DiRT 3 without GFWL is about as awesome as you’d expect

As an anti-April Fools gesture, Codemasters finally released 2011 classic DiRT 3 onto Steamworks, sans the intrusive Games for Windows Live bullshit that ruined the title when it was first released onto Steam.

1792532-dirassAll previous DiRT 3 owners will receive the Complete Edition upgrade in their Steam library as a bonus – and although the save games aren’t compatible, the inclusion of the mammoth library of DLC, as well as the hard-to-find pre-order liveries offered only at launch are a nice touch. It may be four years late, but it’s the definitive version of DiRT 3.

Online play works flawlessly, and I was able to get adequate wheel settings within only a few minutes of play. As someone who spent a ridiculous amount of time playing DiRT 3 over Xbox Live during the summer of 2011, driving it with a wheel for the first time online, against other wheel users – you’d have to be a total snob to knock how fun the game can be in a room full of good drivers. Especially since this is the PC version and wheel users are the majority instead of the minority like on consoles.

ken-block-dirt3-batterseaMy only issue so far has been on my own end, with my PC suffering from a bit of micro-stuttering. I’m a complete dumbass when it comes to hardware though, so maybe in the next five years I’ll figure it out.

If you own DiRT 3, now’s the time to get back into it. Every issue with the PC version has been fixed. Go have fun and see how you stack up against me.

dirt3_game 2015-04-01 20-45-18-58 dirt3_game 2015-04-01 20-45-26-32


3 thoughts on “DiRT 3 without GFWL is about as awesome as you’d expect

    1. Absolutely no problems with my DFGT. HOWEVER, I do run a very low FFB setting to simulate the power steering feeling of most passenger cars (where you can’t feel shit through the wheel aside from a small murmur at all times).


  1. What a fucking joke… Loved Dirt3 offline a few years back, and now that GFWL is gone I decided to try some online multiplayer. WTF is up with the voice chat? All or nothing? My mic is always on, as is everyone else’s in the server. What a horrible fucking idea… I can hear all of these fucking mouth breathers wackin’ it while I’m trying to race. Gross…

    Also, my fucking wheel pulls hard right the whole goddamn time. I guess I’m one of the unlucky ones…

    A crying fucking shame.


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