Milestone’s RIDE appears to be a broken, buggy mess at launch

Milestone, best known for their work on the WRC and MotoGP series over the past four or five years, appear to have put out a clunker. Early adopters of RIDE, a spiritual successor to Polyphony Digital’s Tourist Trophy, are incredibly upset with the game’s state upon its release a few days ago.


The fact that the negative reviews mention obvious third party marketing tactics to improve the reception of the game points to RIDE being something avid motorcycle fans should avoid.


2 thoughts on “Milestone’s RIDE appears to be a broken, buggy mess at launch

  1. You should do an article on GP Bikes. It`s the only real bike sim out there atm and developed by 1 dude. Although it has its flaws, it`s actually impressive how a larger studio like Milestone can continue to put out such horrible bike games year after year and PiBoSo is able to achieve such complex physics on his own…


  2. Not a surprise as Milestone’s QA has been non existent for quite a while now…I’m still waiting for a release as complete as SBK 2001!


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