You can already pre-order Need for Speed, even though you don’t know what it looks like

Par for the course when it comes to Electronic Arts, but a batshit insane way of treating your potential customers when you look at the overall state of the industry. Even though we’ve seen no in-game footage of the title (the E3 “gameplay” was pre-rendered), haven’t seen anything regarding online features, customization, the final car roster, a list of modes, or virtually anything relating to the game, EA is already offering a $90 version of the upcoming Need for Speed Underground game for pre-order on Origin:

nfsFor $90, you can get a list of pre-order bonuses that nobody’s actually sure what these will affect. Why do we need an exclusive styling sticker? How will a performance sticker and high performance turbocharger benefit us? Can you earn those an hour into the game, or are they top of the line parts? Will a lifetime discount help us cakewalk through the career mode, or is it super easy to make money anyway, invaliding the need for a discount in the first place? What’s a tricked out starter car? Is it something that we’ll use for the first three races and then sell to afford something better, or will 95% of drivers online be using that car? What are the exclusive wraps? A Cingular Wireless livery like we saw in Need for Speed Underground 2? Because that shit was pretty lame. And what’s a unique identifying sticker?

Nobody knows, because we’ve never seen the game in action aside from a pre-rendered clip and other fancy twitter screenshots.

EA has at least thrown us a bone and revealed the tricked out starter car to be the BMW from Need for Speed Most Wanted, but also say you’ll receive early access to it, implying you can earn it during normal gameplay. That’s not much of a bonus, we used to call those cheat codes a decade a go. And we didn’t have to pay for them.

EAJust why.


8 thoughts on “You can already pre-order Need for Speed, even though you don’t know what it looks like

  1. Let me guess – it will just be a repackaged past of all EA racing games and licensees that they can get in and work somewhat.

    All piecemeal broken up and sold as exclusive DLC and online P2W garbage.

    Player has a better time – well you need to buy the new turbo -$1.99 or better downforce -$1.99
    That is after all if you want the top of the leaderboards and pwn everyone!

    I mean after 4 hours of racing and you run out of gas – you arent really price sensitive – we arent gouging but we are charging for gas!

    EA were games go to die!


  2. PS
    Ian Bell sent a cease and disses letter to EA.

    Only he is allowed to release expensive broken buggy games that promised the moon and delivered dirt. (failure to launch)

    Only Ian is allowed to treat consumers like shit and EA stole that from him.
    Only Ian is allowed to charge for P2W

    Only Ian is allowed to be Darth Ian or Chewie – Hair envy I guess.


  3. Realy the game isnt out and already idiots like you dis it for what its always been ea wont change their just gonna make the game better in game yes you have the option to pre order the deluxe edition the bonus who cares about it all the 90 is for is to help ea games for future games they make thats it you should be happy there giving you anything.


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