This is the version of Zandvoort Assetto Corsa fans have been crying over

The much-anticipated Version 1.2 patch for Assetto Corsa dropped yesterday, bringing five new cars, one new track, and a slew of behind-the-scenes upgrades to the Italian racing sim. One addition that caused a huge controversy within the game’s official forums was the inclusion of a non laser-scanned Zandvoort. The announcement sent diehard fans into a frenzy a few weeks ago, with some people claiming Kunos had gotten lazy, and others worried the track would be nowhere near as accurate as the other tracks already in the game. Some users even suggested to help raise money for Kunos to travel and laser-scan Zandvoort, and the thread discussing the track grew to a whopping 50 pages.

But now we’ve actually got it in our hands, and this is what people have been complaining about:

DigiProst fucked up locking the camera to the car on the iRacing side of the frame, but other than that, the tracks look nearly identical to one another.


10 thoughts on “This is the version of Zandvoort Assetto Corsa fans have been crying over

  1. Laser-scanned tracks is a something that apeals to me greatly, however, Zandvoort and even some mods I’ve downloaded myself are amazing.
    Plus, this was free with a handful of other nice free content and a healthy update.

    It’s a win for anyone of us who own/will own AC.


  2. Like people have already said, there are other tried and true methods that are just as accurate as laser scanning. Laser scanning only real advantage is it’s faster.


  3. Why does it look like the Iracing side has many more bumps and track surface detail? Does laser scanning capture the racing surface and the subtle changes in surface better? Or are the physics in Iracing just better/more active than AC? Clearly very different amount of bumps on the surface, or physics modeling. Look very different to me, visuals don’t matter so much as the track surface.


    1. So in your view a car with no shocks going down the highway and bouncing up and down constantly has better/more active physics then a car with shocks that absorb the bumps correctly and smooth out the ride. If you compare iRacing with any other sim track that was also laser scanned iRacing cars always over react drastically to bumps, and in their won words is caused by the weakness of their own shocks and the fact they “won’t fudge numbers” to correct them.


    2. The AC replay has the camera locked to the car, so it’s the world that gets the bumps and shakes, while the car looks like it is glued to the frame.


  4. Laser-schmaser, this isn’t the track I was hoping for. That is, it ain’t the track that John Hugenholtz (arguably the greatest race-track designer ever; his resume includes the original Suzuka, Jarama, Zolder and Nivelles) was responsible for: 1952-1971…the track we first met in GPL. Hugenholtz hated chicanes as much as I do, and his original Zandvoort was fast and free and flowed like kayaking on the Rhone. Like many other of his tracks, Zandvoort has been turned into a nasty, constipated go-kart track by the dreaded Hermann (the Vermin) Tilke. Long live tracks that aren’t an endless loop of second-gear, 180-degree reach-arounds!


  5. The basic line has been done pretty impressive for a non-laser scan track. When you’ll drive both versions though there are significant differences – cerb profiles, bumps etc.which do influence your line. iRacings version has more road details which makes it more tricky. That being said it still is the highest level of accuracy for a classically made track and a great addition to a very good sim. And it’s free! AC needs more tracks so I welcome any official creation with open arms.


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