they have a huge group of people to race against, because there is usually one game that is insanely populated, versus many that are ghost towns.

No better is this theory of mine demonstrated than in this graph taken from SteamCharts. It’s important to note that the iRacing count is taken from players actually inside the software running the race, as the iRacing site itself has a regular hit count of around 1,500 to 2,000.steamcharts


2 thoughts on “SteamCharts displays the lopsided Sim Racing userbase

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