>implying we don’t talk about Assetto Corsa

Unlike a lot of the bigger publications, we here at PretendRaceCars actually read a lot of comments about what we post. Like this one:


In the article titled Breaking Down the Rental Kart in Game Stock Car Extreme, we open with this line:

“…our GT3 league migrated to Game Stock Car Extreme, which is available on Steam for $30.”

In Episode 3 of our weekly Podcast, we discussed in detail why we switched from Assetto Corsa to Game Stock Car Extreme – most notably the online functionality that prevented us from running a large GT3 league.

If a league forces you to jump to a totally new game featuring content 95% of the drivers have never heard of before, it’s probably a BIG sign that Assetto Corsa’s multiplayer isn’t up to par with what else is out there.

And finally, in our article titled What a sequel to GTR 2 might look like in today’s gaming world, our second paragraph was:

“Earlier in the week, RaceDepartment published an open letter to Kunos thanking them for Assetto Corsa, but blasting the title’s lack of online functionality. Originally, I wanted to write a “me too” response, as I think Bram raised some incredibly solid points, but then I realized I really didn’t have anything to elaborate on either. It would have been pointless.”

We’ve brought up the fact that AC’s multiplayer is terrible on three separate occasions. I don’t know what else we have to do to get the point across.


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