Sorry, but you will all hate my wheel settings

hurrwhatarewheelI have a Logitech Driving Force GT with G27 pedals. I also sit in a lawn chair, and this picture taken a few months back shows why I run the crazy cockpit seat/FOV combination that I do. It’s like having a triple monitor setup, with only one monitor. Or as I described earlier, the Ferrari 355 Challenge cockpit view with a super high FOV so the sense of speed is jacked up.

As for wheel settings, I went with the less is more philosophy. The goal was to make it feel as close as I could get it to my passenger car, which is a 1998 Dodge Dakota. When I hit a bump IRL, the steering wheel doesn’t shake around like a children’s toy… It’s just sorta… Dull. I tried to replicate that with these settings, which can be applied across practically any game.

Wheel Settings

Any gMotor game, including R3E (which is what the two commenters asked), I set the in-game strength at 13%. In R3E, I left the new force feedback settings in the GTR2 update completely stock aside from the overall effects strength, which is predictably at 13%. What’s crazy is that I totally forgot what my settings were in AC, but it seems I had that shit set at 13% as well. Maybe FFB is universal or some shit? IDK.

acWhat this means is that pretty much every racing sim installed on my PC feels the exact same, and I can transition to each one with no issues at all. It feels like I’m always playing the same game. Also lets me get away with some sketchy shit in my real truck because anytime I’m sideways in the snow I’m just like “lol it’s rFactor.”



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