Formula E Video Game confirmed


These cars aren’t a whole lot of fun in any gMotor sim so the hype is relatively low for an entire game centered around them.  It has nothing to do with the sound (or lack thereof) or the powerplant, low-powered open wheel cars have never been exciting either as a fan or a driver. Not to mention the track layouts have been atrocious, with many drivers simply cutting the chicanes at the woefully neutered Long Beach circuit.

WCP has brought the 2014-2015 FIA Formula E season to not only rFactor, but Game Stock Car Extreme and Assetto Corsa as well. While the mod is exceptionally well made, these aren’t exciting cars, period.

We still never got that IndyCar game that SimRaceway promised us, either, which is upsetting as the ripped DW12 for Game Stock Car is suprisingly well-done.


3 thoughts on “Formula E Video Game confirmed

  1. Do you have a link to Formula E for AC and GSCE? I downloaded it for rFactor 1 but haven’t seen it for the other two even on WCP’s forums.


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