8:10 Podcast Episode 4 – March 33rd, 2015

Chris and James of PretendRaceCars.net discuss iRacing.com’s IndyCar, DiRT 3’s “interesting” Steamworks launch, reminisce about Project Gotham Racing, and settle the debate between RaceRoom Racing Experience and Game Stock Car Extreme.


3 thoughts on “8:10 Podcast Episode 4 – March 33rd, 2015

  1. Call of duty 4 the best shooter ever? What the hell am I listening to? It’s what started the decline of FPS into samey casual-tier shovelware, not something that should be used as a good example of one. Fuck your mutant regenerating health powers and the wolverine you rode in on.


    1. But it’s just like my opinion man, COD MW1 and 2 were solid shooters. Because they were for the most part fun.

      I don’t know if I said greatest but it was one of my personal greatest. Nothing in recent times has come close to the fun I had in MW1-2 and R6 Vegas 1-2. Bad Company 2 was up there , I loved Halo 2, 3, Reach and most of patch 4. But they all lacked that little bit of up to 5 am screaming and laughing over a final kill cam or the tension of knowing all eyes were on you as the final man standing in R6.


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